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Best Instagram Resources

Instagram resources for editing, posting and best of all, MAKING MONEY

I’ve been using these Instagram resources for years and they’ve made being an influencer so much easier.

I save a ton of time with editing and posting, and when it comes to making money, I haven’t had to go through the trial of error of learning how the influencer marketing world works because I’ve had the right help to guide me.

Check out the best Instagram resources I’ve used in the past five years!

Instagram Resources for Planning and Posting


screenshot of Instagram scheduling app, which is one of the best Instagram resources
See the posting times. They were suggested by Tailwind.

Tailwind is one of the best resources you could have for Instagram.

I’ve been using their scheduler for Pinterest for years but have only recently been turned onto their Instagram planning app.

Like every other Instagram scheduling app, you can visually plan your feed so that it’s cohesive, but what makes Tailwind stand a part from other Instagram apps I’ve used is that:

  • it tells you the best time to post each day based on when your audience is most engaged,
  • you can save time by saving top-performing hashtag lists, tagging users and locations, and even inputting in your comments for the first caption,
  • it gives you suggestions on what type of content to post and even creates a content calendar for you,
  • and last but not least (there are so many more features), it has a link in bio option where you can add links to your Instagram posts!

Try Tailwind’s FREE trial here.


the easiest and most thorough way to get hashtags

I used to get Instagram hashtags by looking at what other people uses and finding them via Display Purposes (free). But sometimes those were banned by Instagram or just not suited for my account size.

So I got Flick for hashtag research and I’ve never looked back.

For only £4.99 a month, I’m able to get hashtags so easily and find ones that are best suited to my account size.

By using Flick, I’ve seen a huge increase in impressions via hashtags, which means more discoverability! YAY!

Try Flick’s FREE trial here.

The Best Resource for Understanding the Algorithm, Growing and Making Money as an Influencer

Knowing how the Instagram algorithm works and basic photography skills play a huge part in your ability to grow whereas knowing how the influencer market works plays a big part in how much money you can make.

This Instagram course helped me grow from 50,000 to 150,000 followers and charge over $1,000 per Instagram post!

It’s taught by an Instagram guru who left her high-paying lawyer job (think multiple six-figure job…) to become an influencer.

It’s insane how much she teaches in this course. Here’s just a few things:

this Instagram course is one of the best Instagram resources
this Instagram course is one of the best Instagram resources

So much to learn if you want to make it as an influencer!

Check out her course here.

Instagrammable Places Around the World

If you like taking photos at Instagrammable places around the world, then I have a ton of cities I’ve done just that at.

Here are some of the best Instagram spots for getting photos at:

Resources for Taking Photos and Editing


I take my photos with a Canon 6D, Sony A6000 or my iPhone 11.

The iPhone 11 has such great quality that you almost don’t need expensive gear for photos anymore!

I often take photos by myself so I use this awesome travel tripod.

I’ve used and tested five tripods before I stuck with this particular one because this travel tripod is lightweight and super compact for traveling.


I edit all my photos in Adobe Lightroom Classic on Desktop. It’s the best way to have control over all editing and make my photos consistent.

I don’t like editing on my phone through the Lightroom app or others app because I can batch edit on Adobe, which makes the process go by so much faster.

With the compare tool, I can also make my feed more cohesive by matching colors in the photo I just posted to the photo I plan on posting next.

Here are my newest presets.

They work well in cities around the world and even at home, and I’ve been using them for the past year. Any photo you see on my feed right now are edited using these.

Get them for only $9.

these adobe vintage presets are one of the best Instagram resources
vintage presets

Here are my own free presets that I use to edit my pictures:

Find out when I release new free presets by following me on Instagram.

Please use the hashtag #sarahsdreamers if you use my preset and post a photo on Instagram! I’d love to see it.

I hope these Instagram resources will help you with your photography and influencer journey.

If you have any questions, comment below or ask me in my free blogging help group.

Thanks for stopping by! See you soon.
@sarchetrit (Instagram, TikTok)

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