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Best Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair

Can’t find a good dry shampoo that doesn’t leave a white residue on dark hair? Here’s my the best dry shampoo for dark hair.

This post about the best dry shampoo for dark hair was written in collaboration with Waterl<ss. The experience and opinions are genuinely my own.

It’s been hard finding the best dry shampoo for dark hair. I had to go through a few brands until I found the best one that I wouldn’t have to spend 15 minutes just rubbing it in to blend in with my dark roots.

I also needed a dry shampoo for dark, oily hair that would keep the highlighted parts of my hair happy and healthy too. Every three months, I get my hair highlighted and toned so to maintain the color, I really needed to find dry shampoo that was also paraben and sulfate-free.

Yup, I’m quite fickle on what I like in a product, which is why I’m happy to have discovered Waterl<ss dry shampoo, conditioner (didn’t even know dry conditioner was a thing before Waterl<ss) and even hair refreshers.

Too excited to try this best dry shampoo for dark hair? Get it here online at Walmart.

Best Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair

Best Dry Shampoo & Dry Conditioner for Dark Hair

Most dry shampoos I’ve tried take SO long to use because after spraying, I spend about 10-15 minutes really rubbing it in to blend with my dark roots.

Since using the Waterl<ss Dry Shampoo No Residue, I no longer have to struggle with this because the dry shampoo goes on clear. It cuts down my hair cleaning routine with dry shampoo to just a couple of minutes and is great for a busy lifestyle.

Besides not leaving any residue, the Waterl<ss Dry Shampoo is paraben- and sulfate- free so it’s also awesome for colored or highlighted hair.

Behind the Brand: Waterl<ss

The story of why Waterl<ss makes awesome dry shampoo for dark hair may be even better than the products themselves. It’s so inspiring!

Basically, back in January 2018, Cape Town announced that it was three months away from running out of water for their 4 million citizens! Crazy. With a need to conserve water, Waterl<ss launched their product in Cape Town to provide people with a diverse range of hair types with another option to clean their hair.

Waterl<ss made people’s days a bit easier with the opportunity of clean, conditioned and wonderfully smelling hair without using one drop of water! How sweet is that?

How I Use Waterl<ss at Home

How to use best dry shampoo for dark hair at home

Because of my highlighted hair, I really don’t like to wash it too often to keep it as healthy as possible. So, for real, I only wash it once a week.

Every two to three days, when my hair feels slightly oily, I’ll grab the Waterl<ss Dry Shampoo No Residue and spray it on my dark roots. Then I run my fingers through my hair and kinda tousle my hair around.

Besides cleaning my hair and taking away the oil, it adds VOLUME to my hair and makes my hair look fresh.

Since my roots tend to get oily but my overall hair errs on the drier side (didn’t realize combo oily/dry hair was a thing ‘till now…), I’ll also use Waterl<ss Dry Conditioner Instant Moisture, which is great for dry, thick hair like mine! It moisturizes the dry ends and detangles my hair so well.

It’s super helpful to use to keep my hair healthy since I straighten it so much with this dual voltage travel straightener.

Last but not least, if I work out, don’t wash my hair and just want my hair smelling great (for example, for a date night with Mike), then I’ll quickly spritz some Rose & Peach Fragrance Mist on my hair!

Besides spraying on clear, I love all the products, especially the dry shampoo for brunettes, because they are all paraben- and sulfate- free.

How I Use Waterl<ss While Traveling

How to use best dry shampoo for dark hair while traveling

As a travel blogger, I pack a lot in while traveling from creating content to just trying to enjoy a piece of a new country I’ve never been to. Personal and business activities pretty much have no boundaries from each other. Because of this, I can’t spend too much time on my hair.

Regardless of how long the trip is that I’m going on, I’ll wash, dry and curl my hair at home before the trip. I then pack a travel sized hair dryer, an automatic hair curler and the Waterl<ss Dry Shampoo No Residue to keep it simple.

I’ll use the dry shampoo every three days, and if I’m on a long three-week trip, then I’ll try to stretch washing my hair for a whole week and half and really just rely on the dry shampoo to minimize spending time on my hair while traveling. Less fuss means more time exploring and creating content for me! I can’t wait to bring these on my next trip after the quarantine! 

I’d love for you to try the best dry shampoo for dark hair that I’ve ever tried. You can get it here online at Walmart.

Any questions? Ask away in the comments!

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Best Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair

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