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How to Travel with Jewelry (Safety Tips to Know)

Learn how to travel with jewelry safely!

Traveling with jewelry can get tricky depending on where you’re going or what type of jewelry you have. Be smart about your valuables, and be prepared before you go on your trip to keep your jewelry safe and sound.

Read these eight safety tips for traveling with jewelry!

Research the location.

When you are traveling with jewelry to foreign countries, research the city. Is the city known for having pickpockets? Does the city you are traveling to generally have a low income population? If so, you may want to leave your valuable pieces behind and opt for costume or travel inspired jewelry – or none at all.

Buy jewelry while you’re away.

While you are perusing the shops in Paris or while you are roaming the street markets of Marrakech, you will find jewelry you would love to have. I promise! You leaving all of the jewelry you love and own sounds crazy, but you leaving your pieces behind protects them from being lost.

Bonus: you bring home a unique souvenir that you will never find at home!

Hostel or hotel?

If you are staying at a hostel, you should bring a lock. Most hostels will provide a locker for you to lock your belongings in. Lock your jewelry in the locker when you sleep or whenever you leave the room. Be sure to purchase a durable lock. Look at the reviews for the hostel you plan to stay at to see if there has been recent theft within the dorms.

If you are staying in a hotel, it is usually safe to use the lock box provided. Again, take all the jewelry from your suitcase and place it in the lockbox when you are away and asleep. Place one of your shoes in the box before you lock it up, that way you are sure not to forget your favorite necklace when you leave!

Keep jewelry in your carry-on.

Flying to your destination? Place all jewelry in a small bag and then place it in your small carry-on item. Your purse is a good spot! When you board the plane, place your smaller carry-on item underneath the seat in front of you, not in the overhead bin. This way, you always have an eye on your bag. If you pack the jewelry in your larger carryon bag you are at risk of having that bag checked, and therefore at risk of having your jewelry stolen.

Bring only what you need.

You will never need as much jewelry, clothing, and shoes as you plan on taking. Consider the items you want vs. the items you need to bring. If you are traveling for a week, a couple of necklaces, a couple of pairs of earrings, a couple rings and a bracelet should do it!

Leave the valuables

Leave your Great Grandmother Rosy’s ring at home. You losing your family heirloom is not worth you also ruining the trip you have been planning all year.

Avoid pickpockets and thieves.

When traveling with jewelry, it is useful to recognize that jewelry can raise attention to yourself. Pickpockets look for someone appears to have something of value and they especially look for someone who is not paying attention. They can take items out of your bag without you noticing it. Some are willing to rip necklaces and bracelets directly off of someone. Always be aware of your surroundings.

Explore what really matters.

You shouldn’t have an issue if you choose wisely what you bring and if you are aware of your surroundings. Just remember, it’s not the jewelry that will matter at the end of the trip. It will be the locals you meet in your pajamas, the moment you got completely lost and found something unexpected, and the weird food you tried that is now your favorite. That is what you will remember, not the gems you wore.

How do you keep your jewelry safe while traveling? Share by commenting below.

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Sunday 26th of November 2017

Great safety tips on traveling with jewelry

Very sensible advice there, some great tips.

Jewelry Boxes

Sunday 19th of November 2017

Jewelry is always the ultimate gift…who wouldn’t love more sparkle?!Thank for sharing.


Tuesday 4th of July 2017

I agree that I think the best policy is to just leave anything you really like at home! Whenever we travel abroad I swap out my bling for a simple silver wedding ring so people still know Im taken ;)


Tuesday 4th of July 2017

I have had my wallet stolen twice on vacation =( Now I never bring anything too expensive. These are good advice though :-)

Paige W

Tuesday 4th of July 2017

These are great tips! I typically leave my valuable stuff at home. I wore my engagement ring through SE Asia a couple of years ago; it's beautiful but just a band with lots of little diamonds in it, so nothing that screams "steal me" but now that I have my wedding bands around it I'll be leaving it at home on our next trip. I like to buy jewelry in the countries I visit as well. Not only so I don't have to carry it around, but because then I have fun things to wear when I get home! The shoe tip is also a great idea!

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