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How to Create a Cozy Home Office Space

This post on creating a cozy home office space was written in collaboration with Sukhi.

Before creating a cozy home office, I just worked on the couch of my living room. Because of this, I had really poor posture hunched over my laptop, and I also had no mental separation from work and personal space, which led to a poor work/life balance at home.

By using our second bedroom as a home office instead of merely a guest room, I was able to create a better routine for work and a very cozy office space that I love to work in! Keep on reading to see how I created my home office space!

Pick Comfortable Office Furniture

sukhi rugs
wool rug by Sukhi . pink velvet chaise lounge by MADE

The very first step I took in creating a cozy home office space was to pick comfortable office furniture. I needed an office chair with good ergonomics to support my back while working and wanted a chaise lounge or some type of chair where I could extend my legs out while editing photos on my laptop.

After a few weeks of research and testing out chairs at IKEA, I went with a reasonably priced LANGFALL chair in white/beige and added white armrests to rest my arms on. This was my sensible purchase.

Then as my splurge, I got this pink velvet chaise lounge by MADE so I could have my legs out while editing photos; something I enjoy doing on the couch more so than my desk, but still didn’t want to be in the living room to do so I don’t mix my work and personal space too much.

Of course, besides comfortable furniture to sit on, I needed a sturdy desk that had enough space for all my work needs such as a laptop, second screen (total game-changer), mouse, papers, and more. Now I was able to sit comfortably at my desk without being hunched over!

Add Cozy Touches

sukhi rugs felt rugs wool rugs
wool rug by Sukhi. pink velvet chaise lounge by MADE

After getting my essential office furniture, which included a desk and chair with good ergonomics, I made the office space uber cozy simply by adding a handmade felt rug! This soft accent instantly warmed up the room as well as made it super comfortable. I can now walk around barefoot in my office and even hang out on the rug while doing some work on my phone and stretch on it.

Other tiny, cozy touches I added to the room were fake plants, this IKEA floor lamp, and wall decor. All of this made the room feel super homey and a nice, gentle place to work in!

A Quick Note on Sukhi

I purposely reached out to Sukhi to partner with them because I wanted to share the good word about their business model! This company works directly with the people that make them their rugs and pay them fair wages. It’s all about respect!

I hope you liked how I made a cozy home office space! If you made it all the way down here, I’d love to know. Come say hi to me on Instagram! Thanks for stopping by! xo.

Katarina -

Saturday 16th of February 2019

I love how our rug looks in your home office. I'm just imagining how gorgeous it looks in the morning with the rays of sun shining upon it. :) Thank you for your support!


Tuesday 12th of February 2019

I love your tips for creating a cozy home office. I freelance at home and just can't seem to nail what I want my office space to be like. I'm going to try adding a few comfortable furniture pieces and maybe a nice plant or two.


Wednesday 13th of February 2019

Yes! I really love having plants. Even high quality fake ones are good. Best of luck!

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