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New Desenio Posters Update [My 2019 to 2021 Desenio Review]

In June 2021, I replaced my Desenio posters from 2019. You’ll find out why and how in this Desenio review.

Since I’ve been spending more time at home, I really wanted to update my living room but have been kind of lazy about it. Since I wanted maximum results with minimum effort, I decided to focus on my existing Desenio posters.

I figured that switching out these posters would be the easiest but most hassle free way to give my living room a fresh look, and spoiler alert, new art really made a huge difference in how my living room looks!

Keep reading this Desenio review to see the posters I used to have and got now, what the process of replacing the posters was like and general thoughts on the prints and frames.

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Desenio Posters I Got in 2021 vs 2019

In June 2019, my apartment was in desperate need of a cozy living room makeover. It felt kind of tossed together with self printed photographs and the plain IKEA couch.

As a result, I ordered Desenio posters back then as well as switched out my IKEA couch covers with velvet ones. Read the related blog post here or go directly to the IKEA couch cover store here.

desenio posters

Originally I picked these abstract lines and faces posters with black frames as I wanted something neutral and with a lot of blank space.

Two years later in June 2021, I decided I wanted more color in my living room.

I got new Desenio posters, which included a pink abstract poster, an abstract shapes poster and two photos. Links to these specific posters and prints are at the end.

You can see in the photo above that the very small photo above is actually the same one I had from 2019; I just switched out the frame.

Tips for Using Desenio’s Website

Now that you got a quick before / after of my living room, let’s talk about actually what Desenio sells and how to best use their website. It’s so good for inspiration and planning!

About Desenio

Desenio sells an unbelievable number of posters and prints in so many styles: vintage, nature, modern, graphical and so much more. You can use their wall art anywhere in the house from your kitchen to your bedroom.

Besides posters and prints, they also sell a variety of frames, which their prints fit right now.

It’s a one stop shop for wall art and frames to match, and best of all, they ship to a ton of countries worldwide.

Tips for Using Desenio’s Website

Desenio’s website can be a little bit overwhelming because there are so many amazing choices. Here are my best tips for using their site.

To get inspiration, you can:

  • Start out by getting inspiration from their Gallery Walls if you have abs no idea what design you want for your space.
  • Select different categories in their menu to inspire you such as Bestsellers, Vintage or Collaborations or even look at posters through various sizes.
desenio wall gallery tool

To see what your Desenio gallery wall would like in your own home:

  • As you go through all the Posters and Prints that you want, make sure to Heart or Like them so they all get saved to the My Favorite list.
  • Once you save a bunch to the My Favorite list, scroll to the bottom of that list and use their Gallery Wall Tool.

With the Gallery Wall Tool, you can see if the posters you picked out will go well together.

Why I Used the Gallery Wall Tool

The first time I made my Desenio wall gallery, I use the Gallery Wall Tool just to figure out if I liked the sizing of the frames that I picked relative to my couch.

Even though I already knew where my Desenio posters were going to go, I still used their tool to see if my wall gallery would look good. Basically, I wanted to see if my posters matched each other.

Getting my New Desenio Posters and Frames in the Mail

desenio posters in living room

If you’re wondering if your new Desenio posters and frames will survive the rigorous delivery, then don’t worry. Desenio packages your prints and frames in a way that they won’t get damaged.

Just take a look at the picture above to see how my Desenio posters arrived!

Replacing my Desenio Wall Gallery

Replacing the Desenio posters was so easy. Since I stuck with the same gallery wall, I didn’t have to drill new holes in the wall or figure out the dimensions of new art I wanted.

I simply went to, looked at new posters I wanted and checked if they came in the existing gallery size I had. I ordered the prints as well as new frames because I wanted a lighter look on that wall.

This was by far my favorite part about having ordered from Desenio before and the made thing I wanted to talk about in this Desenio review.

Having ordered from them before made it so easy and affordable to make my living room feel completely different.

There is definitely a long term benefit of ordering from Desenio.

Desenio Prints Review

As you already know, I love Desenio posters because they’re such a wide variety of them, the tool on the site that makes it easy to mix and match posters and they’re so easy to replace.

In terms of design, I loooove the new posters I got. It feels really refreshing to look over at that wall and see light wood frames with pretty pastels colors (instead of the black frames and neutral posters I had before).

I feel much more calm with these new prints, which are vibrant in color and very clear in printing.

desenio prints review
close up vs a normal distance

I’ve had only two small issues with Desenio prints.

  1. One of the abstract lines poster I originally had in 2019 was a little wrinkly at the top. But I think I placed them in incorrectly to begin with.
    • Solution: For my new posters, I made sure to place the posters in properly, which wasn’t even that hard. I don’t know why I had an issue in the beginning. I also added the stock paper and this moisture-free plastic insert so all the posters and inserts were stacked together with no room to budge. This ensured a smooth poster.
  2. My new pink abstract poster has the tiniest ink smudge at the very top.
    • Solution: I know Desenio’s customer support would ship me out a brand new poster in the quickness, but since I can’t really see it unless I’m inches away from it and don’t feel like calling customer service, I left it as is. But if you have any issues with your posters, you should definitely reach out to their helpful customer service!

Desenio Frames Review

Before I share my opinion on Desenio frames, note that I am just your everyday home decorator. I have little to no interior design skills and am not a professional photographer who needs high quality frames and and mats. I just want my house to look nice!

As a result, this Desenio frames review is solely based off the function of having some nice art in my home.

desenio frames review

While I was replacing my old Desenio posters for new ones, I also rearranged some other prints in my house.

The first thing I noticed was how easy Desenio frames were to get posters in and out of. The clips slide in and out of the frames so easily.

In comparison, the IKEA frames around my house and custom matted ones were difficult to open again. I had to use a butter knife to slide under the tabs and lift them up.

Besides that, Desenio frames are really beautiful, solid and definitely serve their function. They come in multiple colors, which is what allowed me to easily switched from black frames to light wood colors.

desenio frames review

The clear part of the frame where you insert your posters under is actually just plastic. For this price, do not expect glass.

Nonetheless, the plastic is exactly what you need to keep your posters safe and your room looking pleasant. I bet a guest wouldn’t know the difference.

Desenio’s frames are carefully packaged so you will have no issues during delivery.

Good to Know: Desenio’s frames come with a plastic protector on both sides of the plastic. Make sure to peel it before inserting your art and closing up the frame.

Prints Included in my Desenio Art Gallery

If you liked the prints I used in my own Desenio wall gallery, here they are!

  • The 19.75 x 27.5 IN (50 x 70 CM) abstract pink poster on the left can be found here. Here’s an alternative blue one.
  • The 19.75 x 27.5 IN (50 x 70 CM) abstract shapes poster on the right can be found here.
  • The 11.75 x 15.75 IN (30 x 40 CM) green door print on the left can be found here.
  • The 5 x 7 IN (13 x 18 CM) agave leaves print on the bottom left can be found here.

Other Furniture Seen in My Images

Just in case you were wondering, here’s where I got everything else in my living room.

  • My couch is the IKEA Kivik two seater with a chaise lounge attachment.
  • The pink velvet sofa covers are from Bemz.
  • The braided rug is my second rug from Sukhi Rugs.
  • My coffee table was handmade by an Amsterdam artist and bought at Friday Next concept store.

Any questions about ordering Desenio posters? Ask away below!

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New Desenio Posters Update

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