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Best Food Tour in Barcelona (Operated by a Local, not an Expat or International Team)

Looking for a local-run food tour in Barcelona? This one is led by a Barcelona local who’s been living here for more than 30 years!

Out of all the culinary excursions I’ve been on, this food tour in Barcelona by Food Lovers Company has by far been my favorite. The #1 reason to go on a food tour with Food Lovers Company is because it’s a small business run by a local who’s been in Barcelona for over 30 years (whereas other Barcelona food tour companies are run by international corporations and/or expats).

If you only have one day in Barcelona, you really get to taste the best food of this city while getting a true appreciation and understanding of the local culture.  Keep reading to see why this food tour in Barcelona should be the one you go on!

A Truly Local Food Tour in Barcelona

Nuria, our Barcelona food guide, is ordering for us on the best food tour in Barcelona.
Nuria, our local Barcelona food tour guide

The number one reason to go on a food tour with Food Lovers Company is because their tours are created by a true local. She have the best insight and industry relations built up from the owner living in Barcelona for over 30 years!

Nuria, the business owner and our Barcelona food guide, not only knows the best places to eat in Barcelona, but also knows the fun tidbits behind a restaurant or the neighborhood that only a local who’s seen the city grow and evolve would know.

For example, she pointed out how the owner of one restaurant kept referring to people by their names showing how much the owner cared for everyone of their repeat customers. As for the bread with aioli on the left image, she noted how the restaurant makes this by hand for whisking for 20 minutes whereas most restaurants now use a machine. It made us appreciate the food more!

Mike, my husband and photographer, loved this tour especially because of all the questions he was able to ask Nuria about the food culture in Barcelona as well as where she grew up. Anytime he wondered where the local food was sourced from or what dishes families like to eat on what holiday, Nuria always seemed to have an answer from her never-ending bank of food knowledge.

As he’s been on other culinary excursions with me, he remarked,

“Nuria was the most knowledgeable and personal food tour guide we’ve ever had.”

We both agree that the personable wealth of local knowledge that Nuria has is what makes this tour worth going on alone.

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A Loaded Tapas Tour in Barcelona

This Barcelona food tour stuffs you with tapas from restaurant to restaurant. You don’t merely taste a bite here and there at every restaurant; you basically eat whole meals so you definitely get your money’s worth as you hop around between four restaurants. Furthermore, you’re not only eating a ton, but you’re eating at Barcelona food institutions or hidden gems that you won’t be able to find quickly from TripAdvisor or Yelp.

Being pretty good at the internet (if I so say myself), Mike and I did a ton of food research before coming to Barcelona. We went only to the top rated places and restaurants also recommended by friends.

Nonetheless, the restaurants that we went to with Nuria were hands down the best ones. It helped a lot that she knew the best dishes to order too since she had tried so many items on the menu.

A Bit of a History Tour Too

This food tour in Barcelona is not only a food culture tour, but it’s also a bit of a history tour too. The local food guide takes us on various Barcelona walks and points out historical context of what a building, neighborhood or monument is and adds cultural and lifestyle viewpoint on its place in society today.

For example, Nuria, our Barcelona food guide, pointed out a building and its significance in the WWII then shared with us how all of her kids have been going to school in that building and also how. touristy the spot is becoming!

We both recommend that this Barcelona food tour with Nuria be the first culinary outing that you have on your trip. That way, you can understand the flavors and culture of food in Barcelona as well as repeat any restaurants you absolutely loved going to with Food Lovers Company. We actually repeated one of the restaurants ourselves!

I have no doubt that you’ll love Food Lovers Company as they have the best food tours in Barcelona; I’ve been on two of them now including their regular food tour and tapas tour in Barcelona! Please let me know if you go on it and what you think of it.

Make sure to check out my entire city guide on Barcelona or other awesome places to eat in Barcelona. I used it as a resource on my second trip to Barcelona and made it hassle-free to travel around Barcelona with!

Thanks for stopping by! xo.

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