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Food Tours Around the World

Whenever I go to a new city or country, I want to eat everything! But of course, my stomach can only stretch so far, and there’s only a limited amount of time I can spend my trip eating. The perfect solution for the not enough time + not enough space in the belly problem is to go on a food tour!

Food tours allow you to try several local foods or establishments without overdoing it because you’re in a group of other like-minded hungry travelers wanting to share the food with you! In addition to the yummy food, you usually get a history or cultural lesson too. It’s a win-win.

Check out what these 14 bloggers (including myself) ate on their food tour around the world in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, and more!

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Hanoi, Vietnam


Hanoi Street Food Tour by Walking

Cost: $20 USD per person
Duration: 3 hours

Our Hanoi Street Food Tour took us around the crazy busy streets of Hanoi’s old quarter, weaving around the motorbikes and pushing through the crowds. The highlight was the Bun Cha – pork patties grilled over a smoking barbecue until almost caramelized and served in a tangy soup, accompanied by a plate of white rice noodles and fresh herbs, lettuce and chillies. We also helped to make Banh Cuon – steamed rice rolls filled with seasoned minced pork, wood ear mushrooms and shallots, and finished off the tour with Egg Coffee – sweet Vietnamese coffee whisked with egg yolks – surprisingly delicious!

Read the full post by Mum on the Move.

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Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An Food Tour Compass & Fork

The Last Great Taste of Hoi An Food Tour

Duration: 7.30 am – 11.45am daily

One of the best food tours we have been on anywhere in the world was in Hoi An, Vietnam.  The Last Great Taste of Hoi An food tour is not be missed.  Starting with a tour of the local market, it includes meeting the local street food vendors, tastings at some of the local restaurants and then a full sit down tasting to cover anything else you might have missed.  Hoi An is Vietnam’s culinary capital and has some dishes found only there.

Take the tour when you first arrive in Hoi An and you can plan all of your meals with the tips from this tour.  Book early (before you arrive in Hoi An if possible) as it is extremely popular. 

Read the full post by Compass & Fork.

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Nomadic Boys Food Tour Hoi AnHoi An Food Tour by Vespa

Cost: $75 USD per person
Duration: 4 hours

We took an evening food tour in Hoi An on Vespas with Vespa Adventures. This was one of the coolest foodie tours we’ve done so far in our travels. The tour lasted for 4 hours (depending on eating time) and costs ($75/£54).

Read the full post by Nomadic Boys.

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Kyoto, Japan


Nishiki Market, The Heart of Kyoto Cuisine

Cost: $150 USD per person
Duration: 3 hours

I love to discover a city’s food culture. It is a great entry into its local scene: how people eat, where they eat, etc.  There is a lot of history that is weaved into the market and the docents share the background while showing what the local food is, how to prepare and eat it, and where to go to find it at restaurants.

They also showed us the area around market which is really vibrant. I returned to it multiple times during my trip.

Read the full post by Misadventures with Andi.

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Penang, Malaysia


Food Tour Penang

Cost: $40 USD per person
Duration: 4 hours

The highlights for us in this tour were the Poh Piah (a light crepe filled with crushed peanuts and sugar), Murtabak (an Arabic stuffed bread with chicken, and dahl), Teh Tarik (Malaysian tea, sweetened with condensed milk), Char Kway Teo (stirfried rice noodles with egg and prawn) and Ais Kacang (an interesting dessert, comprising of shaved ice, jelly, creamed corn, beans, coconut milk and root beer)

Apart from the smorgasbord of delicious food that consumed in the four hours, we loved meeting other like-minded travellers and ‘foodies’. Our guide, Junie, had a wealth of knowledge about the food and Penang in general, that she enthusiastically shared with us. We loved learning about the history of Penang, and how it has influenced the large variety and fusion of the food options, in Georgetown in particular. 

by Travel-Ling

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Amritsar, Punjab, India


Amritsar Food Walk with Jugaadus Eco hostel

Cost: 225 rupees or $3.50 USD
Duration: 5 hours

Because I teamed up this Food Walk with another tour, we only did a half version of this tour, going to three different restaurants instead of 12 or so! We tried fantastic dishes like a traditional Lassi and visited a restaurant that had been open for centuries, passed down in the same family for generations.

I loved this Food Walk because Amritsar is known to have incredible claypot smoked dishes, which actually managed to satisfy my huge growling appetite. We were taken to hidden gems within the city of Amritsar, which you would find extremely difficult to locate without a guide!

by VickeBlueEyes


Rome, Italy


Trastevere Food Tour

Cost: $72 USD
Duration: 3 hours

One of my favorite ways of touring a new destination is by taking a food tour. One of the best that I can do over and over again would be the Tasting Europe tour of Trastevere in Rome. I really love the Trastevere food tour because it shows off one of Rome ‘s food centric zones by touring the local baker, gelato, deli, cafes and fun take-out foods of Roman pizza and other fried delicacies. Tasting Europe offers some wonderful food tours throughout Europe and their Trastevere tour is really incredible and worth doing for anyone that loves a variety of Italian food.

Read the full post by Travel Photo Discovery.

