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Complete Guide to Having the Best Bachelorette Party in Savannah, Georgia (Based Off My Own Experience)

I had the best bachelorette party in Savannah thanks to my girl friends’ amazing planning! Here’s what we did, where we stayed and what we ate to make your goodbye to single life fantastic.

Want to have your bachelorette party in a city where you can drink openly in public, walk around the city easily, eat amazing food, and see beautiful historic sights? Then a Savannah bachelorette party is the way to go!

After my bachelorette weekend in Savannah, Georgia, I can’t help but smile from ear to ear whenever I think back to it. Every moment of it was spectacular! Here’s all the details from my wonderful weekend so you too can have the best bachelorette party in Savannah.

When to Go to Savannah for a Bachelorette Party

Going to Savannah for a bachelorette party weekend really depends on the wedding date, but if you and the rest of the girls can swing it, I recommend going sometime between March to July when it’s warm and the azaleas are blooming.

Mid-September to mid-November is also a great time to go as the temperature gets cooler and the summer crowds start to disappear making hotels cheaper.

For my Savannah bachelorette party, I went in the third week of March since my Connecticut wedding was in May. The weather was great! It was around 70 degrees with plenty of sunshine except for one morning when it was a bit rainy and cool.

Where to Stay in Savannah

Where to stay in Savannah for a bachelorette party all depends on how many people you have in your party. You can either get an Airbnb that houses everyone, or grab a couple of hotel rooms.

Why I Recommend an Airbnb Over Hotels For a Bachelorette Party

For a bachelorette party in Savannah, I always recommend an Airbnb first and foremost because having everyone under one roof, instead of split up across different hotel rooms, means extra quality time together!

You can use the living room as a communal space to share stories, play games in, drink, and wait together on whoever’s slow to get ready– you know you’ll have at least one straggler in your group. You also won’t have to designate someone’s room as the party room. Everyone’s room will stay clear of spilled drinks and the stink of alcohol!

When choosing an Airbnb, try to find one as close to historic district as possible because this is the area where you’re allowed to drink outside publicly! Also, a lot of restaurants and bars are in this area so you can save the cost of getting cabs and the pain of trekking too far in heels.

For my Savannah bachelorette party, you bet I got an Airbnb. I loved it because we had a kitchen that we made drinks and cooked breakfast together in. On one of the nights, my friends set up bachelorette party games, which we played in the living room. If we had a hotel, we wouldn’t have had all this communal space to party in and so much room to get ready together.

The only bad thing about our Airbnb is that it was a bit further out than we wanted. I didn’t realize my bachelorette weekend would be the same weekend at St. Patrick’s Day so a lot of accommodations for groups were already booked.

It ended up working out because the Airbnb was very affordable split among the five of us. We spent less on this Airbnb and cabs than if we had booked a place closer, and best of all, we had an amazing amount of space in this cute, clean Airbnb.

If your party is on the same weekend as a holiday, make sure to book early! But if you’d rather save money, then getting a place only a 10 minute cab ride from the historic center and calling cabs is a good option too.

Staying at a Savannah Hotel for Your Bachelorette Party

If you have a small group or Airbnbs are just not your thing, then Savannah has gorgeous boutique hotels ready-made for bachelorette parties! Here are two hotels that I’d love:

  • Kimpton Brice is a beautifully designed, modern hotel with a pool!
  • The River Street Inn is more of a traditional styled hotel with a historic Savannah feel. It has gorgeous wrought-iron bed frames and charming brick walls.

Search for hotels here if you’d like.

Whether you’re an Airbnb or hotel type of group, make sure to bring bachelorette party decor that don’t take up much space in the suitcase.

How to Make Your Savannah Bachelorette Party Extra Fun

Choose a Theme for Dressing Up

It’s always fun to dress up during a bachelorette party. You can keep it simple by having all the girls wear black while the bride-to-be wears white, or you can take it up a notch and create a theme for the whole weekend.

For my bachelorette party in Savannah, my friends picked out the theme “Through the Decades”. Every day we dressed up in a different decade: 20s, 70s, and 80s. However, for part of one day, we honored St. Patrick’s Day and dressed up in green!

Normally, I’m not into this holiday since out-of-towners would come into my hometown, New York City, and trash it, but in Savannah, it’s totally different. It was pleasant!

We made drinks at home, brought them out in these plastic reusable cups with straws, and spent most of the day hanging out in the grassy square giving each other fake tattoos.

