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Gifts for Someone Who Has Everything

Buying gifts for someone who has everything can be hard! This guide will help you find a gift for that person.

If you’re looking for gifts for someone who has everything, I got you! I share with you all the most loved items that my friends, family and I use at home.

These are tried and trued gifts as I’ve gotten them for people who have everything, and they’ve loved it so much that they went out and bought the same gift for their family and friends too. They are literally the gifts that keep on giving.

For travelers to home cooks and even gifts for someone who is always cold (LOL), there’ll be at least one gift to give your loved ones on this list.

Please comment below which one you end up going with, or if this list doesn’t satisfy you, then I can add more ideas. Brainstorm with me by commenting.

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Gifts for Someone Who Likes to Cook

I love to cook so I have so many ideas for you from inexpensive but handy tools to splurge-worthy kitchen must haves.

Inexpensive but Awesome Kitchen Gifts

This anti-fatigue is an absolute must for anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen doing dishes or cooking. It relieves up to 30% of stress on your joints so it makes it easier to stand longer.

I have fibromyalgia so it really helps with that. I got one for my mother-in-law who has arthritis and she loves it too.

Get it here on Amazon.

Mini spatulas are a must. It’s so satisfying to use them on low condiment jars (i.e. mayonnaise). I have this set from Amazon myself.

There’s nothing more annoying than a garlic press that hordes all the garlic skin inside and you have to dig it to get it all out.

This Joseph Joseph garlic rocker cancels out that issue. You simply rock down on the garlic, and use a spoon to scrape all the bits off. Way easier to clean than a regular garlic press.

Get it here on Amazon.

Actually measuring cups that tip over when you put stuff in them might be more annoying than garlic skin sticking to a garlic press.

If that annoys you too, then get these stainless steel measuring cups that don’t tip over.

Coffee Lover Gifts

We have so many manual coffee makers that it’s getting a little ridiculous. The best ones we have is this 1-cup aeropress coffee maker and this 6-cup Chemex.

The coffee tastes so good from them, and both are unbelievably easy to clean. No messy grounds anywhere like a French press.

Also for some reason, you can reheat the coffee when you make it with these so Mike will make coffee on Monday and keep it out on the counter as long as it lasts.

Note: You can get reusable filters for them too!

Best Kitchen Appliances

I have almost every kitchen appliance imaginable. Here are the ones I use daily or make our lives the easiest.

Immersion Blender

My mother-in-law loves making soup, but to blend, she would wait for the soup to cool and put it into her food processor. So tedious! She has arthritis in her wrists so I knew that I had to fix this process.

When I got her an immersion blender, she was so excited that she bought it for all her friends.

Here’s a budget one and a splurge-worthy one on Amazon.

InstantPot or Crockpot Express

I have a Crockpot Express but call it an Instantpot because it’s way easier to say it. Whichever one you get, know that you might use this daily like I do.

You can use it as a slow cooker and rice cooker too. In fact, we got rid of our rice cooker and slow cooker for space.

I got a Crockpot Express over an Instantpot because the inside has non-stick lining. This Crockpot Express is very well-priced or you can splurge on an Instantpot.


Besides the Crockpot, we use our airfryer daily as a toaster, for meat and even for hardboiled eggs. Even frozen fish lightly oiled with salt and pepper in the airfryer is amazing.

I highly recommend getting as large of a basket as possible with this Philips one that’s similar to ours, but if you need to save money, this one has great reviews.


I don’t use my juicer as often as I should, but if you want to get someone one, then get them the best one possible.

My mom had an Omega juicer back in the 90s and I had to follow in her footsteps and get one because it’s a masticating juicer. That means it juices slowly so it’s easy to juice things like leafy greens and minimizes the oxidation of the nutrients.

My in-laws bought me this Omega juicer and I love it. I still go through stages of using it.

Get it here.

Gifts for Someone Who Travels

If someone you know loves to travel, well, you’re in luck because I love to travel too! In fact, in 2019, I traveled 133 days. In 2020, I only traveled 30 days… thanks covid.

Anyways, here are some excellent gifts for someone who travels a lot.


I love bringing my Kindle with me on flights because I don’t have to lug around a heavy book. It passes by the time on a flight very quickly. Get it a Kindle on Amazon.

Airpods are the way to go for tangle-free music listening. We already have so many things to constantly reach in and out of our bags for. Having wireless headphones makes that part of traveling easier. Get airpods on Apple.

