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23 Most Instagrammable Places in NYC 2021 (WITH A MAP)

These are the 23 best NYC Instagram spots worth taking photos at!

There is a crazy number of cute places in NYC to take photos at! If you’re limited on time or just want to efficiently knock out a few spots at once, this guide to the most Instagrammable places in NYC is for you.

In this guide, you’ll find NYC Instagram spots listed:

  • by borough (Manhattan, Brooklyn, etc.)
  • then by neighborhood (Williamsburg, Soho, etc.).

You’ll also get:

  • helpful photo taking tips per location if needed,
  • holiday Instagram spots,
  • recommendations for places to eat at nearby when applicable,
  • and a handy map of these NYC photo spots at the very end with instructions on how to get the map on your phone.

Happy hunting for the most Instagrammable places in NYC!

NYC Instagram Spots in Manhattan

Manhattan alone has some of the best photos spots in NYC.

To help you plan more efficiently since there are so many places, this section has Instagram spots starting in Upper East Side going down to Financial District.

You can also pull up this map on your phone to see where all of these are.

Albertine Bookstore

Neighborhood: Upper East Side

albertine bookstore, one of NYC instagram spots
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Albertine Bookstore is a French bookstore that’s absolutely gorgeous place to take photos at.

You’ll want to bring a wide angle lens to capture the ceiling.

If there are guests reading, please be mindful of them while taking photos!

Instagram Spots Nearby: If you’re in the Upper East Side for Albert Bookstore, then you may want to go to the Guggenheim Museum for their modern structure or the Metropolitan Museum of Art to take a photo in front of the stairs.

Recommended Food Recommendation: My all-time favorite burger of NYC is at the JG Melon Upper East Side location and is only a few blocks from Albertine. Bring cash!

Central Park

Neighborhood: Upper East and West Side

woman taking photo at sunset in central park where there are many nyc instagram spots
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Central Park has so many amazing places to take photos at. Here are just a few places, which are all on the map.

  • Bow Bridge
  • Bethesda Fountain
  • The Loeb Boathouse
  • Belvedere Castle
  • The Mall

Recommended Food Recommendation: One of my favorite cheap eats of NY spots is at Levain Bakery. It’s an epic cookie you can’t live without trying once. Grab one then head towards Belvedere Castle.

Grand Central

Neighborhood: Midtown

Woman taking pictures of NY at Grand Central Terminal
Woman taking an Instagram photo in front of Grand Central with a taxi

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Grand Central is an iconic place to take a photo at, let alone visit while in New York.

I used to work in the MetLife building so I saw the grand ceiling of Grand Central daily. It’s absolutely gorgeous and one of the photo spots here.

Another place to take photos is in front of the building. The building itself is charming and there are ton of taxis that usually pass by!

Related Food Recommendations: If you’re by Grand Central, stop at Sunrise Mart, a Japanese deli, and Katsu-Hama, a Japanese restaurant serving katsu.

Hudson Yards

Neighborhood: Midtown

hudson yards is one of the instagrammable places in nyc

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Hudson Yards is great because even if there’s a large number of visitors, you can still find a spot with people not as visible in the background.

You can take a classic shot right in front of the Vessel, inside of it or even head a bit further down and sit on the wooden part of the plant boxes.

Photo Tip: Bring a wide angle lens if you have one, or try the wide angle option on the new iPhone.

Times Square

Neighborhood: Midtown

woman taking photo at the best NY picture spot, times square

woman taking photo at the best NY picture spot, times square

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The #1 advice I give to my friends and family visiting New York for the first time is NOT to go to Times Square before 10PM because it’s always packed. During the daytime, it can get packed like sardines in a can!

After 10PM, Times Square is as “empty” as can be (although it never is), which leaves for ample space for photos!

Top of the Rock

Neighborhood: Midtown

two woman overlooking manhattan from the top of the rock, one of the most instagrammable places in nyc

one woman overlooking manhattan from the top of the rock, one of the most instagrammable places in nyc
two woman overlooking manhattan from the window at top of the rock, one of the most instagrammable places in nyc

To get absolutely no one in your photos at the Top of the Rock, you have to go as soon as it opens. Sunset is a gorgeous time to capture photos but you’ll have to deal with the crowds.

Luckily, anytime you go, there are three of the most Instagrammable places to take pictures at the Top of the Rock: outside at the top, next to one of these telescopes and in a window inside.

To save money, grab a NYC Citypass. The Top of the Rock is included!

28th Street Subway Station on the 6

Neighborhood: Flatiron/Nomad

woman posing for an instagram photo in nyc
woman at a nyc instagram spot

One of the most Instagrammable places in NYC that everyone usually gets at the 28th Street subway station on the 6 (green) line is of the mosaic that spells out 28th Street.

