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IKEA Sofa Covers: Custom, Beautiful & Transformative

The moment I got my IKEA Kivik couch, I hated the color and have been wanting new IKEA sofa covers since. The color, Isunda Gray (now discontinued), looked great on a computer screen and when I quickly looked at it in stores, but when I brought it home into my place, it didn’t fit in well with the sleek, chic look I was going for.

However, the other IKEA couch covers available by IKEA weren’t too appealing to me either. I wanted a whole new couch, but of course, Mike wasn’t having it since we just got the Kivik, and yes in fact, it is a really comfortable, functional couch.

But then I discovered Bemz, a company that makes custom IKEA sofa covers, legs, footstool covers, bed frame covers and more! My problem quickly went from not having enough IKEA covers to choose from to having too many.

Keep reading to find out my whole custom IKEA couch cover journey from picking out the fabric to snuggling in this new fabric and see which fabric I chose!

BEFORE: IKEA Kivik Couch in Isunda Gray
custom IKEA sofa covers in Clover Pink velvet by Bemz
AFTER: IKEA sofa covers by Bemz in Clover Pink velvet

Choosing five free fabric samples of their IKEA sofa covers.

bemz five free samples for custom IKEA sofa covers

Bemz has so many gorgeous fabrics and beautiful colors to choose from. It may be tough to figure out which one to get, especially since colors online don’t exactly look like colors in person and you want to feel the fabric firsthand. Luckily, Bemz lets you pick five samples of their fabrics to send to you, and it’s free!

Some of the fabrics they have for your custom IKEA sofa covers include:

  • cotton,
  • linen blend,
  • textured cotton,
  • pure linen,
  • recycled cotton,
  • and velvet.

Because Amsterdam* is generally on the cooler side for most of the year, I opted for all fabrics in velvet. I picked all different shades, which included gray, green, powder blue, navy blue, and of course, the color I picked, Clover Pink!

Head to their site to get five free samples of their fabric.

*Bemz ships worldwide; not just to the Netherlands.

Picking out which IKEA couch covers I needed.

Bemz makes it super easy to pick out the fabric you need for your couch. In their dropdown menu, you can either shop by category or by the IKEA series. To make your process of shopping faster, go right to your IKEA series if you know what it is.

Overall, the Bemz website has 51 IKEA series ranging from the Beddinge to the Vimle so you bet that you’ll have the opportunity to create a custom look for your IKEA couch.

Since my IKEA Kivik couch is made up of a 2-seater sofa and a chaise lounge, I used the dropdown menu and jumped right to the Kivik series. I easily then clicked on the 2-Seater and the chaise lounge to get the covers I needed for my specific Kivik couch.

Head to the Bemz site to see what’s available for the Kivik series or choose the series that you own!

Get 15% off your purchase at Bemz with code ‘ 15LUSTTILLDAWN ‘ applicable until August 1, 2019.

Selecting additional custom pillowcases to match the couch.

Besides couch covers, Bemz also has custom IKEA sofa covers, armchair covers, furniture legs, bed frame covers, curtains and so much more!

As a result, I got two cushion covers that fit over my 40 x 40 IKEA cushions. They made my cheap IKEA cushions look quite luxurious.

Replacing the old IKEA sofa covers with the new one.

Shortly after making an order, Bemz doesn’t take too long to get your new IKEA sofa covers shipped out to you. They come neatly packed in a relatively good-sized packaged and then off you go to replace your covers.

We personally thought that replacing the IKEA couch covers was going to be difficult but it was actually quite easy. We didn’t even have the tools that originally came with the couch, except for one, and were fine without them.

from IKEA’s Kivik instruction manual

If you were to find one tool from the original packaging, I would opt for the tool #120202 (the middle one). It’s used for the hexagonal nuts (#100712), but if you don’t have these, then finding a wrench that fits the nuts will do!

We basically started from the left side of the couch and worked on the chaise lounge last, which is on the right side of the couch for us. Everything went very smoothly while putting on the new couch covers. They fit like a glove.

The only thing we were horrified of was how many crumbs were in the couch between the chaise lounge and 2-seater! We were happy to have replaced the cushions at the very least for discovering all the crumbs— oh my.

Get 15% off your purchase at Bemz with code ‘ 15LUSTTILLDAWN ‘ applicable until August 1, 2019.

Looking back at my IKEA shopping process and budget.

custom IKEA sofa covers by Bemz

Looking back at my original IKEA shopping process, I would’ve opted to buy these custom IKEA sofa covers from the start. The fabric is so much more comfortable and cozy, and the color is more pleasing to the eye!

In terms of cost, buying a Kivik 2-seater sofa cover and chaise lounge cover from IKEA cost €269* whereas buying velvet ones from Bemz cost €578 (other fabrics such as cotton are cheaper). Because of this, I would’ve skipped ever buying the IKEA ones and gone straight to buying them from Bemz!

Also, what’s awesome about these Bemz couch covers is that not only was I remaking my living room, but by buying new couch covers vs. a whole new couch, I was saving money and being (more or less) green!

*Prices are stated in Euros because that’s where I bought my IKEA Kivik couch, but Bemz ships worldwide!

I am so, so happy with these new Bemz couch covers! They’ve completed transformed our living room in both looks and comfort. The fabric is soft to touch and makes a daytime nap in the living room a soothing one.

What do you think of these custom IKEA sofa covers? Think it could change up your living room too? Head to their site to see for yourself.


Please note: Bemz provided us with IKEA couch covers in order for us to write this authentic review. All opinions are our own, and heck yes, we would recommend getting these beautiful covers to anyone looking to transform their living room with IKEA sofa covers.


Tuesday 22nd of October 2019

the color and design is nice, I love the texture, it looks comfortable

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