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IKEA Rast Makeover with Wallpaper

Doing an IKEA Rast makeover is so rewarding because the RAST itself is so affordable and comes unfinished so you can make it over exactly as you want.

I’ve made the IKEA Rast dresser over twice now, and I’m loving the new makeover made with this vintage wallpaper and brass knobs.

Ikea rast makeover ikea rast nightstand hack ikea rast drawers painted diy ikea rast dresser

Ikea rast makeover ikea rast nightstand hack ikea rast drawers painted diy ikea rast dresser


The first IKEA Rast makeover happened when I lived in New York City and was really into my natural, DIY part of my life. I stained the outside of it a natural stain made from a steel wool sitting in vinegar and painted the drawers white.

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After a few years, it started to look a little bit a lot worn out, and I really wanted to update it with something more bold and fun to better fit my space and personality.

Enter– removable wallpaper!

Image from Etsy’s Moonsandflowers Shop

I found this gorgeous vintage flower wallpaper on Etsy and swooned over it. I had to have this in my place, but I wasn’t ready to make a huge change by filling up a wall with it so I played it safe by updating my IKEA Rast chest of drawers with it.

IKEA Rast Makeover How-To

This IKEA Rast makeover is super simple. Here’s how to paint your IKEA Rast dresser to your liking:

  • Head to Moonsandflowers’ Etsy shop, pick out the wallpaper you want (I got the vintage flower one), and ask for custom sizing based on the size of your drawers.
    • Your dimensions will vary depending on if you’ve painted the outside of your drawers like I did or if you plan on leaving them bare and need some of the wallpaper to cover it or not.
  • Head to Forge Hardware Studio to pick out new knobs or pulls (I ordered brass York T-knobs).
  • Paint the outside of your dresser whatever color you’d like! Make sure to paint right inside a bit too because you can see a bit of the IKEA Rast dresser when the drawers are put in.
    • To paint it, I used black paint, but if you’re starting from fresh, you can just use black wood stain, or if you want a vintage look, use black chalkboard paint.
    • You can use this tutorial to learn how to actually paint it, but again, if you’re starting from scratch, you can skip all the sanding and prepping part and skip right to painting, which makes it really easy!

Voila– that’s all it takes for this IKEA Rast hack.


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Let me know how this IKEA Rast makeover goes for you!

Thanks for stopping by! xo.

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