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Best Car Rental in Aruba [My Personal Experience]

We had a great car rental experience while visiting this Caribbean Island. As a result, we think this is the best car rental in Aruba. Read about our experience.

Finding the best car rental in Aruba is an easy task if you get from the same car rental company that we got from.

Overall, it was one of the easiest car rental experiences we’ve ever had. We picked up our car in minutes and loved having a car to use in Aruba instead of spending a ton of cash on expensive taxis.

We made it a point to spend money in the local economy (versus global corporations) so we rented a car with Amigo Car Rental since they’re a local company.

Here’s what the entire process of getting a car rental in Aruba was like.

This post on what to do in Aruba for the best time was written in collaboration with the Aruba Tourism Board and may contain affiliate links. All insight is from my own personal experience!

Reserving the Best Car Rental in Aruba Online BEFORE You Arrive

best car rental in aruba
Full size | 2014 Toyota Camry (Automatic)

We reserved a car rental in Aruba online before our trip even started.

After comparing a couple of car rental sites, we chose Aruba because of their prices. We also really liked how clear cut their prices were.

You don’t even need to go through a normal search process of inputting dates to find out how much your car will be.

Amigo Car Rentals states their models and prices online.

We got the 2014 Toyota Camry full size car, but there are three cheaper options than this one.

Picking Up Your Car Rental at the Airport

best car rental in aruba

After a long 10-hour flight, we were worried that the car rental process might be a hassle, but it was really easy and there was no wait. This is probably why we think this is the best car rental in Aruba.

Amigo Car Rentals is just a couple of minutes outside the airport, which was only a 12-minute drive from our hotel, the Barcelo Aruba.

All we had to do to pick up our car rental in Aruba was show them our ID and we had a key in hand within five minutes.

Note: They also have free pick-up and drop-off at your hotel just in case you want a car rental for only part of your time in Aruba!

Returning Your Car Rental at the Airport

best car rental in aruba

Returning your car rental was almost as easy as picking up the car. There was a slight five minute wait because of a couple of groups in front of us picking up their car.

Nonetheless, the process was simply. They looked over the car with us to make sure there was nothing wrong with the car, and we were on our way to our flight!

Pro Tip: The one thing that people get charged for is too much sand in the car! Be mindful of brushing off an excessive amount of sand into your car.

A little is ok, but when at beaches and parks, simply wipe the sand off yourself and your stuff outside the car, then get in. That way, you won’t get that extra sand charge.

Also, make sure you don’t sit on your seats wet. That dampness might cause the seats to smell also creating an extra cleaning fee.

Both of these scenarios are easily avoidable if you are aware of it.

Requirements of Getting a Car Rental in Aruba

To get a car rental in Aruba, you need:

  • to be at least 23 years old,
  • have a valid Driver’s License,
  • have a valid Credit Card,
  • and put down a deposit.

At Amigo Car Rental, they clearly tell you all these requirements on their homepage and exactly how much your deposit will be based on the car you pick.

Tips for Getting Around the Island

Overall, driving in Aruba is relatively easy. The roads are wide like in North America, and there’s only one or two main roads that go around the whole island.

However, the main difference in driving in Aruba (as opposed to the USA) are the roundabouts. If you’re not used to driving in a traffic circle, don’t worry. They’re easy!

All you need to know is that whoever is already in the roundabout has the right of way.

For getting directions around the island, we used Google Maps, which worked perfectly. You can use it offline without data or wifi, but to get updated directions at all times, you’ll want a good data or wifi connection.

We brought our handy TEP wireless wifi device, which both Mike and I connected our phones to. It’s basically a portable router that gives you wifi wherever you go to. You can add up to 10 people on one device, which is a real money saver.

We used this wifi device to get to all the sights in Aruba and have used it in varying countries such as Vietnam and Canada.

Check out TEP wireless for wifi worldwide.

Have any questions about getting the best car rental in Aruba or what to do in Aruba? Feel free to ask me anything by commenting below or DMing on Instagram!

Thanks for stopping by!

xo, Sarah

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Best Car Rental in Aruba

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