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50+ Most Instagrammable Places in London WITH MAP

50+ London Instagram Spots You Can’t Miss!

London is full of gorgeous places to capture, but of course you want more than haphazard captures of quaint streets and charming buildings when you visit.

You want THE MOST Instagrammable places in London.

Here’s a mega guide to all the Instagrammable places in London grouped by neighborhood. They are the best places to visit for photos in this charming city.

A Quick Note on Being the Awesomely Polite Instagrammer That You Are:

Sorry to be a total mom right now but I’ve heard property owners in London being quite upset with Instagrammers and because I don’t want us all to get a bad rep– If you are taking photos in front of someone’s house, kindly stay off their property, which includes but is not limited to their porch, staircase, and even fence around their yard. Stay on public property such as the sidewalk, and be mindful that these are people’s homes.

Also, some businesses may benefit from you supporting them if you are using their livelihood for photos so don’t be shy about shopping at their shops. For example, I bought beautiful flowers at Moyses Stevens, which I was then able to use for the photos— win win!

Tips for Shooting the Most Instagrammable Places in London

Before I share this mega-list of Instagrammable places in London, I wanted to give you some tips on how to take the best photos.

  • This city is HUGE. Make sure to plan out these Instagrammable places in London by neighborhood. Use this map to see all the items below grouped by neighborhood.
  • It may go without saying, but you’ll have a better chance at empty shots if you arrive earlier at popular places. For example, Peggy Porschen GETS PACKED with visitors by 9-10AM so for an empty photo of the storefront, you’ll want to go first thing in the morning. Check Google Maps to get an idea of how busy a place is.
  • You’ll get the best photos during golden hour because the lighting over the city will be soft and beautiful. Mid-day, the lighting will be harsh but because you are in a city, you could find bits of shade under buildings or play with lighting.
  • If you don’t have a lot of data or wifi, you can use Google Maps to save all these locations on your phone, and use your Google Maps offline without data or wifi!
  • If you’re traveling by yourself or want group shots, bring a travel tripod. Here’s the lightweight travel tripod I use when I travel by myself.
  • Besides taking photos, don’t forget to have fun and eat amazing food. London has a huge variety of delicious cuisines. Check out some of my favorite restaurants here.

Now that you have my top tips for shooting, let’s move onto all the amazing London Instagram spots!

16 Instagrammable Cafes and Restaurants in London

London does an amazing with making their cafe and restaurant aesthetics total goals. Here are 15 top Instagrammable cafes in London worth taking photos at.

1. Peggy Porschen

storefront of peggy porschen, one of the most instagrammable places in london
storefront of peggy porschen, the best of london instagram spots

Peggy Porschen Belgravia is one of the most popular places to photograph in London because of how pink it is!

Most people like to shoot the restaurant directly in the front, but I really enjoy the side view.

Location: Peggy Porschen has two locations. The original above is the one in Belgravia. See them on the map.

2. Élan Cafe

Elan Cafe is the cafe to go for everything pink, floral and girly. Of course they have sweet desserts there too.

Location: Elan Cafe has four locations. See them on the map.

3. Fait Maison

Fiat Maison is a tea house that also serves homemade French and Mediterarean style dishes.

Location: Fait Maison has three locations in London. See them on the map.

4. Churchill Arms

woman standing in front of churchhill arms taking an instagram photo in front of the most instagrammable places in london
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Churchill Arms is one of the most Instagrammable bars in London as it’s astonishingly covered in a ton of botanical plants! As a bonus, it serves Thai food. Yummy!

See the location on the map.

5. Mr. Fogg’s House of Botanicals

Imagine a place that’s completely full of flora and fauna inside and out; that’s Mr. Fogg’s House of Botanicals. Come here for cocktails, light bites, and of course, photos!

See the location on the map.

6. Biscuiteers Boutique and Icing Cafe

The cutest photo opportunity at Biscuiteers is on the outside with this cartoon-like drawn storefront.

See the location on the map.