By the way, fake tattoos are a great way to add some pizzazz to your bachelorette party in Savannah if you’re not into dressing up. They’re super easy because you don’t need to change up your outfit.


Savannah is one of 11 towns in the U.S. where you can drink openly downtown. Obviously, this is one of the reasons why I picked this place for my party.

Take advantage of this ‘bring your own beer/booze’ law (probably more officially known as the open container law), buy a couple bottles of liquor at the liquor store, and bring mixed drinks in plastic containers downtown to walk around with.

For my bachelorette party, my bridesmaids packed these reusable tumblers with straws so we could drink with them at our Airbnb or on the streets. We loved the different colors so we knew whose drink was whose the whole time.

Also, we saved money on alcohol by bringing our own vs. always buying them out!

What to Do in Savannah for a Girls’ Trip

Go to a Speakeasy

Forget the normal drunken night out at the touristy bar downtown. Get a password from a local to go to House of Mata Hari speakeasy in Savannah to have an off the beaten path night out. You will be transported back in time as soon as you enter the door with its 1920s decor and entertainment.

Tip: Try the cocktail named after the speakeasy itself. If you like strong drinks, then it’s the one for you. It’s got absinthe!

Drink Wine While Shopping

If you and your girl friends like to shop, might as well drink champagne pops and eat fries while you go on a guided tour and hop from local boutique to boutique.

You get exclusive discounts at each shop and a souvenir tumbler to bring home, which will be handy for the rest of your time in Savannah since you can drink outdoors in some areas.

Last but not least, the tour ends at the Peregrin Rooftop lounge, which is the ultimate spot for a photo with your girl friends in Savannah!

Book this fun 3-hour guided tour now.

Eat Your Way Through Savannah

how to have the best bachelorette party in savannah bachelorette party savannah from lust till dawn savannah taste experience 80s outfit
80s Theme for the Food Tour

Even though you’re here to party, why not learn about this fabulous city? There’s no better way to do this than through a food tour that takes you through the historic district and gives you the best bites Savannah has to offer.

On this food tour, you’ll learn about the history of Savannah included haunted ghost tales all while eating local delicacies like fried chicken, pork sandwiches, and fried green tomatoes.

Check out the food tour I went on, which has 5 stars from 120 people.

Play Games

It’s not a bachelorette party without some bachelorette party games! You can either buy and pack games ahead, or plan some games ahead of time.

For my bachelorette party in Savannah, we played a few but my favorite one, the Newlywed Game, involved my hubby-to-be! Before the bachelorette party, Mike went to Melissa’s office to be questioned by her on camera.

The object of the game was for him to answer questions about me, then at the party, Melissa asked the same questions to me to see how many of the same answers we would get. We got most of them right even when we had our original answer, second guessed it, and came up with another one.

This game was so much fun and such a sweet way to include the groom in the bachelorette party weekend. Watching my now husband on camera gave us lots of laughs too. He got really into it like using whatever he had around him as props.

Where to Eat in Savannah for Your Bachelorette Party

Unlike New York (where I’m from), Savannah’s restaurants are big enough to accommodate groups, which makes it easy to go almost anywhere. But if you’re foodie, you’ll want to check out Mrs. Wilke’s Dining Room, which serves authentic Southern food such as fried chicken and grits with bacon and cheese. I wonder why I had to get my dress taken out at my last fitting…

What makes this restaurant so special is the family style seating. You get seated with strangers who soon become newfound friends as you share the joy in eating 18 delicious dishes of home cooked Southern food. You may or may not get anxiety from foodie goodness overload as my bridesmaids and I did.

Another good restaurant for a nice dinner out is Rocks on the River. It is a classy place that serves yummy cocktails!

For Rocks on the River, I recommend the fried green tomatoes, crab cakes, shrimp and grits, and the rib-eye (cooked medium rare). Don’t get the späetzle and chicken. We didn’t like those!

Check out the full post on where to eat in Savannah.

What to Pack for a Savannah Bachelorette Party

Aside from your usual packing items such as clothes and shoes, it’s a good idea to pack:

By the way, you might want to coordinate with the other girls so you’re not all bringing your hair straighteners and curling wands! Save some space by asking each other who’s bringing what ahead of time.

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Well, there’s everything you need to know on how to have the best bachelorette party in Savannah! I’ll forever remember this special girls’ trip in my heart and hope you will too when you have your bachelorette party in Savannah.

If you need wedding tips, check out my best tips for my Connecticut wedding.

Thanks for stopping by! xo.

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