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Bakers & Roasters: Brunching in De Pijp

Bakers and Roasters is one of my all-time favorite spots to brunch in Amsterdam for so many reasons!  Having been there three times (every time with one of my lovely girl friends), I felt like I’d be somewhat close to getting tired of it, but nope, I want to go back already, and next time, bring Mike. I can’t believe he hasn’t gone yet! Continue reading for three reasons why I love this breakfast / brunch / lunch / everything restaurant in De Pijp, and of course, some food porn!

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The Food

bakers and roasters de pijp amsterdam restaurant review
Huevos Rancheros

Everyone goes to this New Zealand style cafe for the eggs. Every time I’ve ordered an egg dish from here whether it’s a classic egg over easy with toast and avocado or this huevos rancheros recipe, it’s total EGG PORN.

You know what I mean, right? The egg is just cooked enough for the yolk to ooze all over your dish when you excitedly poke it with your fork and quietly exclaim in your head, “POP!”

I’ve also ordered pancakes and bacon, which both remind me of American style pancakes and bacon. Yah, remember the bacon from America? You can get something like it here. Overall, you can’t get bored with the menu because it’s all so good, and they change it up with the season!

>> Dear vegetarians and vegans, there are many non-meat and dairy options like the huevos rancheros above is suitable for vegetarians! Ask them to leave out the sour cream and cheese for vegans.

Amazing Service

bakers and roasters de pijp amsterdam restaurant review
This is the ONE time I’ve seen it empty, which was quite nice to experience the restaurant when it wasn’t as buzzing and more relaxed. Any environment there is great though.

Great service is a rarity in Amsterdam, but once you step foot in Bakers and Roasters in De Pijp, you’ll forget that you’ve ever had bad service in your life. This wonderful service starts the moment you put your name in for a table. The wait to get a table here can get up to 30 minutes or longer (if you come at the wrong time), but they take your number down, and give you a call so you can walk around the neighborhood.

They’re very friendly and attentive, and for those who like to keep hydrated, they give you a pitcher of tap water without you asking for it and keep your water full. It’s the little things in life that matters, and for me, that’s the ability to stay hydrated when I want.

Waving down the servers hungry or lost in a daze about where your food is? It’ll (almost) never happen here! I do suggest at the end of the meal if you want to head out quicker, to go up to the cashier and pay. After your done with your meal, they won’t rush you to leave so it’s best for you to take care of the bill yourself, and if you want, leave a tip for their good service!


bakers and roasters de pijp amsterdam restaurant review

bakers and roasters de pijp amsterdam restaurant review


Ok I’m not talking diet-friendly like trying-to-lose-weight-type diet, although they do have healthy and low-calorie dishes, I’m talking about how accommodating they are to my lactose-intolerant, nut-allergy, bubble-child self.

There’s a lot of dishes on the menu that are vegetarian and vegan; they have both regular milk, soy and oat milk; and they’re EXTRA careful about any allergens mixing into your food by accident. This is an absolute treat because I’ve lost count how many times I’ve asked a server in Amsterdam repeatedly not to put nuts in my food, which I’m very allergic to, and have received the dish I ordered with nuts.

When I ordered the peanut chocolate chip cake, a server came over with their allergen food chart to show exactly which nuts went into what dessert and told me that I should’ve told them sooner to make sure that the nuts I was allergic to didn’t go into my dish at all. Top of the line caring and friendly service!

Suggestions + Cost

Every time I’ve gone, I’ve gotten a different dish, and they’ve all been great so really, order anything especially with eggs. The last time I went, my matcha latte loving friend suggested me get the matcha latte there ’cause it’s one of her favorites in Amsterdam.

I ordered it with oat milk because of my lactose intolerance, and it had the right amount of matcha, sweetness, and creaminess without the milk. I love that they had oat milk because I don’t really like soy, am allergic to almond, and find coconut milk to overpower the taste of drinks so oat was perfect. This is the only restaurant so far to ever offer me that!

Cost: If you want room for dessert, try splitting a main dish and a dessert ’cause the cakes are HUGE! You will be stuffed. The main dish, dessert, and two matcha lattes cost us about 25 euros with tip.

Whatever you get, enjoy, and eet smakelijk (eat well / enjoy your meal /  bon appétit in Dutch)!

Bakers and Roasters
Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 54
1072 BH Amsterdam (Google Maps)

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Thanks for stopping by! xo


Tuesday 2nd of January 2018

I might have to check this out while in Amsterdam. I have to admit you're so right about that egg—it looks perfectly cooked! :) It's great to hear they're so willing to work with allergies and other food concerns, too. YUM!!!


Tuesday 2nd of January 2018

The decor is so simple and eye-catchy! I'd definitely go to 'Bakers and Roasters' while I'm in Amsterdam next, especially for their low-calorie dishes! That way at least my gym trainer won't be upset on me for putting on some unwanted weight on my vacation :)


Tuesday 2nd of January 2018

This café looks awesome! I love the décor and it seems like it would have a really chilled atmosphere. Good service is always a good start and I do love a nice big slice of cake. Will check this place out when I'm in Amsterdam next. Thanks!


Saturday 23rd of December 2017

Bakers and Roasters is truly an amazing place in Amsterdam. It has always been my favourite whenever I get a chance to stop over in this beautiful city. Thanks a lot!

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