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Glamping Holidays: What is Glamping, Glamping Near Me, and More

Do you want to go camping but want the modern luxuries of a hotel? Then looking for glamping holidays may be the best fit for you! With glamping, you’ll get the best of both world: nature and modern day luxuries.

Whether it’s your first time glamping or you want to brush up on your glamping skills, here’s everything you need to know about what glamping is.

What is glamping?

glamping holidays

Glamping is basically camping with modern facilities. You get to enjoy nature without having to do all the usual work that comes with normal camping.

Beyond running water and electricity, some glamping sites have resort-style facilities and even have wi-fi for you to use.

It’s becoming more and more popular because you can still save a bit of money relative to hotels in cities while enjoying the great outdoors and don’t have to deal with the hassles of regular camping.

Camping vs. Glamping: What’s the difference?

Camping and glamping both help us enjoy the beautiful outdoors, but there’s a few differences between the two.

glamping vs camping
cooking at a traditional campsite

In a traditional camping, you need to bring a tent to set it on the location you use to have your camp. You also need to pack your sleeping bag, food, cooking tools, water, and basically everything.

Most likely you don’t have wifi or data so you’ll be able to let go of technology and have a very quiet and peaceful trip.

In glamping, you get to enjoy nature with modern day comforts such as a real bed, running water, electricity and even food provided if your camping site provides that. You might even have wi-fi at your glamping site in the middle of the woods!

When nature calls, in camping, you might go right in the woods or at a toilet if your campgrounds as them, but in glamping, you’ll have a real bathroom to use.

When cooking, you might need to remember the things that you have studied in scout class, especially with starting a fire. Depending on how basic your camping amenities are, you might to go as far as gathering wood for a campfire and break out the portable grill grate to cook food.

In glamping, you can use the oven or stove, just like what you do when you are in your house.

For cleaning up, camping does not have a luxurious shower room. You need to pack some wipes or have a bottle of water to freshen up yourself.

In glamping, you can enjoy a fully functional shower like you would at your own home.

As you can see, the main difference between camping and glamping is that for glamping holidays, you basically have the same amenities as your own home or a hotel.

How do I prepare for glamping holidays?

For the most part, prepping for a glamping trip is like prepping for a regular trip since you don’t have to be ready for survival. Here are some tips on how to prepare in glamping.

  • Research the location to see what the surrounding areas are like and help you decide what to pack.
  • Prepare the meals that you need for your adventure in glamping. It can help to lessen the time thinking of what you are going to eat. Some glamping sites might provide you food.
  • Bring any reading material that might help pass some time.
  • Plan activities around your glamping site.
  • Charge all your devices beforehand.

What should I pack for glamping holidays?

One of the best thing in glamping is that there is no need for you to set up anything to enjoy the beauty of nature. Even though a glamping site is complete in structure, you still need some things for your glamping adventure. Here the things that you may want to pack.

Pack clothes specific to the type of nature you’ll be glamping in (i.e. jeans for woods, bathing suit for beaches, etc.). It is important to have some extra to be prepared for some unexpected incidents or encounter. This will help to have a comfortable and enjoyable glamping trip.

For example, hiking boots are always a good idea for nature trips, especially if your glamping site has ample hiking trails around it.

Bring snacks and a water bottle and plenty of them. This will help you to stay fit and active on every adventurous activity that you are going to encounter.

Since you will be right in the middle of the woods or nature areas, pack sunscreen, germ repellent spray, and toiletries. If your glamping site already offers these, you might not need to pack them though!

Note: The Avon Skin so Soft Bug Spray is the best bug spray I’ve ever used, and this is coming from someone who is everyone else’s natural bug repellent aka the bugs always come to me.

Pack things that’ll keep you entertained such as cards, board games, journal or books. This will help past some time.

To capture your adventures, pack your camera, chargers, and phone. It can also help you to stay connected if you’d like.

Where can I find glamping sites near me?

To find glamping sites near you, I recommend two sites: Airbnb and Glamping Hub. If you’re new on Airbnb, you can get up to $30 off by signing up with my link.


Airbnb is an accommodation site where you can book truly unique places such as glamping sites. You can find amazing glamping holidays like in a treehouse or in yurts.

cool treehouse glamping in the US
gorgeous glamping site in New Zealand

The downside of Airbnb is not that it’s not a dedicated glamping website so you might have to dig a bit to find the accommodation you want, but no need to fret. There are all types of accommodations on here like caravans, yurts, cottages, tents, and treehouses.

I recommend Airbnb because it’s what I mainly use to travel, and there are so many unique types of accommodations on it! Get up to $30 off by signing up with my link.

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Glamping Hub

Glamping Hub is a website dedicated to glamping accommodations around the world. There are over 32,000 listings on here!

Like Airbnb, there are listings for cottages, yurts, treehouses, caravans and more.

Remember when you book a glamping site, you’re not just booking ordinary accommodation. You’ll be discovering a hidden corner of the world and revealing the pure beauty of nature that comes with experiencing a unique place.

Do you love going on glamping holidays? I’d love to hear your insight with a comment below!

Thanks for stopping by! xo.

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