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Getting a Fraxel Treatment at TengTeng Skin Clinic in Seoul

Seoul is the beauty capital of the world. Buying beauty stuff and getting beauty treatments makes it one of the fun things to do in Korea. Whatever neighborhood you’re in, there is a beauty store awaiting you with promises of less wrinkles, smoother skin, and a more even complexion. It seems like whatever problem you have with your skin, there was some miracle in a bottle ready to fix it.

In reality, these products can only go so far especially with more serious skin issues like mine. With acne scars all over my cheeks and chin from three years of adult acne, I decided to seek out a medical professional at a skin clinic.

Besides having a good reputation, finding a physician who spoke English was a top priority for me so I could communicate easily about my concerns and in detail what type of treatments were available and how safe they were.

Luckily, I found Dr. Julius Jon of TengTeng Skin Clinic who spoke impeccable English from living abroad for twenty years. He has a U.S. medical license too, which assured me that I was in good hands.

Read on to learn more about the clinic, what treatment I got done for my acne scars, and how to get there.

First Impressions

As soon as I walked in, I noted how calm and peaceful the clinic felt. I was expecting more of a medical feel, but it actually felt as if I was in a spa.

tengteng skin clinic mini fraxel treatment
tengteng skin clinic mini fraxel treatment

The receptionists were friendly and all spoke English, which was helpful for the check-in process.

Meeting with Dr. Julius Jon

Dr. Julius Jon was the most proficient English speaking person that I met during my time in South Korea so talking to him about what to expect, after-treatment care, and everything in between was easy and informational. I had no problem asking any question I wanted and getting a comprehensive respond in return.

This made it quite clear as to why  many foreigners choose to go to TengTeng Skin Clinic. It is important to communicate clearly when getting any procedure done on one’s face, and with Dr. Julius Jon’s language skills and U.S. medical license, TengTeng Skin Clinic clearly stands out among the many skin clinics in Seoul.

Mini-Fraxel Treatment

Dr. Julius Jon thought it’d be best to get a mini-fraxel treatment because of minimal downtime. Normally fraxel treatments have a long and intensive recovery period, but mini-fraxel treatments are gentler so you can get a treatment once a week if you need to without interrupting your normal schedule with recovery time.

Before: acne scars from thee years of adult acne
Before: acne scars from thee years of adult acne

He also recommended this treatment because of my acne scars. A mini-fraxel treatment:

  • improves skin tone and reduces pore size
  • refreshes the skin so it’s smoother
  • creates a natural, radiant glow, and
  • improves the appearance of acne scars

The Process

After talking with Dr. Julius Jon, one of his assistants took me into a room to prep my face. She washed it gently and soothingly like I was at a spa. Then she applied anesthetics onto my face for 20 minutes and dimmed the lights so I could rest. It was quite relaxing!

tengteng skin clinic mini fraxel treatment

After the 20 minutes, his assistant brought me to another room to get the mini-fraxel treatment by Dr. Julius Jon. He told me that I would feel some pain on my face as he administered the laser, but I didn’t even realize he had started it at all.

It was like having the slightest pin prick on my face. I barely could feel it because of the anesthetics, and when I did, it wasn’t bad at all because the actual procedure was over in under 5 minutes.

Overall, from talking with Dr. Julius Jon to getting the procedure done, I was in and out in 45 minutes!


As soon as the procedure was done, my face was slightly red and puffy but not as bad as getting a sunburn on the beach. Because of the minimal downtime, I could see why this is one of TengTeng Skin Clinic’s most popular treatment with 200-300 mini-fraxel treatments being done every month!

Right after: slightly pink and puffy skin but skin already looking slightly smoother
Right after: slightly pink and puffy skin but skin already looking slightly smoother

As for smoother skin and less acne scars, my husband said he could tell immediately that my skin looked better, but personally, I didn’t really the notice the bigger difference until a few days in when I applied skin makeup and saw that it went on smoother and more evenly.

Although one treatment made a difference, this treatment seems like the type where you’d need 3-4 treatments for more impactful and longer lasting results. If I lived in Seoul, I would definitely return for a few more as each treatment is only 120USD.

Directions to TengTeng Skin Clinic

TengTeng Skin Clinic
Address: 104 Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Phone: +82 2-337-4066

TengTeng Skin Clinic is located in the Gangnam neighborhood and is very easy to locate.

How to get there:
You take the #3 Orange subway line to Sinsa Station. Then you take exit #2, walk 20 meters to the building on your right, and go to the tenth floor to #10F.


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