7. Aubaine

Aubaine is the perfect spot for a photogenic and delicious afternoon tea.

See the location on the map.

8. The Ivy Chelsea Garden

The Ivy Chelsea Garden is one of the Instagrammable places in Chelsea that you have to visit. The entryway is jawdropping, but the inside of this casual dining eatery is just as beautiful too.

See the location on the map.

9. Coppa Club

The Coppa Club is a fun outdoor-ish bar on the River Thames. You’ll get a view of the Shard, river and Tower Bridge while having drinks inside bubbles.

See the location on the map.

10. Tonight Josephine

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She was fun.

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Tonight Josephine is for the pink and neon obsessed. There are neon pink signs around the restaurant!

See the location on the map.

11. Dominique Ansel Bakery London

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Not only does Dominique Ansel have some of the best pastries in the world, but it’s floral front is always on point.

See the location on the map.

12. Saint Aymes

Saint Aymes is a whimsical, floral place to have afternoon tea. The story behind this place is so cute; it was started by two sisters and modeled after their grandma’s garden.

See the location on the map.

13. The Coral Room

The Coral Room is an eyecatching spot to have drinks and afternoon tea. The colors are bold and popping!

See the location on the map.

14. Sketch

Sketch is a beautifully pink tea room that also serves cocktails in the evening.

One of the secret, not-so secret Instagram spots of London is in the bathroom!

See the location on the map.

15. Harry’s Dolce Vita

Design by Early Hours Ltd

Harry’s Dolce Vita is an upscale Italian restaurant serving handmade pasta, wine and cocktails. Doesn’t hurt to have a beautiful floral piece outside its restaurant!

See the location on the map.

16. Milk Train Cafe

Milk Train Cafe is a cute cafe serving ice cream and cotton candy. Not only is the inside total Instagram goals, but so is the food!

See the location on the map.

8 Instagrammable Stores in London

instagrammable places in london PIN
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Stores in London have gone above and beyond to completely change the shopping experience by paying extra attention to design. Check out these Instagrammable shops in London that everyone loves!

1. Sézane L’Appartement London

Sezane is a Parisienne clothing brand with beautiful, high-quality pieces.

See the location on the map.

2. Moyses Stevens Flowers

most instagrammable places in london covered in flowers
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Moyses Stevens is a flower shop whose aesthetics match the beauty of their flowers! I bought a bouquet of flowers here to shoot with.

See the location on the map.

3. Les Senteurs

most instagrammable places in london les senteurs
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Les Senteurs is London’s oldest perfumery with a floral display that matches its amazing fragrances.

See the location on the map. | Get the dress at & Other Stories.

4. Maddox Gallery

Maddox Gallery is an art gallery that showcases a mix of contemporary art pieces from sculptures to prints.

See the location on the map.

5. Neill Strain Floral Couture

Neill Strain is a luxury floral boutique who uses this location to showcase their exceptional range of flowers and plants.

See the location on the map.

6. Wild at Heart

london instagram spot
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Wild at Heart is an adorable florist shop with locations around the location. The above is taken at the Notting Hill location.

See the location on the map. | Get the dress from Dream Sister Jane.

7. Nail’d It

There are multiple locations of Nail’d It. See one of the locations on the map.

8. Hermione Harbutt

Hermione Harbutt is a contemporary designer of amazing accessories for wedding and events. If you’re getting married, I’d highly recommend stopping here in addition to taking a pic to kill two birds with one stone!

See the location on the map.

7 Instagrammable Tourist Sites in London

1. London Eye with Phone Booths

Getting a photo of the red phone booths in London is a must. Why not get both the phone booths with the London Eye?

See the location on the map.

2. London Eye Straight On

The London Eye is one of the most iconic London landmarks.

See the location on the map.

3. Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge is one of London’s famous bridges.

See the location on the map.

4. Girl with a Dolphin Fountain

You can get a magnificent view of Tower Bridge from the Girl with Dolphin Statue.

