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Best Places to Eat in Valencia, Spain

These are the best places to eat in Valencia. You can’t miss #1.

Because we absolutely love traveling for food, Mike, my foodie couple friends, and I went to Valencia, Spain for a long weekend simply to eat. We ate tapas, paella, and other local delights from morning to night while fitting in site-seeing around the restaurants. Check out the most delicious places to eat in Valencia, Spain.

Best Places to Eat in Valencia

Restaurante Commo Fusion

places to eat in valencia restaurant commo fusion

Out of all the places to eat in Valencia, this was my favorite! It’s Peruvian food, which is far from authentic Valencian food and not what you might be expecting in Valencia, but having traveled to Peru back in 2009, it’s been practically impossible finding delicious Peruvian food. Commo Fusion 100% hit the spot for my Peruvian food cravings.

Definitely order the Lomo Saltado, and if you’re up for day drinking, their Pisco Sours are quite tasty and refreshing on a warm, summer day.

Address: Carrer de Pascual i Genís, 3, 46002 València, Spain

Casa Carmelo

casa carmelo places to eat in valencia

For some of the best paella in Valencia, Casa Carmelo is a must-visit! The staff is lively and friendly, and the restaurant is a fun place to be all-around.

We ordered the Valencian special paella, which you must let them know in advance that you’re getting, fried calamari, baked fish, and shrimp. Everything was delicious!

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This restaurant is right by the beach so we all packed our bathing suits and headed to the beach afterwards for a nice afternoon nap.

Address: Carrer d’Isabel de Villena, 155, 46011 València, Spain

Restaurant Riff

If you love seafood and want to go to a Michelin restaurant in Valencia, then make sure to stop at Restaurant Riff. We went for their delicious tasting menu, which in the July 2018 included:

  • six snacks and three tapas,
  • five locally sourced seafood dishes,
  • two desserts, and
  • a digestif.

This all came out to €85,00 a person, which is quite reasonable for a one-Michelin star restaurant in Valencia. Including a wine tasting per person and water, the total bill per person was €135,00.

 Address: Carrer del Comte d’Altea, 18, 46005 València, Spain

Unique Recommendations for Places to Eat in Valencia

Mercado Central

places to eat in valencia
places to eat in valencia

If you like to food hop or have an Airbnb with a kitchen and want to cook at home, then the Mercado Central is a great place to get small bites like meats and cheeses or go all-out and buy local vegetables, expert-cut meats, and fresh seafood to cook at home.

Instead of going around the market blindly, you may want to join a food tour that goes around the Valencia market, shows you Valencia old-town, and provides you with an oil-tasting as well as a three-course lunch! I did this type of activity when I went to the Lyon Paul Bocuse market and loved the local knowledge of which were the best stands to eat at.

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Nozomi Sushi Bar

Nozomi is known as one of the best sushi restaurants in Valencia, if not the absolute best one. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to eat there. Mike had made a reservation; yet there was no booking under our name. We were quite saddened  by this as the vibe of this restaurant felt truly authentic Japanese.

Nonetheless, I had to share this suggestion with you especially if you are a sushi purist. Think Jiro Dreams of Sushi, the sushi documentary that’ll make you fall in love with sushi.

Canalla Bistro

places to eat in valencia

This was my least favorite place that we ate at, but worth mentioning because it is a restaurant open on Sunday in Valencia, which is hard to come by.

Don’t get me wrong. This restaurant is still really good as it’s run by Michelin-star chef Ricard Camarena. The meat in all the dishes were succulent, and everything was cooked well.

The menu is diverse and takes you around the world with its various cuisines, but overall, nothing wowed me like Commo Fusion or Casa Carmelo did. Nonetheless, it was a better option to go to since few restaurants are open on Sunday in Valencia.

 Address:Carrer del Mestre Josep Serrano, 5, 46005 València, Spain

Valencia Tapas Tour

If you’re only in Valencia for a couple of days and really want to maximize your time eating local food there, then a private three-hour tapas tour will do just the trick. In this tour, you’ll go to three handpicked tapas bar and also get wine, beer, or vermouth to refresh your palate.

Valencia Paella Cooking Class

Forget eating paella once or twice in Valencia. Learn how to make it so you can have it whenever you want when you go back home.

Not only will you learn how to cook paella in Valencia and discover the ingredients and techniques involved in this complex dish, you’ll also get to take in the Valencia countryside on a farm where the class is held! Don’t worry about transportation though. It’s all included in this authentic Valencian paella cooking class.

Find other amazing cooking classes around the world here.

Got any other favorite places to eat in Valencia that we should know about? Comment below!

Thanks for stopping by! xo.

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Best Places to Eat in Valencia, Spain

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