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Bologna, Italycheese-factory

Italian Days Food Experience

Cost: €150 or $165 USD
Duration: 8-10 hours

We’ve been on a lot of food tours around the world, but none have or could ever match up to the incredible Italian Days tour in Bologna. On the tour, you visit a Parmigiano-Reggiano factory, a Balsamic Vinegar maker and a Prosciutto factory. At each stop, unbelievable amounts of samples are offered, so you can enjoy as much as you want along the way. The tour is then followed by a full lunch prepared at a family trattoria in the hillside outside Bologna with the most fantastic view. It’s really an unbeatable value and tons of fun.

Read the full post by Savored Journeys

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Parma, Italy


The Three Kings Food Tour

Cost: €55 or $62USD depending on the tour group size
Duration: 7 hours

The highlight was learning that things can taste better with age.  The Parmigiana Reggiani cheese, the Parma ham, and the Balsamic Vinegar all taste incredible the older they get.

For someone who spends just as much time eating as they do traveling, this tour ticked all the boxes.  Enough time is spent at each location to allow you to learn, taste and ask questions.  I especially loved the opportunity to sit down at a restaurant at a local winery for lunch.  Drinking wine, eating fabulous Italian food and chatting with other participants who had come from all over the world was great fun.

by Beer and Croissants

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London, England


London Food Tour

Cost: £75 or $100 USD
Duration: 4 hours

If you think British cuisine is only fish & chips or bangers and mash, you obviously haven’t been to London lately.  The British culinary scene is heating up and there’s no better way to experience it than on the Twilight Soho Food Tour in London. The food is excellent, the conversation is lively, the scenery is evocative and the adult beverages make everything better. Truly, there is no better way to spend a night in London.

Read the full post by Travel Addicts.

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Lyon, FranceWant both a gourmet culinary tour and a historical tour in Lyon? Get both by going on this food tour in Lyon on electric bikes!

Lyon Bike’s Gourmet Tour

Cost: 90 euros or $100 USD
Duration: 4 hours

Lyon is the gastronomic capital of the world so it’s only naturally to go on a food tour in Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse. You not only get to eat some of the best meats, cheeses, and chocolate in the world, but you get a full rundown of what’s what and how it came to be from Eric, the promoter of Les Halles who used to work in it. He knows how the place works inside and out.

As a plus, you get to explore Lyon on electric bikes, which are so fun to ride, and learn a bit of its history!

Read the full post on the gourmet food tour in Lyon via electric bikes— by me!!!

Paris, France


Cost: 95 euros or $105 USD
Duration: 3 hours

Aude Barbara, owner of Audelicious, is a French pastry chef born into a foodie family, even by French standards. Through her unique French cooking classes, food focused walking tours and cheese tastings she wants to pass her love and passion for French food on to you.

I recently booked a custom walking tour of Paris with her and received a personal and fascinating experience. If you’re a foodie who enjoys knowing all the little facts about your food and the culture behind it Aude is your girl. 

by Wandering Chocobo

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 North America

 Brooklyn, New York

I'm a local but couldn't help exploring Brooklyn with a local on the Slice of Brooklyn Pizza tour. We went to Grimaldi's and Spumoni's too. Click through to read more about it!

A Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour

Cost: $80
Coupon: Get $5 off with promo code TFAF2016
Duration: 4.5 hours

As a New Yorker, eating Grimaldi’s has always been on my New York City bucket list. Except whenever I’d go by Grimaldi’s, there’d be a huge line deterring me from checking this bad boy off my list. Luckily with A Slice of Brooklyn bus tours, you can skip the line and get two slices of pizza and a soda at Grimaldi’s.

The tour also brings you deep into Brooklyn to Spumoni’s for the best Sicilian style pizza you could have. Then you explore different neighborhoods of Brooklyn such as Coney Island! It’s really a great tour led by local Brooklynites!

Read the full post on exploring Brooklyn with a local and eating pizza here— by me!!!

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Savannah, Georgia

Where to eat in Savannah for lunch, dinner & brunch, which includes FRIED CHICKEN!

Savannah Historic and Secret East Side Food Tour

Savannah Taste Experience food tour was where I first discovered that food tours are more than just food tours. Besides the mix of wonderfully tasty treats you get to eat, you get to learn about the historical aspects of this Southern city.

The tour guide is funny and educational, but of course, the food is delicious. This tour brings you on off-the-beaten-path type restaurants and gets you into places that locals eat at.

Read more about it and where to eat in Savannah here— by me!!!

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Seattle, Washington

Savor Seattle Pike Place Food Tour Group

Savor Seattle

Cost: Thursday $41.00 USD, Friday – Sunday $43.99 USD
Duration: 2 hours

If you only have two days in Seattle, Savor Seattle food tour feeds the brain as well as the belly! Doughnuts, yoghurt, cheese, cherries, and chowder, just to name a few delights to get you salivating! The beauty of this food tour is that it mixes flavorsome food with facts of the famous Seattle Pike Place Market, and then a sprinkling of comedic jokes!

Check out the full post by Two Scots Abroad.

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Want more than food tours? How about Seychelles tour packages or other tours to beautiful destinations? Food tour or tour package, if you’ve gone on any spectacular ones, let me know by commenting below!

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