See the location on the map.

5. Sky Garden

The Sky Garden is London’s highest public garden with amazing views of the city.

See the location on the map.

6. Kew Gardens

The Kew Gardens is a world-famous botanical garden just outside of London with tons of photo opps.

See the location on the map.

7. Big Ben and Westminster Bridge

Both Big Ben and the Westminster Bridge are must-visit London landmarks. Unfortunately the Big Ben is being renovated until the early 2020s so if this is high on your bucket list, hold off on your London trip.

3 Instagrammable Hotels in London

1. St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel

St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel is a pretty iconic one from both inside and outside. Do the stairs bring back memories of a certain Spice Girls’ music video?

See the location on the map.

2. Hotel Indigo Leicester Square

The Hotel Indigo Leicester Square has an amazing view of the London Eye. Head to the bar on the sixth floor for a cocktail and watch the sunset beautifully over the city. See why I loved this hotel here.

See the location on the map.

3. Artist Residence

The Artist Residence is a boutique hotel in London with the most beautiful design. Its furniture creates an endless space for photoshoots.

Bonus, it’s only a 10 minute walk from Peggy Porscehn Belgravia.

5 Instagrammable Neighborhoods & Streets in London

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1. Neal’s Yard

Neal’s Yard is an extra colorful street that’ll make your feed pop.

See the location on the map.

2. Regent Street

Regent Street is a popular shopping street, which looks great for a photo if you stand right in the middle!

See the location on the map.

3. Notting Hill

Besides having my favorite bakery, Gail’s, Notting Hill is a dream when it comes to creating a colorful feed because of its many colorful buildings. You can virtually walk around the neighborhood finding endless colors but there are two spots that I love:

  • Left: This street is Colville Houses. I like that it’s a dead end so it doesn’t have much foot traffic.
  • Right: Another great spot is at Hillgate Place. You’ll get a 360 view of colorful houses here. It’s quite amazing.

Location: See both locations on the map.

4. Shoreditch

Shoreditch is the ultimate neighborhood for hipsters who love street art. You can find art, installations, food markets, authentic Indian food on Brick Lane, coffee shops, bars and cool places to work such as Ace Hotel London Shoreditch every corner you look.

See the location on the map.

5. Covent Garden

Covent Garden is a popular, busy neighborhood in London. It often as amazing floral displays like the one above.

See the location on the map.

5 Miscellaneous Instagrammable Photo Opps in London

1. The Tube

Get a shot in London’s own underground rail system, the Tube.

2. Pretty Little Thing Taxi

If you get a chance to spot the pink taxi, then whip your camera as fast as you can as it rolls on by so you can add pink to your feed.

3. Cherry Blossoms

In the spring, beautiful cherry blossom trees pop up all over London. If you want to for sure see some, head to Notting Hill and take photos with the color homes there too.

4. Red Telephone Booth

The red telephone booths of London are iconic. They are sprinkled around the city, but why not get both the phone booth and the London Eye at the same time?

Location: See London Eye + Phone Booths under Tourist Sites in the map.

5. Wisteria

Shortly after the beautiful cherry blossoms come wisteria hysteria so don’t fret if you miss the pretty pink blossoms. You’ll see purple blooming everywhere!

Map of Most Instagrammable Places in London

I’ve listed out every Instagrammable place mentioned above to make it super easy to take amazing photos. Whenever you post your picture from London, tag it with #sarahsdreamers to share it with me. Can’t wait to see what you create.

Travel Tips for a Great Time in London

To be able to enjoy London to the fullest while discovering its most Instagrammable spots, you’ll surely have to have a good night’s rest and plenty of good food to eat. Check out these posts for a smooth trip.

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Hope this guide helps you find the best Instagrammable places in London!

I’d love to see any photos you take there if you found it through this post. Tag me in your photos @sarchetrit or DM it to me on Instagram so I can share it in my stories!

Thanks for stopping by! xo.

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50+ Instagrammable Places in London


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