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How to Fix Your Blurry Canva Images

Do you ever spend time creating beautiful graphics on Canva only to have them be blurry when you download them

I feel you because that’s happened to me quite a few times.

It’s like a roulette game with Canva. Sometimes it feels like giving you crisp, clear graphics; other times, the images from Canva are blurry.

Well, it’s time to put an end to that!

Here’s step-by-step instructions on how to fix your blurry Canva images.

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Steps to Fix Blurry Images From Canva

Well, it’s quite easy and fast to make your images from Canva not blurry. Here’s how.

  1. Save your Canva graphic as a PDF.
  2. Go to’s PDF to JPG converter (other options below in the updates).
  3. Drop your PDF file in the yellow box, or choose it from files.
  4. Click ‘Convert Entire Pages’.
  5. Download as ZIP.
  6. Extract your ZIP files.

Voila! Now you have crisp, clear graphics from Canva in under a minute.

Update 7/14/20: If you have a Mac, you can open the PDF and click Export. Then Export to PNG or JPG.

Update 07/05/19: You can also use I find this to be a bit faster because you don’t need to choose Convert Entire Pages, download as Zip and then extract the file. PDF2JPG allows you to directly download it as a JPG without extracting.

Example of my Blurry to Crisp Image From Canva

Blurry Graphic Directly From Canva Saved as .PNG

Graphic Saved From Canva as .PDF Then Converted Into JPG With

Benefits of Canva Pro – Free for 30 Days

Have you tried Canva Pro, which is free for 30 days? There are SO many benefits to this upgraded version of Canva. Here are some of my favorite features that you can have access to!

Resize Your Design

I mainly use Canva to make social media graphics. I used to have two separate Canva designs: one for Pinterest and one for Facebook. That meant I had to make a similar graphic twice.

Now with Canva Pro, I can simply resize it to another dimension and make a few tweaks instead of having to make the same graphic twice. It’s a such a timesaver!

Try Canva Pro for free for 30 days here.

Make Animated Graphics and GIFs

Animated graphics do so much better on multiple social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest.

I used to have to use a separate program to make animated graphics but now I can do it right in Canva Pro!

Create Graphics with Transparent Backgrounds

Having graphics with a transparent background look way nicer on websites like if you’re making a favicon for your browser tab. The only way to create a graphic with a transparent background on Canva is if you have Canva Pro.

Other Awesome Reasons Why Canva Pro is Worth it

There are so many Canva Pro benefits. Some others include finding your designs with search, being able to organize your designs and photos into unlimited folders, having unlimited storage for photos and being able to upload your own custom fonts.

See more features and if Canva Pro is worth it here.

Aren’t you happy knowing that you can always have clean and crisp graphics? Goodbye to blurry Canva images forever!

Try a free 30-day trial of Canva Pro to see what all the benefits are.

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Thanks for stopping by! xo.


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