However, on this day, there were a couple of men sleeping on the bench in front of the sign so we went to the other side to get photos of this cute corner instead!

If you have better luck than me, then there are two spots you can take photos at.

Sweet Reminder: There’s a map at the bottom of the post to refer to!

Flatiron Building

Neighborhood: Flatiron

flatiron building, one of the most instagrammable places in nyc

When I went to take pictures at the Flatiron Building (December 2019), it was covered in scaffolding. Thus, I got photos (below) at this art installation right in front of it.

But don’t let this stop you! The scaffolding is gone now (according to recently uploaded photos of Flatiron in Instagram).

Grab photos of the Flatiron Building and take a foodie trip to Eataly right next to it.

woman taking photo at the best NY picture spot, times square

woman posing on an art installation in front of the flatiron building

The Highline

Neighborhood: Chelsea

woman at highline park, one of the best nyc instagram spots

woman at highline park, one of the best nyc instagram spots

I love the Highline Park! It used to be my go-to park when I was studying for my CPA exams back in the day when I used to be an auditor before I became a travel blogger.

The overpass where seating is around 15th street is where a lot of Instagrammers take photos, but there are so many photo spots in this park!

taking an NY instagram photo at Los Marisco's after eating the best fish taco there

Related Food Recommendation: Make sure to stop at Chelsea Market before or after to have lots of yummy eats, and also go to Los Marisco’s for the best fish taco and a photo!

Washington Square Park

Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

woman at washington square park, one of the best nyc instagram spots
woman at washington square park, one of the best nyc instagram spots

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Washington Square Park is my all-time favorite park in New York City to people watch. But for Instagrammers, it’s a must-visit for taking photos.

You can take photos with the iconic arch in the background, or many Instagrammers take photos at the edge of the fountain.

Standing on the edge of the fountain is quite hard, which is why I’m making such a silly face. I don’t know how others do it!

Looking for a NYC photographer? Siky took my photo on the left! He has worked with clients such as GQ, Levi’s, VICE, VANS and more. Contact him here.

Lower Manhattan Storefronts & Hotels

Neighborhood: LES, Nolita and Soho

l'appartement sezane is one of nyc instagram spots; dress by Son Jung Wan
L’Appartement Sézane: Dress by Son Jung Wan

woman in front of Kat'z Delicatessen, one of the best nyc instagram spots
yumi kim, one of the best places to take pictures in nyc; dress by nadine merabi
Yumi Kim : Dress by Nadine Merabi

nomo soho is a popular place for instagram photos in nyc; dress by Son Jung Wan
NOMO SOHO : Dress by Son Jung Wan

la esquina is a cute place for nyc instagram photos
La Esquina

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This cluster of stores and hotel is the perfect place to go if you want to snag a bunch of NYC Instagram photos at once which is exactly what I did.

Head to these places in this order or in reverse:

  • Yumi Kim
  • Katz’s Delicatessen
  • L’Appartement Sézane
  • Pietro Nolita (not pictured but it’s pink!)
  • La Esquina

Sweet Reminder: There’s a map at the bottom of the post with all these points on it!

Roxy Hotel

Neighborhood: Tribeca

roxy hotel is a nyc instagram spot in tribeca

Bummed I didn’t get to take a picture here yet, but I got to snag a pic I walked by while doing errands as I know it’s a popular place for Instagrammers to take pics.

When edited, the Roxy Hotel gives off a vintage vibe straight out of the 20s!

Tiny’s & the Bar Upstairs

Neighborhood: Tribeca

tiny's is a cute place to take pics for pink instagrammable place in nyc
-tap once to pin for later-

Tiny’s is a really cute storefront and one of the pink Instagrammable places in NYC.

You’ll want a wide angle here to get as much of the building as possible.


– tap once to pin for later –

The most popular place to take photos in Chinatown is on Doyers Street (not pictured; exact location provided on map below).

But there are so many spots to take photos, even fashion pics, because Chinatown has lots of texture and color as you can see from the photo above.

Related Food Recommendations: Chinatown is one of my favorite places to eat in Manhattan because of the flavors and price.

  • My family has been going to Mei Li Wah Bakery for over 20 years! Get a steamed or baked pork bun there for less than $2. This is a good snack on the go.
  • Not the best dim sum but it’s still really good and the experience is really cool. Jing Fong seats over 1000 people in their restaurant and pushes dim sum around on carts that you need to be quick on your feet and grab.
  • Deluxe Green Bo has yummy soup dumplings and Chinese food in general.


Neighborhood: Financial District

bride taking a photo at the Oculus, best ny photo location; dress by Son Jung Wan
Dress by Nadine Merabi

The Oculus is one of the best Instagrammable places in NYC for architecture. It is a stunning place to take a photo both inside and out.

You can go for a symmetrical picture here on the inside or snap an iconic NY photo from the outside across the street.

