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Best Luxury Hotel in Lisbon [Corinthia Lisbon Hotel Review]

This is the best luxury hotel in Lisbon, especially with the spa and Executive Club Lounge.

The Corinthia Hotel is the best luxury hotel in Lisbon. It was by far one of the best hotels I’ve stayed at in 2018.

It made the start of my five day solo trip in Lisbon one to remember.

Read on for my Corinthia Lisbon Hotel review and gets tips such as how to get there and traveling around Lisbon.

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Four Reasons Why This is the Best Luxury Hotel in Lisbon

Top Notch Service

I cannot write a Corinthia Lisbon hotel review without talking about the service right off the bat. It was amazing!

Wherever I went in the hotel, there was a friendly face to help me out. They seemed to genuinely want to help and make my experience as good as possible, which was a nice feeling.

 best luxury hotel in Lisbon

For Executive Club Members, their service goes even above and beyond. You’re first greeted into the hotel with port wine at your own check-in area, and then whenever you’re hungry or want a place to relax that’s not your room, you can go hang out in the Executive Club Lounge on the 24th floor.

It has refreshments and small bites to eat all day long.

One-of-a-Kind Spa Experience

 best luxury hotel in Lisbon
 best luxury hotel in Lisbon

I frequent spas a handful of times a year, and Corinthia Hotel Lisbon’s spa is truly one to write home about. I was like a kid in a candy store jumping from the jacuzzi to the cool reflexology walk and finally settled in the dynamic pool. It had these powerful jets that I used to massage out my shoulders and neck.

After spending an hour at the spa, my mind was blank, and I felt really grateful for my life. It was that good for both my body and mind.

The spa is hands down what makes this the best luxury hotel in Lisbon.

Note: The spa is an additional cost but well worth it. However, if you don’t feel like spending extra, their state-of-the-art gym and heated pool is included with your room.

Comfortable Room

It’s not the best luxury hotel in Lisbon without a comfortable and SPACIOUS room.

The room also had so many thoughtful touches that surprised me like the shelf in the rain shower to make shaving easier and the master light control by both sides of the bed.

Also, there’s enough closet space to stay for at least a week, and the products in the bathroom are very luxurious. My hair felt sooo soft after using their conditioner, which was really the first time it’s ever happened after using a hotel’s conditioner. As you can tell, I’m quite picky about conditioner.

Lastly, I had such a great sleep on the firm but soft bed with its plush pillows. The black out curtains were a great bonus at nighttime, but of course, having them drawn back during the day was a sight too; literally, being on the 9th floor, I had a really nice view of Lisbon.

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Delicious Breakfast


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As a self-proclaimed foodie, I’m not normally into hotel food, but wow, the breakfast at Corinthia Hotel Lisbon was so good! The eggs were poached to runny yolk perfection, the bacon was crispy, and the fruit was at its best ripeness and sweetness levels.

Even better, everything you see in this photo was only €21,50, which I feel like is an excellent price for high-quality tasty food at a luxury hotel ordered with room service.

How to Get to the Best Luxury Hotel in Lisbon

The best way to get to Corinthia Hotel from the airport is by Uber.

For me, an Uber cost about 8 euros and took 15 minutes.

Public transportation can take about 45 minutes so it’s worth saving all that time for just a few euros more.

Half Day Trip to Corinthia Hotel Lisbon for Rest and Relaxation

Normally I wouldn’t suggest people to take a half day trip in Lisbon to a hotel, but if you’re looking for some rest and relaxation, then you might want to go to Corinthia Hotel Lisbon.

Their spa treatments are quite extension and include some unique ones such as a detoxifying body cocoon where you lay down in a cocoon that exfoliates you and envelops you in algae or the flotation spa, which helps you float effortlessly to put you in a very peaceful state.

This combined with the Acqua Therapy facilities that I mentioned above would make for an extra rejuvenating day, which is worth adding to your holiday in Lisbon.

Check out all their treatments here.

Best Tips for Lisbon

Lisbon is one of my favorite cities in Europe. The people are friendly, the food is DELICIOUS, and it’s relatively inexpensive here.To learn the best ways to get around or what to eat, check out my post with my best tips for Lisbon.

Hope you enjoyed my post on Corinthia Hotel Lisbon and that you’ll consider booking a room there while you’re in Lisbon.

Thanks for stopping by! xo.

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Best Luxury Hotel in Lisbon

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