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Best Travel Electric Toothbrush & Whitening Tools

This post on the best travel electric toothbrush was written in collaboration with GLEEM. All insight and opinions are our own.

Having the best travel electric toothbrush with me on all my travels is a must-have for me. That’s because with all the changes in time zones and environment, I love to have some sort of consistency in my self-care routine, which includes packing my favorite electric rechargeable toothbrush. GLEEM toothbrush’s chic design and coral color reminds me of home!

Even more, GLEEM toothbrush’s cleaning power coupled with its teeth whitening kit is the perfect combination to keep my smile sparkling and bright for all my Instagram photos.

Keep reading to find out why GLEEM is a must in my oral care routine.

Why is GLEEM the best travel electric toothbrush?

travel electric toothbrush

GLEEM is the best travel electric toothbrush for me because the battery in the rechargeable version lasts for two whole weeks (if brushing two minutes, two times a day). I’ve had electric toothbrushes die on me in the middle of my trips, but now I have a rechargeable toothbrush that’ll last me my entire trip without bringing the rechargeable base!

Also, the GLEEM electric toothbrush isn’t bulky like other electric toothbrushes I’ve had. It’s sleek in design and size, which makes it compact for fitting in a suitcase.

Of course, its size doesn’t compromise its power and cleaning ability. GLEEM’s sonic vibration motor and soft, nylon bristles will help your smile shine like it does mine!

This travel electric toothbrush plus my dual voltage hair straightener are two appliances I have to take with me traveling.

Is GLEEM a good toothbrush for home too?

GLEEM is not only a good toothbrush for traveling but it’s great for home as it comes with a charging base that lets you charge and store it in one place.

I personally love it because of its small brush head that makes it easier to get to hard-to-reach surfaces such as in the back of my mouth, and the two minute timer at 30-second intervals that tells me when it’s time to move onto the next section of my mouth. It really helps me clean my teeth properly.

Also, if you err towards a sleek and chic environment like me, then the GLEEM toothbrush is the perfect appliance to have. It’s a stunningly designed toothbrush that comes in four colors (coral, aqua, pearl and slate) to match your bathroom aesthetic to your liking!

Get your own GLEEM toothbrush here.

What battery does GLEEM toothbrush use?

There are two GLEEM toothbrushes: a rechargeable one and one that uses a battery.

The rechargeable GLEEM toothbrush has a rechargeable battery built in. You simply place the toothbrush on the charging base to recharge it, and the charge will last up to two weeks even when using the toothbrush four minutes a day (two minutes in the morning and at night).

The non-rechargeable GLEEM toothbrush uses one AAA battery, which is included with your toothbrush.

What are the main differences between the rechargeable and non-rechargeable GLEEM toothbrushes?

Both come with an extra cleaning head, travel case, charging station OR battery.

Both GLEEM toothbrushes are sleek in design and have great cleaning power but there are a few differences that are good to note.

First off is the price. The rechargeable GLEEM toothbrush is $49.99 whereas the non-rechargeable one that uses a AAA battery is $19.99. The latter is obviously a great affordable choice for the best electric toothbrush.

The second difference is that the rechargeable GLEEM toothbrushes come in four colors: coral, aqua, slate and pearl. The non-rechargeable, more affordable GLEEM toothbrush comes in black and white.

Lastly, the rechargeable GLEEM toothbrush has two different settings: Classic Clean and GLEEM Clean for extra brushing power. The more affordable GLEEM battery-powered toothbrush has one setting that’ll keep your smile GLEEM-ing.

How can I make my smile GLEEM even more?

Left: blue light I use in the last 5 minutes | Right: with my whitening strips on

To make my smile GLEEM even more, in addition to my daily brushing with the best electric toothbrush, I use GLEEM’s teeth whitening kit. It visibly whitens teeth after only three uses but fully reaches pro-level whitening in seven days.

I love that it uses the same enamel-safe whitening ingredients as dentists use and comes with this cool LED blue light that specifically targets yellow tooth stains for an extra white smile.

Ready to try this new toothbrush and whitening kit now? They’re available at GLEEM and Wal-mart.

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