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FREE Vintage Lightroom Presets – Desktop Only

These are for the latest Lightroom Desktop (.xmp files) and will NOT work for Lightroom Mobile.

Want vintage Lightroom presets but not sure how to make them? Forget figuring it out on your own, and grab my free set of vintage Lightroom presets right here!

In this Lightroom presets pack, you will get three beautiful looks to make your photos look vintage. They work with photos from morning to broad daylight in the afternoon to sunset time when things are a bit darker.

They’re especially awesome if you’re looking for pink Lightroom presets as they all have a bit of a feminine touch to them.

Bonus– I included a super basic fourth one as a building block type preset.

Jump down to get the presets ASAP!

The Vintage Lightroom Presets in This Free Pack

In this vintage Lightroom presets, you’ll get these three looks.

Preset 1 – @sarchetrit Vintage Morning

vintage lightroom presets - before

This preset is my go-to preset as its good for soft lighting and/or most times of the day.

Preset 2 – @sarchetrit Golden Daylight

vintage lightroom presets - before

This preset is best for photos taken in broad daylight when the sun is really harsh. It balances the contrast of sun and shadows and also adds a nice pinkish tone.

Preset 3 – @sarchetrit Soft Sunsets

vintage lightroom presets - after
vintage lightroom presets - before

This preset is great for late afternoon to sunset times as it makes the lighting quite soft.

Preset 4 – @sarchetrit Basic

This preset is a super basic one with all the adjustments that I generally leans towards. This one is just a back-up in case the other ones are too much for the photo you are trying to edit, or you are more of an advanced editor and want to start from the basics to build up to your own.

Best Tips for Using These Vintage Lightroom Presets

Presets look different on everyone’s photos. They depend on the time of day that you took a photo, the location, settings on your camera and your camera itself.

Nonetheless, with these few tips and tricks, you can make these vintage Lightroom presets work for you!

Here are my best tips for using this free Lightroom presets pack:

  • Shoot photos in RAW. You can change a lot of the image afterwards in Lightroom.
  • If you’re shooting broad daylight, make sure your settings make your photos darker than lighter. Dark areas can be lifted up (when you up the shadows and blacks) but lighter areas can be recovered if it’s totally blown out.
  • When using the presets, hover over each preset to see which one looks best on your photo. Click on the one you want, and adjust the Temperature & Exposure first! Then make tweaks if you need to other settings.

Get This Vintage Lightroom Presets Pack Now

These are for the latest version of Lightroom Desktop (.xmp files) and will NOT work for Lightroom Mobile.

To get these presets:

  • Go to my Instagram @sarchetrit
  • Like my last 6 posts
  • DM me telling me you’re done liking my last 6 posts, and I will reply back with the link! That’s all– no email or follow needed.

Like and DM @sarchetrit to get your free vintage presets!

Can’t wait to see what you create!

Thanks for stopping by,

P.S. Come say hi to me on Instagram @sarchetrit. Send me a DM!


FREE Vintage Lightroom Presets


Friday 9th of September 2022

And for people who don’t use Instagram? Lol


Sunday 4th of September 2022

The presets are just what I need for my summer photoshoot to make the pic just right!

Sarah Chetrit

Tuesday 1st of November 2022

So happy to hear!

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