A Large, Collapsible Water Bottle

I don’t know about anyone else but I NEED a lot of water while flying and I really hate bothering the flight attendants for 100 mini cups of water.

Call me extra but I bring this 48oz collapsible water bottle with me on the plane and fill it up in a water fountain after security. It’ll last me a 10-hour flight all the way until I get to a hotel.

Get it on Amazon.

My Carry-on Combo

I was the queen of cheap forever and had a $50 carry-on suitcase. I finally got this carry on from eBags and it’s made going through the airport so much better.

The wheels move very smoothly so it feels lightweight, and it expands, which is great for staying with the airlines’ suitcase dimensions if needed.

I loved this suitcase so much that I got one for Mike too and now we match!

It’s currently 40% off and you can get an extra 35% off with the code: HOLIDAY. Get it here.

In addition to this carry-on luggage, I use this backpack to travel. I’ve gone through several backpacks for traveling, and this one is by far my favorite because of all the pockets, a laptop section, water holder and the luggage sleeve.

The luggage sleeve is a huge bonus as it makes going through the airport way easier. I also use it as a tripod holder when I have my travel tripod with me.

Get it here.

Note: Becoming a member is free. You have to become a member because their goods are made in the same factories as luxury items. So you get a huge discount without the luxury label.

Priority Pass

You want to first check that the person you’re buying a gift for does not have a Chase Sapphire Reserve card because they get the priority pass with it. If they don’t, jump on this.

Having a Priority Pass allows you into various airport lounges. Each airport lounge is different but always has food and better space to relax than the average waiting room in an airport.

The food alone saves a traveler a ton of money, but the space is so nice to hang out in before a flight. It really makes a difference especially for people who like to work on their laptops on the go.

Priority Pass is a great gift for someone who travels a lot.
10% off Priority Pass coupon available with my link

The best plan to get is the Standard Plus. Unfortunately it wouldn’t be a great gift if they had to pay per visit.

You can get this 10% Priority Pass coupon with my link.

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Gifts for Someone Who is Always Cold or Just Likes to Be Comfy!

Between my fibromyalgia and inability to regulate body heat and living in Amsterdam, a cold and damp place, I’m quite cold often. Mike’s not as cold as me but he just loves to be comfy.

Here’s what we have to keep us both warm and cozy.


Emu boots is one of the best gifts for someone who is always cold

Since our Australian friend told us that boots (like Uggs) are not meant to be worn as fashion, but instead, inside the house like slippers, I pulled out my old Uggs and Mike got a pair of Emus.

Literally Mike wears his Emu boots everyday from September to April- LOL. They are glued to his feet.

I’m not sure if it’s because my Uggs are older but the wool inside his Emu boots are softer and way fluffier. If you’d ask him what to get anyone for the holidays, his #1 answer is Emu boots!

He loves the Platinum Stinger Lo because it fully covers his ankles.

Here they are for men and for women.

If these are a splurge for you, they are totally worth it because you or someone you love will wear them everyday!!

Uniqlo Heattech

My brother introduced Mike and me to Uniqlo’s Heattech line and we can’t survive the winter season without them. This line is full of clothing made with cloth designed to keep you warmer.

We especially love how thin the leggings and undershirts are so you can easily layer it with any clothing item without it adding bulk.

See women’s heattech items here and men’s heattech items here.

Uniqlo Sweatpants + Sweatshirts

In addition to Uniqlo heattech, their men’s sweatpants are awesome too, and if you’re a female, you should definitely get the men’s sweatpants, NOT the women’s (just size down).

I have the women’s sweatpants but the men’s are way better, especially these ones with zippers. Get it here.

Their long sleeve sweatshirts are also a must-buy too if you want a good quality sweatshirt that doesn’t get bacon collar after a few washes.

Here are the sweatshirts we have for men and for women.

I’m wearing Mike’s sweatshirt as I write this…hehe…

Gifts for Men with Beards

Mike has a thick beard so a lot of my presents have revolved around making shaving easier. Out of all the gifts I got him for his beard, his favorite are:

Image via CrateJoy

If your man is serious about beard grooming, then they need good oils and creams. This Beard Care Club giftbox is a great gift for that. Get it here.

Gifts for Someone Who Works from Home

I shared this already above but Emu boots are a must to wear at home! They’re so cozy. Here they are for men and for women.

