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Easy Way to Find a Furnished Apartment for Rent in Istanbul

Need a furnished apartment for rent in Istanbul? We found one last minute. This is how.

If you’re looking for a furnished apartment for rent in Istanbul, there’s a very simple way with the hospitality-tech turnkey living solution company, Blueground.

They make it super easy for you to find a beautiful, efficiently designed apartment in Istanbul without using local brokers, worrying about getting scammed, or any of that nonsense you might experience when moving to a new country– or at least that’s how I felt when I stayed at two of their Istanbul apartments for rent a couple of weeks ago.

Keep reading to see why I wish I had Blueground as an awesome turnkey solution, especially for Istanbul short term rentals.

A Thoughtful Tech Approach to Finding a Furnished Apartment for Rent in Istanbul

There are so many techie aspects of booking an apartment in Istanbul through Blueground that’ll make your whole apartment rental experience quite seamless and effortless.

When Booking the Apartment in Istanbul

furnished apartment for rent in istanbul

Unlike the normal rental process of getting a hotel then finding a trustworthy broker who’ll bring you to apartment to apartment before your actual move-in date, you can rent an apartment right through Blueground’s app or website even days before arrival. You don’t need to be in Istanbul to do this.

You simply head to their website, and find your dream apartment in Istanbul by inputting filters such as Istanbul Areas, Neighborhoods, Move-in Date, Length of Stay, Bedrooms, and even amenities such as a Pool and Gym.

Also unlike normal apartment rental listings, you do NOT need to second guess whether the photos you see on each rental listing is what you’re going to see in person. Yes, you really will be getting what you see.

Furthermore, because you book through their app, you don’t need to go through the normal back-and-forth that comes with signing the contract. You agree to the standard rental contract of the apartment when you check out and pay for your apartment with a credit card, bank transfer, etc.

Upon Arrival to Your Apartment in Istanbul

Before heading to your apartment in Istanbul, I’d highly recommend downloading the app. It’ll have all your information about your apartment that you’ll need. For example, there’s an option to connect to the wi-fi right through the app so you don’t need to fumble around with inputting a complicated password.

Also, the app has other handy information such as what amenities your apartment has, how to operate the AC/Heating, rules of garbage and mail, calling services, and so much more.

While Living in Your Apartment in Istanbul

Besides the app, both apartments I experienced in Istanbul were completely controlled by a tablet in the front of the house. This piece of tech was so convenient to have. For example, on the way out of the house, we used one button to switch off all the lights and heat in all the rooms, and when we returned, that same button to turn it all on.

One thing I loved about the app is that I kept forgetting our apartment address so whenever I needed an Uber back home, I’d click on ‘Location & Entry’ and requested a ride to Uber right from the Blueground app! Unbelievably convenient!

After Leaving Your Apartment in Istanbul

The app is also handy for coordinating check-out information with Blueground, or if you’re moving to yet another Blueground apartment because you want to experience a different neighborhood (which they are totally cool with you doing), then you can keep track of all the apartments you’ve stayed at in the app.

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A Beautifully Furnished Apartment for Rent in Istanbul

If design is a priority when looking for a furnished apartment for rent in Istanbal, Blueground has that covered. From the custom furniture to decor on the wall, the interior design of the place will make you feel at home (or at least it did for me since I decorate my home in a similar way).

Not only is a Blueground apartment a fully furnished apartment for rent in Istanbul, but each one is beautifully designed and so thoughtfully laid out. You can really show up and start living, which is one of their mottos.

What they mean by this is that they have:

  • enough storage for all your clothes, shoes, coats, and suitcases,
  • high-tech appliances such as washer, dryer, and Nespress machine,
  • dishes, cups, plates, silverware, and Le Creuset dutch oven pot,
  • towels and linens,
  • smart Samsung TV,
  • bluetooth Marshall speaker,
  • and even a bit of dish soap, paper towels, laundry detergent, and shampoo, conditioner and body wash to get your started off in your first couple of weeks in Istanbul.

With everything ready at your disposal upon your arrival, you can really drop your bags off and start exploring the city!

Better yet, if your Blueground has an outdoor pool with a view like our first furnished apartment in Istanbul had or an indoor pool and a sauna like our second one did, then you might want to go off and seek that out those awesome amenities to get a bit of rest and relaxation from the long plane ride you just got off of.

A Local’s Take on Finding a Furnished Apartment to Rent in Istanbul

For a New Yorker, the prices of a fully furnished apartment in Istanbul at Blueground may be welcoming, even at their more luxury apartments. However, many locals will say that these apartments are expensive (even though they are about 30-50% less in comparison to competing companies in Istanbul).

That being said, if you want to save money in the long-run, you could rent a Blueground apartment for only a month or two until you familiarize yourself in Istanbul, and find a broker and/or neighborhood that you love.

On the flip side, if you are only planning on being in Istanbul for a few months to even a year or two, are happy with the price because of all the amenities and services that come with Blueground, and of course, can afford it, it’s a really comfortable place to stay for a year and more.

The great thing about this turnkey living solution in Istanbul is that you can use it to however it suits your lifestyle and budget best because the terms of the lease are so flexible. Regardless, I do think that it is a great tool for at least your first couple of months in Istanbul!

Check out what apartments in Istanbul are available for you to move into now!

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Easy Way to Find a Furnished Apartment for Rent in Istanbul

Zoekjaar Girl

Wednesday 25th of December 2019

How much does it cost though to rent a furnished apartment in Istanbul using this app vs using other rental websites?

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