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How to Get FREE Flights and Hotel Nights With Bonwi Rewards

I’m not a fan of rewards programs. The amount of rewards a hotel site or airline gives me isn’t worth the cost of sticking with the same company. I save more money if I shop around and book travel based on the lowest price, not potential rewards, because the cost savings tend to be greater than rewards gained. Plus, I get 2% back on my credit card so between that and saving money by booking through various sites, I’ve felt no need to stick with one company for rewards. That is, until I started using Bonwi.

Bonwi (pronounced bon-wee)  is a new hotel and car rental booking site that claims to give back more rewards than any other site, and it’s true. You can build up rewards quickly while getting the lowest price for your hotels! Of course, I had to experience this myself to get to this conclusion, and since I’m a skeptic of rewards programs, the team at Bonwi invited me to try out their site by booking hotels in Bruges, Berlin, Barcelona, and Cannes. From only these four trips, I got enough rewards to cover a FREE 7 night trip to Athens and Santorini in May! Keep reading to learn more about Bonwi, why you should use them, and exactly how I got a free flight and hotel stay in Greece.

I'm not normally a fan of reward sites, but because of, I was able to get a free 7 night trip to Greece, which includes my flight and hotel! Find out what Bonwi is all about and how you can build up rewards really quickly like me!

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What makes Bonwi different from other hotel booking sites?

Bonwi is different than other sites because they give you back a ton of rewards! They claim to give you 5X the amount of rewards than any other travel booking site out there, but from experience, I found that this site gives you much more than 5X the rewards. For example, for my trip to Bruges in February, I found a hotel that would cost $693 for three nights. If I booked through Bonwi, I would get back 24,885 in rewards or $248.85. That’s 36% of the costs back in rewards!

Bonwi 110% money back price guarantee rewards back

To double check I’d be getting the most bang for my buck, I looked up the same hotel on Expedia. It cost the same but was only giving back 2% or $14 back in rewards. Obviously, I booked with Bonwi because I would be getting back 17X more rewards than Expedia.

Convinced already about how awesome Bonwi is?
Head to their site, and get $15 in points just for signing up!

What can I use my points on?

Because Bonwi gives you more rewards than any other site, they build up really quickly. They also give them to you as soon as your trip is over so you can either use them right away or wait until they accumulate for a bigger ticket item. Either way, you have plenty of options to use your points on. Besides being able to spend your points on flights and hotels with no blackout dates, you can also get a variety of gift cards including a VISA Cash Card!

bonwi rewards gift cards

Note: One point on Bonwi equals one penny so 10,000 points will get you a $100 gift card, flight, or hotel stay. To get the dollar equivalent of the points in your account, simply take the number of points and divide by 100.

Will Bonwi give me the lowest price on hotels?

Bonwi searches multiple sites for you at once so you can get the lowest price on hotels. If for some reason, their site doesn’t pull up the lowest price for you, then they’ll give you back 110% of the difference of what you paid on Bonwi versus what you found on another site. So no matter what, you will always pay the lowest price on your hotel!

Bonwi 110% money back price guarantee

I doubt you’ll need this since Bonwi already searches a handful of sites for you, but just in case you do, getting money back is easy. Within 24 hours of booking your hotel on Bonwi, simply select your reservation from the drop-down box, and add the site and price of the hotel you find. They’ll get back to you in 3-5 business days about your claim!

How did you get a free 7 night trip to Athens and Santorini?

I got a free 7 night trip to Athens and Santorini by booking four trips through Bonwi. From these 12 nights in Bruges, Berlin, Barcelona, and Cannes, I built up 98,476 points or $984.76. Including the 1,500 points I got for free just for signing up, I had a grand total of 99,976 points or $999.76. Yup, that’s almost $1,000 from 12 nights of hotel, which I “spent” this on a round-trip flight to Athens and Santorini plus 7 nights of hotel! rewards get money back bonwi hotel booking site price guarantee

Rewards After 12 Nights of Hotel Over Four Trips With

If you don’t have the time or money to go on four trips, keep in mind that you can use your points as soon as you get back from one trip on gift cards or a shorter weekend trip instead of a 7-night trip like mine. Also, the points don’t expire for ten years so you let them build up for awhile. The possibilities are endless!

Note: For every trip I did with Bonwi, I also wrote a complete city guide, which includes everything from how to get to your hotel to where to eat to what to do! Click here to see the guides on Bruges, Berlin, Barcelona, and Cannes.

Was using your points on Bonwi easy?

Since there’s no blackout dates on hotels and flights and many options to choose from, the only difference I noticed is that instead of seeing dollar amounts for how much a flight or hotel I wanted would cost, there were points. Otherwise, the process of booking a flight or hotel is exactly the same! There was absolutely no fuss.

bonwi rewards

This flight is just one part of my trip that I booked for free with my Bonwi rewards.

From these four trips with Bonwi, I have a totally different viewpoint on rewards. They’re pretty awesome when you get a lot of them right away! If you want to build up rewards quickly and get a free trip like me, then head to Bonwi now, and get 1,500 in points aka $15 just for signing up!

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