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10 Hidden Gems in Jamaica

Looking for hidden gems in Jamaica? These 10 spots are a must see.

This post on Hidden Gems in Jamaica is written in collaboration with Luxury Retreats.

There are quite a few hidden gems in Jamaica. That’s because Jamaica overall has so much to offer.

In fact there are not many Caribbean islands that offer diversity much more than the sun, rum and fun that can be found in this country. The beaches, resorts and the vibrant musical scene make it the real pearl of the Caribbean. Somehow, in spite of the huge popularity, the island has, till today, managed to safeguard some of its secrets, which are not necessarily visible to the discerning visitor at first glance.

Nothing beats sitting and chilling in your Jamaica beach house. but this place has many off beat locales to enjoy.There are so many delicious flavors available around every corner of this charming island, known only to certain selected connoisseurs, that very few people have had the opportunity to taste them.

With an eye on everything satisfying, to even the most demanding tourist, this cosmopolitan city slowly opens its arms to everyone. There are innumerable places to visit and other iconic spots but none so discreet and magical than the ones described here.

Nine Mile Village, Ocho Rios

The real pristine beauty of Jamaica lies hidden in the mountains. This is why that a trip to the place where Bob Marley grew up is the only way you can get a feel of the actual culture and history of the country.

Reaching Nine Mile Village itself takes some doing. Hairpin bends with barely enough room for two small vehicles to pass each other on roads that are like village paths is actually an adventure in the making. Having reached this place watching the sun go down over the horizon is nothing short of spectacular. The trek may be arduous, but is highly recommended.

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The Blue Hole in Jamaica

This stunning spot is situated between Kingston and Negril and is considered to be a real nature spot for adventure lovers.

The clear aqua marine bottom less spring here is unlike any other as far as vividness is concerned. Breathtaking, to say the least, is an understatement, when you decide to visit this romantic gateway.

Somerset Falls, Portland Jamaica.

These falls are serenely settled in the lush green parish of Portland, and are surprisingly overlooked because of the more famous Dunn’s river falls. Set amid a dense jungle canopy, Somerset Falls are quite stunning, with the river itself making for a great swimming spot.

Laughing Waters, Ocho Rios

Located near Dunn Falls, Laughing Waters is a special place with a different kind of beauty. Very few people are aware of this one time private property, now known for the brilliant white water which gushes down the mountain slopes.

The trip involves a great walk down the mountain with the spray from the mist giving a cooling effect.The sight of the water merging with the emerald blue of the Caribbean sea is a sight to behold.

The Blue Lagoon, Portland

The Blue Lagoon is set in the warm ocean currents of the Caribbean sea, merely 10 minutes drive east from Port Antonio. The combination of the cool water from the lagoon and the warmer water of the ocean makes this place into a paradise for the health conscious.

The sounds of the birds and the marine life bring a sense of extreme tranquility to the Blue Lagoon area, which cannot be found elsewhere in the world.

Strawberry Fields, Robins Bay

Three miles east of Antonio bay and roughly 10 miles west of Port Maria lies Strawberry Fields, one of the best hidden gems in Jamaica, in a secluded location and breathtaking environment. The sound of the waves constantly banging against the shores in an area which is completely peaceful and unspoilt, is like music to the ears.

The beautiful flowers and the sunshine combine with the cool breeze from the sea to afford a perfect climatic balance. 

Treasure Beach

This gem of a beach is located on the south coast of Jamaica and is known for the laid back atmosphere and some of the best tracts of sand than any other part of the island.

The bumpy roads and poor accessibility makes this area off limits to many, but once you have overcome the potholes you will be rewarded with the welcoming vibes of this seaside community.

Western end of Negril

There is no doubt of the popularity of Negril itself, but if you want to keep away from the party scene, hot the west end of the seven mile beach.

Apart from the relative calm and peace, the restaurants and hotels, including the famous Rick’s Cafe are located on the sides of the cliff rather than on the beach. This is one the hidden gems in Jamaica that makes it an ideal spot for cliff jumping, snorkeling and offers spectacular views of the setting sun.

Glistening waters of Falmouth lagoon 

Very few visitors are aware of this magical place on the North Coast. As the name suggests, Glistening Waters, is a unique phenomenon which occurs during the night.

Ride out from the lagoon after sunset in a small boat to experience this literally shining effect. The microorganisms in the water get disturbed whenever the river water mixes with the sea water giving off light. Floating in this water, with a firefly effect all round, truly gives a special aura to this place.

Although there are four other places on this planet where this phenomenon can be witnessed, Falmouth is the only location where it can be seen on each day all round the year.

What are you waiting for? Head to these hidden gems in Jamaica now!

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Hidden Gems in Jamaica

Ryan Biddulph

Wednesday 20th of September 2017

Hi Sarah,

All these spots look awesome.

One of my dear friends - who is a massive skeptic and kinda dark, God bless him - raved like mad about Jamaica. He dug the beauty of the island but also the friendly people, who he felt were genuinely happy.

For him to tune into this floored me. Sold my butt. Because he usually doesn't see such things.

Toss in a Red Stripe and some jerk chicken, and even though I rarely drink, yeah, I am ready to go.

Thanks for sharing Sarah.


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