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Airbnb Superhost: What It Is, Why It’s Good and How to Get It

As an avid Airbnb user, I can tell you that looking for listings by Airbnb superhosts are a surefire way to get a great place on Airbnb. On the flip side, as a former Airbnb super host (back when I used to host), it’s more advantageous to be an Airbnb superhost than a regular host because of its many benefits, including more money!

Keep on reading for my best tips and insight on what an Airbnb superhost is, why it’s so great and how you can become one if you host guests in your home!

What is an Airbnb host?

Airbnb is the leading host-and-rent site in the world. The site allows its users, called ‘hosts’, to make their homes a rental service. It gives you a place to stay if the area you want to go to doesn’t have apartments or lodging.

These hosts are monitored by Airbnb to ensure your security and safety. Trustworthy and credible hosts are awarded by perks and a special status within the site.

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What is an Airbnb superhost?

Superhosts are, like its name suggests, the best and the top hosts in the site. They are not only trustworthy and safe, but also high-quality and consistent. An Air bnb superhost is an individual, or a group of people that deliver the best amenities and rental service on the site.

Renting from these superhosts will guarantee you the best stay within your destination. You may ask, what makes a superhost, a ‘superhost’? Well simply, it’s these points;

  • High Ratings. To be qualified for this exclusive status, hosts need to make sure that they have an 4.8 rating or higher for around 50 percent of their guests from the past year. You should expect that these hosts can offer great quality and hospitality.
  • High Response Rates. The host needs to successfully respond to at least 90% of the messages and queries to them with 24 hours. Guest like you tend to gravitate towards the hosts with a guaranteed response. No one want to wait a week for a reply.
  • More than 10 stays. Another qualification necessary is to have at least 10 stays from guests within the past year. The host should be experienced and know what he is doing to give you the best services that you deserve.
  • Zero Cancellations. Reservations should be set in stone and never cancelled. A host needs to have absolutely zero cancellations in the past year to qualify for the Superhost Status. This will ensure that you are don’t need to rush to find another suitable host to stay at.

Overall, Airbnb superhosts have a great track record of providing exemplary accommodations for your holiday. It’s a good bet to book with them, especially if it’s your first time on Airbnb and you’re not sure exactly what to look for.

What are Airbnb superhost benefits?

A lot of Airbnb hosts aspire to acquire this status despite the steely qualifications because of its superhost benefits. Superhosts receive a lot more perks and benefits that the normal host that you can find anywhere.

  • Better Listings. Being a Superhosts give you the privilege to get priority placement and visibility when guest search. Guests are also able to filter out their search results to only show Superhost accommodations. In honor of your Superhost status, you will receive an exclusive badge.
  • Better Impression. The first step to a successful business is know what you’re doing. The Superhost Status badge is a very noticeable and prominent feature in your profile. The guests will feel that the host they’re dealing with, is a professional in the field. You’ll have a better first impression with your clients and they’re more likely to give you higher ratings!
  • Coupons! Who doesn’t like free stuff? After you successfully become a Superhost for a year, you’ll be able to receive a $100 USD travel coupon to spend on your next Airbnb vacation! Being a Superhost will also give you the chance to join Airbnb’s exclusive events and product trials, you’ll be a lot ahead of your peers.
  • More Earnings Superhosts on average earn up to 22% more than other hosts, which can mean as much as $1,250 in extra income according to the Airbnb website.

Sign up to be an Airbnb host to earn up to $2,271 a week!*

*based on Amsterdam listings

How to Become a Superhost Airbnb

Step One To become a superhost on Airbnb, you’ll first want to sign up to be an Airbnb host on the Airbnb platform.

The main benefit of being an Airbnb host is that you’ll make extra income with an empty room in your house or a second apartment/house you have. For example, in the Amsterdam market, it’s possible to earn up to $2,271 a week!

Other benefits include meeting travelers from all over the world and filling your free time with productive, rewarding experiences.

Step Two After signing up to be an Airbnb host on the Airbnb platform, you’ll want to create your listing, which includes posting high-quality, bright photos of your space and a detailed description.

If you want clean and respectful visitors (who doesn’t), make sure to note in your description the type of travelers you are looking for. I did this in my listing, and we only got great, respectful guests.

Step Three Once you create your listing, respond in a timely and friendly manner to all inquiries and provide excellent service.

After 10+ stays with a great rating because of your hospitality, you will be on your way to becoming an Airbnb superhost!

Sign up to be an Airbnb host to earn up to $2,271 a week!*

*based on Amsterdam listings

What is a good Airbnb?

Either you’re a guest or a host, a good Airbnb is definitely what you want. No one wants to stay in a mediocre accommodation while on holiday. Here are some things to look for in a good Airbnb.

  • Cleanliness. A good Airbnb should be clean and is properly organized. This will attract more guests as a clean house is a good house.
  • Location. Keep in mind the location of your Airbnb. It should be in a strategic and convenient location based on the guest’s needs for their holiday.
  • Safety. A lodging has to be safe and secure. A proper Airbnb is a safe establishment for the guests where they can feel at ease the most. You can check to see whether an Airbnb has a fire extinguisher or carbon monoxide detector available.

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Now you know what a good Airbnb is, what a superhost is, and what it takes to be one. After learning this, you should delve into this exciting world of Airbnb. It is very convenient for tourist and travelers and a great source of income for hosts, especially superhosts!

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