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How to Keep the Cost of Filing Taxes Low

From ages 18-22, I was so worried about the cost of filing taxes that I tediously did them by hand and mailed them in. I worked through school and had loans to pay off afterwards, so I didn’t want to pay an extra penny doing taxes.

I was so excited about getting my first corporate job because it meant that I could afford a tax program to file my taxes. In addition to being able to afford a super helpful tax filing program, my first job would allow me to get health insurance and stock my refrigerator with healthy fruits and vegetables. It was a dream come true to not have to worry about my basic needs.

Nonetheless, keeping the cost of filing taxes at the ultimate low was still a priority for me. After all, what they say is true – old habits die hard.

Long gone are the poor student and comfortable corporate days, because my budgeting mindset is still strong as ever. That’s why I partnered with H&R Block to share how they can keep your cost of filing taxes low without compromising ease and expertise.

This post is written in collaboration with H&R Block. Insight and opinions are my own.

Filing Taxes Easily with H&R Block Online

H&R Block Online is an online tax program that tells you what the cost of filing your taxes is going to be before you start. They also make filing taxes easy by giving you options with personal help with tax pros, document upload options via desktop and mobile, and online payment options.

If you get stuck using the program, there are tax pros with an average of 10 years of experience available  to help you. You don’t even have to visit them in an office, which is the best way to stay safe health-wise right now.

The best part about using H&R Block Online is that you are guaranteed to get the maximum refund you’re entitled to without having to struggle with your taxes. They find money that others miss.

Keeping Cost of Filing Taxes Low for Students

If you are a student, then you don’t even need to worry about how much filing taxes will cost! H&R Block allows students with simple returns to file for free online. I wish I knew about this when I was a student.

So not only are you getting the ease of this program and help from tax pros, you get to file your taxes for free.

Cost Difference H&R Block Online vs. TurboTax 

You might have heard of TurboTax and might be wondering what the cost difference is between these two programs. With H&R Block Online, you could save $10 or more than TurboTax. 

Even more important though, H&R Block finds money that other companies tend to miss, so not only will you save money doing your taxes, you may also get more money back.

Thanks for making it all the way to the bottom of this post. If keeping the cost of filing taxes low is a priority for you, check out H&R Block Online.

xo, Sarah

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