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#1 Way of Controlling Silverfish: Proven Method I Use [Best Treatment for Silverfish]

I finally found the best treatment for silverfish after months of trying to control them! You’ll learn how in this post.

For awhile, I thought controlling silverfish was impossible. Every time I squashed a silverfish crawling in my bathroom (gross) or in my silverware drawer (grosser), it seemed like five more popped up.

My first instinct was to buy silverfish spray, and spray in the areas where they crawled. But guess what? That didn’t work and it’s never going to work to get rid of them permanently. Not to mention that I didn’t want to use the spray in my silverware drawer since we could possibly ingest poison.

Finally, we found the ultimate silverfish killer! With just three ingredients including two you probably already have at home, you can get rid of silverfish for good.

Keep reading to learn how to get rid of silverfish permanently.

What are silverfish?

Silverfish are tiny insects that are silvery-light gray in color and are about 1/2 inch to inch in length. They are pesky bugs you might see in your house and are most active at night, which is why you may see them in your bathroom when you go to brush your teeth.

Is it bad to have silverfish?

Besides that they might eat your food, clothing and linens, and they’re a little freaky to find in your shower or silverware drawer, they don’t carry disease or bother humans.

As a result, it’s not bad to have silverfish around but if you don’t want pesky bugs around, then killing silverfish bugs before there are lots of them in your house is a good idea.

Why isn’t squishing or spraying them a good method to controlling silverfish?

After squishing and spraying the silverfish in my home, I found out that this does nothing besides kill the ones you squish or come in contact with the spray.

These methods don’t do anything about controlling an infestation because there is usually a nest with 15-20 silverfish waiting to hatch.

As a result, you need a silverfish killing method that’ll bring the poison back to the nest and impact other silverfish.

How do you get rid of silverfish for good?

To get rid of silverfish for good, you’ll need to create this bait that attracts the silverfish to feed on it, kills them from within and even dehydrates their skin on the outside.

The key to this bait is boric acid. The silverfish will feed on it, bring it back to its nest and ultimately both die itself and kill its nest.

In the US or Netherlands? Get boric acid on Amazon US or boric acid from

#1 Way of Controlling Silverfish: Proven Method I Use [Best Treatment for Silverfish]

To create this silverfish killer that actually works, mix together:

  • one tablespoon boric acid from Amazon US or
  • one cup finely ground oatmeal from your grocery store
  • and one teaspoon of sugar from your grocery store.

Sprinkle this mixture in dark, damp areas or where you usually see them.

Warning: Boric acid is poisonous to ingest so be careful to not ingest while making the mixture, and you may not want to use this in homes with children and pets depending on the area used.

We sprinkled the mixture in corners of our bathroom and along the floor of the cabinets where we saw silverfish in our silverware drawer. We did not put any inside the silverware drawer since boric acid is poisonous to ingest; yet the silverfish still were attracted to this bait and died.

Normally I see silverfish disappearing within a couple of days of sprinkling this mixture around. But about every couple of months, I may see one or two so I’ll have to sprinkle the mixture again.

What are ways to prevent silverfish from coming back?

Now that you’ve gotten rid of your infestation, you’ll probably want to become an expert at controlling silverfish from coming back.

One thing that silverfish absolutely love is humidity. This is something you might not be able to fully control if you live in a humid environment, which is why I personally have to sprinkle the silverfish killer bait every so often, but you can manage the humidity with a dehumidifier.

If you live in the US, I recommend the Vremi for medium sized rooms.

If you live in the Netherlands, I recommend the Qlima D612. I have the D516 but they no longer make that one.

Note: Even the quietest dehumidifiers are not really that quiet. They still have a strong white noise.

Another thing that silverfish love is clutter! They feed on sugars and starches so besides food, they like things like glue in books, clothing, cardboard, linen, etc. could be food sources.

As a result, you’ll want to cover up food you have laying out and in cabinets and throw out your recycling and trash more frequently.

I hope my best treatment for silverfish helps you get rid of them. If you have other methods of controlling silverfish, please help us all out by commenting below.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Best Treatment for Silverfish


Tuesday 13th of February 2024

Great tip! Do you also have a (safe) solution for people with children and/or pets?


Tuesday 13th of February 2024

@Nil, no I don't sorry :/ I stopped using it when my daughter was born but plan on using it again behind cabinets and places she can't reach.

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Monday 26th of December 2022

Hello Dear, I like your advice and your thoughts, and I hope you will post such blogs, thanks for sharing such information.

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