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Iceland in July: The Ultimate Guide

Thinking of going to Iceland in July? Here’s what you need to know.

Iceland in July is absolutely breathtaking with its lush green meadows, sparkling glaciers, epic waterfalls and black sand beaches. Because this is one of the warmest months of the years, visiting these diverse landscapes or even going to a summer music festival in Iceland makes it a much more pleasant experience.

The whole country is buzzing with locals and tourists alike as they go outdoors to enjoy the seemingly never-ending sunshine. Read on to find out everything you need to know about visiting Iceland in July.

Must-Know Information for Traveling to Iceland in July


The currency for Iceland is Icelandic króna (ISK).

Most places accept credit and debit cards in Iceland so you won’t need much cash while you travel in Iceland (unless you want it for emergencies).


In terms of crime, Iceland is one of the safest countries in the world. It’s basically non-existent.

Nonetheless, the other things to watch out for are weather and driving conditions.

Just in case you need to know, the number for emergency services is 112.


The official language of Iceland is Icelandic but everyone speaks English so you won’t have any trouble getting around.


For Americans, Iceland is part of the Schengen Agreement meaning that U.S. citizens can enter Iceland without a visa for up to 90 days for tourist or business purposes. (Source: US

For non-American and EU citizens, kindly check with your local government’s travel rules.

Electricity Socket

Iceland uses the socket Type C or F. The standard voltage is 230V and the standard frequency is 50Hz.

This universal travel adapter will work in converting your appliance plugs to the Iceland socket. It also has two USB plugs for charging your phones, tablet, etc.

However, it will not work with appliances that heat up such as a hair straightener or clothes steamer if they’re not dual-voltage. Head to this post to learn about using hair appliances abroad.

What’s the Weather in Iceland in July?

At average highs of 57°F (14°C) and lows of 48°F (9°C), July is a good time to go to Iceland if you can’t handle the cold and want to explore the country without a heavy jacket.

Note: There’s generally not snow in Iceland in July but some years have been known to be an exception such as in July 2015 when there was unusually cold temperatures and snowfall.

Is July a good time to visit Iceland?

waterfall in iceland in july

July is a great time to visit Iceland because of the weather. It is much more pleasant to go on hikes and sight-seeing in the warmth.

However, July is one of the most crowded times of the year in Iceland so count on there being more tourists at popular sights.

Can I see the Northern Lights in Iceland in July?

northern lights in iceland

Seeing the Northern Lights is one of the top things to do Iceland, but unfortunately this isn’t possible in July. This is because of the summer sunshine.

The sun in Iceland in July sets at 11:30PM and rises at 3:15AM. That means there’s lots of time to do fun activities and go on long hikes, but seeing the Northern Lights

The best months for seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland are from September to March.

Is Iceland in July expensive?

Because July is one of the most popular times to visit Iceland, prices tend to be more expensive when it comes to accommodation. Things like sight-seeing and food stay relatively the same around the year.

That being said, food in Iceland can get quite expensive. To save money on food and drink, it’s a good idea to bring your own water bottle to refill, cook your own food (because the cheapest meals eating out can cost about $15 or more) and minimize alcohol consumption (because of the high tax on alcohol).

Where should I stay in Iceland?

cute home in iceland in july

Where to stay in Iceland in July all depends on your itinerary but if you’re looking to:

  • Want a unique experience or save money, check out Airbnb— There are some really cool, modern places surrounded with epic landscapes, and you can save money by cooking at “home”. Get $40 off your first trip here.
  • Really want to go on a budget trip and be completely immersed in nature, rent a camper van.
  • Want your usual comforts of a hotel, then check out reviews for Iceland hotels on

What are awesome things to do in Iceland in July?

glaciers in iceland in july

If you’re wondering what to do in Iceland in July, then there’s really no shortage of fun activities. Some of Iceland’s best July activities to offer are all nature-based. Here are a few of our favorites!

Go Whale Watching

whale watching in iceland in july

You can see the amazing pilgrimage of whales in the summertime in Iceland from either Húsavík or even Reykjavik. Learn and see these spectular mammals in their natural environment on a traditional oak boat if departing from Húsavík or a yacht if departing from Reykjavik.

Book the whale watching tour from Húsavík or from Reykavik here.

Visit Hot Springs

The most popular lagoon to visit is the Blue Lagoon, which is a sight to see with its glimmering, ice blue waters, but if you want to escape the tourist hotspot, check out Iceland’s many secret lagoons, or for something with hassle-free full amenities in a scenic location, try this geothermal spa in Egilsstadir.

Learn about Iceland’s History and Culture of Sorcery

sorcery museum in iceland in july
Photo by Wandering Wagars | See more of their epic 14 day Iceland Itinerary photos here.

Myth and mythology is a huge part of Iceland culture. With the depth of Nordic mythology, the prevalence of trolls, elves, and spirits is still alive an well with a huge portion of the Icelandic people. Even now, 54% of Icelanders believe in, or believe in the possibility of elves.

If exploring the history of mythology and witchcraft is as fascinating to you as it is to me, you should definitely check out the Museum of Sorcery and Wizardry in the small town of Holmavik in Isjafjordur.

But beware, things in the museum can get a little … weird. The displays combine fascinating information about the history and culture of sorcery in Iceland. These are matched with incredible, and sometimes stomach-churching displays pulled right from the history of the country. Expect to see everything from magical spell books to clothing made of real human skin and much, much more.

A visit to the museum of Sorcery and Wizardry also includes access to the Sorcerers Cabin, which is located about 28 km north of Holmavik. You can combine your visit with the Holmavik summer festival too to enjoy horse rides, great food and live music!

Check out Wandering Wagar’s 14-day Iceland Itinerary in photos.

Head on an Epic Road Trip on Iceland’s Ring Road

Iceland’s Ring Road encircles the entire country and has a seemingly endless number of places to stop to explore and take photos at. Although you can drive its approximate 800 miles in under a day, realistically, you’ll want a week to drive this road because of all the epic nature spots to enjoy.

Check out Expert Vagabond’s complete to going on a Ring Road trip in Iceland.

Gaze at Gorgeous Waterfalls and Glaciers

Iceland’s landscape is full of mesmerizing natural attraction such as waterfalls and glaciers. Some popular places to go are Thingvellir National Park, Geysir Hot Spring area and Gullfoss Waterfall, which can all be visited on this highly rated small-group 3-day adventure tour.*

*This tour is perfect if you only have a few days in Iceland but want to cover a lot of places. Guides are knowledgeable and considerate.

See Cute Puffins on a Puffin Boat Tour

see puffins in iceland in july

You don’t have to go far to see puffins in Iceland or spend too much time to get a glimpse of them. In fact, you can take a one-hour boat ride right from Reykjavik .

Between May and August, the puffins nest on Akurey, an island nearby, which means July is a great time to go on a puffin boat tour and see these adorable birds here.

Book this highly-rated puffin boat tour rom Reykjavik here.

What should I pack for Iceland?

Despite July being one of the warmer months of the year for Iceland, you still want to pack warm clothes because of the many outdoor activities you may be doing. Here’s a basic list of things to pack for Iceland in July:

Thanks for making it all the way down to the end of the post. I hope it helps you with planning your trip to Iceland in July!

Have any questions? Feel free to ask them below.

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