If someone you love has a standing desk, then get them an anti-fatigue mat that relieves 30% of stress on joints. It makes standing longer easier.

Lastly, cooking can take up a lot of time in a day while working from home so you can give someone quick, easy meals for lunch time with gift cards to delivery services (i.e. UberEats) or gifting delivery meal plans like HelloFresh.

Skincare Gift Ideas (for Men & Women)

These skincare gift ideas are a mix of what I personally use for my own skincare and just fun skincare gifts I’ve enjoyed getting.

Skincare Routine (with a lot of Ordinary products)

The Ordinary has been trending like crazy around the world and for good reason. They have made quality skincare affordable to everyone.

I switched from my expensive $75+ face wash, serum, etc. skincare products to all Ordinary products and love them. My skin has never looked better.

I highly recommend buying Ordinary products direct from the site because I’ve seen dupes on Aliexpress meaning there are dupes also sold on Amazon.

I have normal to dry skin, small pores, a few pimples and scar easily from pimples. I am trying to rid of scars from past acne as well.

Here’s what I use:

Do you have really bad acne? You might be interested in learning how I was able to cure mine. I figured out my food allergies and acid refluxing were causing my acne! Read the post here.

K-Beauty Gift Box

Image via CrateJoy

Korean beauty has become more popular in the US but not knowing what Korean beauty brands are like, it’s not easy to buy these skincare products.

This K-beauty gift box makes it really fun to try out new K-beauty products. Any skincare lover who likes K-beauty will love it.

Get this K-beauty gift box here.

Sustainable Gift Ideas

If you’re buying gifts for someone who lives a sustainable lifestyle, you may want to check out Hair Story. They sell their products in large sizes and give refillable bottles to minimize plastic waste.

You could also give them these reusable items to replace one-time use items:

May I add that I have been using a menstrual cup for over 10 years now and it’s been a total game changer. My life mission has been getting women to use a menstrual cup.

I use the menstrual cup in combination with these reusable pantiliners to be safe on heavy days.

I’ve given a couple of my girl friends the menstrual cup as a gift and they love it!!

Absolutely Splurge Worthy Gifts

Mike and I are basic middle class people. We pick and choose what we want to spend our money on.

Our shower has had a hole in the wall for over a year, we have a popcorn-y ceiling and most of our furniture is from IKEA. At the same time, we buy mainly organic and local foods and travel a ton each year.

We’re not the most budgety people but we don’t splurge that often either. That being said, these items are totally splurge worthy.

Dyson Vacuum

Anyone on in their 30s+, man or woman, will love a Dyson Vacuum. No ifs, ands or buts. It makes cleaning so much easier.

We love our Dyson so much that we bought one for my friend when she got married (she texts me about it at least once a month) and also for Mike’s parents.

They used to have this crazy old Toby vacuum that weighed like a ton of bricks… and because they have arthritis, I could not bare the idea of them lugging that heavy vacuum around.

The Dyson is lightweight, powerful and is even a good vacuum for dust mite allergies. It will even replace your broom and pan!!

If we were rich, I’d buy a Dyson vacuum for everyone I loved for the holidays.

Get it at Target or on Amazon.


Whether you work out a lot or have chronic muscle tension issues like me, the Theragun is the perfect solution for that.

I’ve tried out the Hypervolt, a cheaper alternative to the Theragun, but the power of the Theragun can’t be beat.

With daily use, it actually solved some muscle issues I was having my arms that my physical therapists never got around to fixing.

Get it here.

Apple Products

I have a Macbook Pro, iPhone and airpods, and yes I love all of them.

Mike actually still has his Macbook from 2008 that he uses to watch TV on ’till this day! They last a long time, which makes them so splurge-worthy.

See all their products here on their site.

Lancome Luxury Products

Lancome luxury products are always worth giving someone who loves makeup and skincare.

Gifts for People with Fibromyalgia or Like to Work Out

If you know someone with fibromyalgia, chronic muscle tension, arthritis or joint problems, you may find some good gifts ideas in my fibromyalgia pain management post.

If you are a healthy person but work out often and need muscle recovery tools, you may like this post too! A lot of these tools like the Theragun or acupressure mat is great for tense muscles after working out.

Did you find any ideas for gifts for someone who has everything? Comment below with what you’re getting or if you need more help brainstorming.

xo, Sarah

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Gifts for Someone Who Has Everything

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