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3 Must Try Corfu Town Restaurants

Are you a foodie like me? You’ll want to try these three Corfu Town restaurants.

If you’re looking for some great Corfu Town restaurants, here are my three favorite spots I went to. There are a variety of reasons to go to each one so you can pick one based on your budget and preference.

From a casual eat to probably the best view with drinks and dinner in Corfu Town, these restaurants are a must visit depending on when you come.

Keep reading to find out the best restaurant in Corfu Town for seafood, a view and casual eating!

Best Corfu Town Restaurants With a View

There are two Corfu Town restaurants with a view I recommend

  • one for the seafood with a view of the sea
  • the other one with a view of the sea, fortress and city!

The latter is magnificent during sunset.

En Plo for Seafood, a Swim and View of the Sea and Fortress

best corfu town restaurants with a view
seafood platter
best corfu town restaurants with a view
En Plo from afar

En Plo is really the best Corfu Town restaurant for seafood, a swim and the view of the sea and fortress.

As Mike and I were walking around Corfu Town, we noticed people swimming in the sea! It was such a vibe that we wanted to get closer to this area where people were dining and swimming.

That’s how we discovered En Plo, which is next to the swimming area and has a great view of the sea and fortress.

If we had known that there was such a great area for swimming right in Corfu Town, we would’ve brought our bathing suits and towels. Nonetheless, we were catching a flight that day so it was probably better that we didn’t go swimming.

Anyways, at En Plo, you’ll definitely want to get seafood.

We got this mixed seafood platter and loved everything on it. It had a mix of shrimp, octopus, sardines and mussels and everything was cooked so well! Gotta love Greek food.

So you know, service was slow but with such a beautiful view and vibe, it’s a nice place to slow down.

Pro Tip: Bring a towel and bathing suit to go swimming after! Imabari Seaside Lounge Bar and Restaurant next door actually has a shower to use so you could also go there for a drink to use their outdoor shower.

Click here to see my Instagram Reel of Corfu Town.

Cavalieri Hotel for Drinks During Sunset

best corfu town restaurants with a view
best corfu town restaurants with a view

The rooftop restaurant at Cavalieri Hotel is definitely the best of Corfu Town restaurants with a view because it overlooks the sea, fortress and city.

I would go more for drinks instead of food but if you want to have dinner there, I recommend the meatballs and the Greek salad because you can’t go wrong with Greek salad.

I got the pasta with seafood and I wouldn’t recommend it. The meatballs Mike got were definitely the winner!

Click here to see sweeping view in my Instagram Reel of Corfu Town.

Best Casual Corfu Town Restaurant

For a quick bite in Corfu Town, I highly recommend going to Taverna Ninos.

Mike found this restaurant (as well as the other two Corfu Town restaurants I listed above) through its rave reviews about the gyro, and the reviews did NOT disappoint.

This was probably the best gyro we had in all of Corfu. The pita bread it was in really made it stand out. It felt like I was biting into a cloud; so soft and chewy.

Taverna Ninos is also inside an alleyway deep in Corfu Town so you’re right amidst all the Venetian buildings.

Click here to see the gyro in Instagram Reel of Corfu Town.

Driving and Parking to Get to These Restaurants

To get to these Corfu Town restaurants, Mike and I drove into Corfu Town and parked at this parking lot.

The parking lot cost €3 and you can park there all day long. If you leave the parking lot and come back, you will have to pay another €3 as the cost is per time, not for the whole day.

Once you park, you can easily walk to En Plo, Cavalieri Hotel and Taverna Ninos as Corfu Town is a very walkable city.

What Else to Do in Corfu Town Besides Eat

I really love to eat but there are other things to do in Corfu Town that are just as fun and interesting.

Visit the Old Fortress

The Old Fortress of Corfu is a historic fortress that was used to defend the city during the Byzantine times.

You will get an amazing view of the city and sea here.

It costs €6 to get in and took Mike about 20 minutes to walk around quickly.

Get a Unique Souvenir in Corfu Town

For a unique souvenir in Corfu Town, you might want to get a handcrafted mug or pottery from Ceramic Art, a pottery store.

The day we went, we met the artist/owner who makes everything herself.

We grabbed a special 2020 mug with drawings of people on it with masks as an ode to the pandemic. I never thought I’d buy something to remind me of the pandemic but I wanted to support the artist, remember the trip and get something special. See second photo.

Walk Around

walking around Corfu Town after eating at Corfu Town restaurants - Instagrammable places in Corfu
walking around Corfu Town after eating at Corfu Town restaurants

Corfu Town is a beautiful town with Venetian architecture. You could simply walk around and take in the sights, hopping in and out of its many shops.

Thanks for making it all the way down to the end of this post.

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Till then, thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!


PS Big thanks to Mike, my husband for finding all these amazing Corfu Town restaurants! I was feeling overwhelmed before we went on this trip and he really did all the legwork of finding awesome places. So grateful.

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3 Must Try Corfu Town Restaurants

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