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Best Golf Attire for Women (From Dresses With Pockets to Outerwear)

Looking for golf attire for women that’s functional and fashionable? Check out this list of dresses, pants and more.

Women’s golf attire is no longer what it was just a few years ago. Besides being comfortable enough to play in, golf attire can be both sporty and chic.

Here are my best tips on wearing proper golf attire on a golf course and recommendations for cute golf clothing if you want both function and fashion.

*All images are owned and copyrighted by Tail Activewear.

Proper Golf Attire for Women

Proper Golf Attire for Women
proper golf attire for women changes from course to course

Before I show you some fashionable golf outfits, let’s talk about what proper golf attire is! For women, this varies from course to course.

If you are a casual golfer and you’re on a budget, most likely you’ll want to play at a municipal golf course. Municipal golf courses are more relaxed about women’s golf attire or don’t have rules at all.

If you are playing at a golf club, you’ll definitely want to call or check out their website to see what their rules are. Some golf clubs expect women to be covered from right above their knees and down aka no super-short skirts are allowed.

More often than not, proper women’s golf outfits usually include a polo or crew neck shirt for a top paired with athletic pants, capris, shorts or skorts for bottoms, or it could also include wearing a dress.

Fashionable and Functional Women’s Golf Attire from Dresses to Outerwear

For women’s golf outfits, there are tons of fashionable but functional pieces of clothing nowadays. These are sure to make you comfortable enough to get a great round of golf in while still looking stylish.

Here are some of our favorite golf attire for women.

Women’s Golf Dresses

Wearing a dress for golf is a fun way to play! It’s an added bonus when the dress is functional and has shorts built in and pockets.

This dress:

  • comes with shorties,
  • has zippered pockets
  • and has UPF50 + protection.

This dress comes with shorties and has UPF50 + protection.

This dress:

  • comes with shorties
  • and has UPF50 + protection.

This dress comes with shorties and has UPF50+ protection and zippered pockets.

See more chic golf dresses here.

Women’s Golf Pants

Depending on the day, you may want to play in full length pants or capri pants. Either way, women’s golf pants should be wrinkle-resistant, sleek and comfortable to play in! These golf pants for women below check off all the boxes.

All of these pants shown are wrinkle-resistant with the perfect amount of stretch for golf!

See more chic ankle pants like these here.

Women’s Golf Tops

Whether you’re wearing women’s golf pants or skorts, a stylish but functional top is a must. Check out these tops that all have UPF50+ to keep your skin protected!

See these chic golf tops here.

Women’s Golf Skorts

Golf skorts are a fun way to make a golf outfit more feminine without the usual worries of playing in a skirt. Here are four skorts of varying lengths and pattern perfect for a round of golf!

See all the chic golf skirts here.

Women’s Golf Outerwear

On cooler days, a chic jacket for golf is a must! Here are four women’s golf jackets that have either snap or zipper pockets and are all UPF50+.

See all the chic golf outerwear here.

If you didn’t see anything you liked above, make sure to check out more golf outfits here.

I hope this post on golf attire helped you find your golf outfit for 2022! Thanks for stopping by.


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Golf Attire for Women

*All images are owned and copyrighted by Tail Activewear.


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