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11 Best Girls Trip Ideas (From Trips I Went on With My Girl Friends)

I’ve been to so many US states and countries with my girl friends! Here are 11 of my favorite girls trip ideas.

Want some of my favorite girls trip ideas? If you and your girl friends love delicious food, gorgeous places to take Instagrammable photos at and overall, a fun time, then you may want to add some of these places to your list.

From sunny places with lots of beach adventures or busy cities with fun spots to sip cocktails, there are so many places you’ll want to visit with your best friends.

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Best Girls Trip Ideas in the USA

You don’t need to go far for a great girls trip. In fact, some of these cities may just be a few hour drive or flight away. Here are a few of the best girls trip locations in the United States that I visited with my friends!

New York

two girls looking out the window of rockefeller center - Girls Trip Ideas
Visiting the Rockefeller Observatory with Selena (@finduslost)

From hidden speakeasies to gorgeous rooftop bars, New York City is the place to go to party, eat and repeat. It doesn’t have to be expensive either!

You can eat at cheap places, take a walk through an epic street art neighborhood or take Instagrammable photos on the Brooklyn Bridge.


Enjoying pho at Pho 75

I was not expecting Philadelphia to such a great places to add to your list of girls trip ideas, but after visiting, I can definitely say it is!

Philadelphia is the city to go to if you want a metropolis life that’s a bit more manageable. Its city center is only about two miles squared making it really easy to get around in an Uber or by walking.

Besides being easy to travel around, Philadelphia has delicious restaurants that are great for groups!


St. Patrick’s Weekend in Savannah

Savannah was the first city I ever went on a girls trip to, and it was just perfect! In the historic district, you can drink outdoors making it a really fun place to casually check out the spanish moss romantically hanging off trees and the gorgeous colonial and art deco styled homes.

Los Angeles

Griffith Observatory at Sunrise with Janice (@dailyclove)

Los Angeles is full of thirst-quenching matcha lattes, authentic Korean cuisine and fun activities such as hiking around Griffith Observatory at sunrise (if you’re jetlagged) or going to Universal Studios Hollywood.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter

I went to Universal Studios Hollywood for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in January 2019 and loved it, which it why it makes me so happy to see it as a trend on the Expedia 2020 Travel Trends Report!

Because Expedia is one of the world’s largest online travel brands, it’s got a major leg up on knowing all the best trends to help us wanderlusters make the best of our travels in 2020. I can totally vouch for Expedia when I say that you need to go to Universal Studios Hollywood if you visit Los Angeles!

It’s such a fun experience that’ll make your trip extra memorable, especially if you’re a big Harry Potter fan like me! Don’t forget to buy your tickets ahead of time to make trip planning easier.

Best Girls Trip Ideas Abroad

Sometimes going the extra mile or 1000 can make a trip even more special. Here are great places around the globe for a girl friends getaway ideas!


Amsterdam is an extra safe and adorable city with plenty to offer for a group of girls. You can all eat Dutch pancakes at Pancakes! Amsterdam, check out Van Gogh’s visionary works of art or simply stroll along the canals of Jordaan, especially at night time when the canals and streets are beautifully lit by street lamps.


Aruba is a super fun place to go if you want a mix of sunbathing by the beach, eating with your feet in the ocean and ripping along the desert to a natural pool. It has the best mix of chill and upbeat adventure activities and will fill your Instagram feed with bright ocean blues for days!

Noord, Aruba (where our Airbnb was) is actually #10 on Expedia’s 2020 Travel Trends Report’s Hidden Caribbean up-and-coming destinations list. It’s really the perfect place for a tropical escape!


The Asian side of Istanbul

Istanbul is a busy city packed with stunning architecture, gorgeous sunsets, and of course, exquisite cuisine. Covering two different continents, Europe and Asia, there’s an infinite number of places to eat at and discover with your girl friends.


Walking around Notting Hill with Melissa @wanderfultraveler

London may be the most Instagrammable city in the world with all its gorgeous live flower displays. Between that, the pastel colored homes, quaint pubs and international food scene, London’s got a lot to offer for a group of girls having fun abroad!


Dancing around Montmartre, Paris with Vicki (@fashiontravelrepeat)

No girls trip to Europe is completely without Paris.

There’s nothing more fun than for a group of your best girl friends and you eating croissants and pastries by the Eiffel Tower or taking photos around Montmartre. It’s the ultimate city in Europe to go to if food and photos are on your mind.

Here are my favorite things to do in Paris.


	girls getaway ideas
Hoi An, Vietnam

Vietnam is a diverse country with lots to offer from mountainous views to endless street carts full of $1-2 meals. As both a safe and cheap country, your dollar will go extra far here meaning you can go on a multiple week long girls getaway if that’s what your gal pals desire!


Exploring Craigievar Castle with Christine (@tourdelust)

Scotland is a great place to go if you love nature, or better yet, Harry Potter! There are a few notable Harry Potter locations in Scotland like the Glenfinnan Viaduct or the street that supposedly inspired Diagon Alley.

Thinking about choosing of these girls trip ideas? Then check out Expedia for the best deals for flights, hotels, activities and more. Since they have all aspects of traveling in one place, it’ll make fulfilling your girls getaway ideas in the US or abroad super easy!

If you have any questions about these best girls trips ideas or anything else, feel free to comment below or DM me on Instagram!

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