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11 iPhone Landscape Photography Tips

These tips on taking great iPhone landscape photography are contributed by Matthew David Parker, a professional photographer based in Las Vegas.

The best camera to have is whichever one’s on you, and for many of us, that’s our iPhone! Luckily, the iPhone has amazing capabilities and can take incredibly stunning photos; at least, if you know how to use it correctly.

Here are 11 tips from photography expert, Matthew David Parker, on how to take better landscape photos with your iPhone.

1. Long exposure

Some landscapes present excellent opportunities to take awesome long exposure photos. A great example of this are waterfalls. The longer you keep the shutter open, the more flowing the water will look, creating a very dreamy look.

Tools Needed: For this, you’ll need the Slow Shutter Cam app, a tripod for your iPhone, and a bluetooth remote control.

Click here to see Amazon’s choice for phone tripods and a recommended bluetooth remote control for your phone.

2. Use HDR

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a technique in photography that utilizes different exposures of the same photo and combining them into one photo that is perfectly exposed. This is a useful feature in landscape photography that you could use to take great photos.

Easily enough, your iPhone has an HDR button now in the camera app! Choose this option when shooting a photo from your phone.

3. Use the right gear

You don’t necessarily have to use a gear to take great landscape photos with your iPhone, but if you would like to get serious with landscape photography, then you could look at some few accessories that are worth using. Here are a few I recommend that won’t take up much space in your luggage:

4. Diagonal balancing

Composition is a vital aspect of iPhone photography, which you cannot afford to miss especially when taking landscape photos. It is essential to apply the diagonal principle when taking landscape photos. In this technique, you simply make sure your subjects are positioned diagonally from each other to enhance balancing both diagonally and horizontally.

5. Pay attention to the foreground

One of the mistakes you could make during iPhone photography is keeping your focus on distant objects and ignoring the ones near you. Including the small things in the foreground will help you achieve the perfection you want your photos to assume.

Even small trees in the foreground could give your photos definition and character, so don’t ignore them.

6. Add some texture

Texture adds feeling and definition in your photos and allows you to present your images better. Even if you cannot achieve this during the photo shoot, you could use editing apps to add the effect on your photos.

7. Include interesting structures

Include some of the things you would normally pass by like pylons positioned across a field or anything that could be used to add a strong focal point and create interest.

8. Include people in your shots

People in your landscape photos enhance mood and add a sense of scale. Their body language could help to portray mood and silhouettes could allow you to include a sense of mystery and drama.

9. Take advantage of heavy clouds

Heavy clouds offer you an amazing atmosphere for taking shots. Big and thick clouds help you to emphasize the level of bleakness in the landscape and allow you to create incredible drama.

10. Shoot in bad weather

When it’s raining, you could be tempted to keep your phone tucked at a safe place. But you could as well be missing great landscape photos with this kind of weather. Bad weather gives you a chance to shoot rare photos.

11. Chase fog

On a foggy day, you can create the moodiest of moody images. If you love fog, you could wake up to reveal a foggy morning and take several shots in this weather.

We hope you enjoyed Matthew David Parker’s tips help you gain a new eye for iPhone landscape photography.

If you have any of your own, feel free to share by commenting below.

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11 iPhone Landscape Photography Tips

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