Places to Take Christmas Pictures in Manhattan

instagram spot for christmas lotte palace

christmas photo at the peninsula in nyc

christmas photo in nyc

Some of the most Instagrammable places in NYC are during the holidays! Here’s a handful of Christmas-y places to take photos at.

  • In Midtown alone, there are a handful of great Christmas Instagram spots to visit.
    • Pictured: Lotte Palace (1st and 3rd image), the Peninsular Hotel (2nd image)
    • Not pictured: Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall and Bryant Park for their winter village

christmas photo spot at lillie's victorian establishment
christmas photo spot at lillie's victorian establishment

  • In Central Park, there’s Tavern on the Green (left) and Wollman Rink.
  • In Flatiron, there’s a cute storefront at Lillie’s Victorian Establishment (right two).
  • In Financial District, there’s the market inside the Oculus.

Instagrammable Places in Brooklyn

View of Manhattan Bridge from Washington Street

woman posing in front of manhattan bridge, one of nyc instagram spots

manhattan bridge, one of nyc instagram spots

Neighborhood: DUMBO

My friend lives right on this street, and you bet I love staying at her place so I can wake up early and step right out of her apartment building.

Because you really need to be here around 7AM to beat the crowds!

This is probably one of the most photographed Instagrammable places in NYC. #1 place to take photos at in Brooklyn and possibly all of New York City.

Solo Photo Tip: Because everyone is such a hot photo spot and a safe area, it’s totally ok to use a tripod to take photos of yourself, which is what I did!

You Might Like: My Favorite Travel Tripod

Jane’s Carousel + Surrounding Area

Neighborhood: DUMBO

DUMBO jane's carousel, an instagrammable place in Brooklyn

woman in DUMBO, an instagrammable place in Brooklyn
DUMBO, an instagrammable place in Brooklyn

– tap once to pin for later –

DUMBO is an amazing place to get pictures of NY at because it’s full of photogenic spots everywhere.

Make sure to get a photo at Jane’s Carousel and walk around the area. You can get photos with either the bridge and Manhattan in the background or capture the rustic, brick buildings with cobblestone streets.

Time Out Market

Neighborhood: DUMBO

secret Instagram spots NYC is at the Time Out Market building
This photo is from 2017! Don’t judge me LOL!

One of the little known, secret Instagram spots of NYC is located on the rooftop of the Time Out Market building.

You can access the rooftop using the elevator from within, and you’ll get a gorgeous view of the Brooklyn Bridge from above.

Related Recommendations: While you’re at the building, eat blueberry pancakes from Clinton St. Baking Company. They usually have a long line at their other location so you’ll avoid that and be in blueberry, buttery heaven.

Brooklyn Bridge

Neighborhood: DUMBO, Financial District

The Brooklyn Bridge is a popular place to take photos at so you must get there early! I’ve had friends go at 5:30AM and people were already taking photos.

Brooklyn Street Art Murals by Bushwick Collective

Neighborhood: Bushwick

bushwick graffiti and street art to take pictures, Instagrammable places in NYC
another photo from back in the day when I had purple hair- 2016!

If you love graffiti and street art, then you need to go to Bushwick to see all the murals done by the Bushwick Collective.

There’s an endless number of street murals you can take super colorful photos in front of.

Related Food Recommendation: While you’re there make sure to stop by Roberta’s for my favorite pizza in New York!

You might like: Where to see graffiti and street art in Bushwick

Luna Park in Coney Island

Neighborhood: Coney Island

coney island, ny photo spots

coney island, ny photo spots
coney island, ny photo spots

– tap once to pin for later –

Coney Island has the cutest photos opps of instagrammable places in NYC if you want a vintage, almost Wes Anderson-esque look.

Unfortunately for me, I visited Coney Island back in the day when I wasn’t so into Instagram sooo I have all these cute pics of it but none with me in them. Shall we visit it together?

Epic Place to Take Pictures in Queens

M-Tea in Flushing (for pink lovers)

m tea in flushing queens is one of the secret instagram spots NYC

m tea in flushing queens is one of the secret instagram spots NYC
woman drinking boba tea at M tea flushing queens, Instagrammable places in NYC

– tap once to pin for later –

Normally I go to Flushing to visit my grandma and eat amazing Korean food because the best Korean food is in Queens, not K-Town in Manhattan. Taking photos in Queens has never been on my mind until M-Tea opened up.

It is probably the most Instagrammable place in Queens with all its pinkness and could be considered one of the secret Instagram spots of NYC only because many Instagrammers usually stick to Manhattan or Brooklyn.

Photo Opps: There are multiple places to take photos here such as in the hot air balloon, at the seats and in front of the bubble tea wall in the front (not pictured).

Related Food Recommendations: If you venture all the way to Flushing for this photo, eat at:

  • Tous Les Jours bakery for Korean baked goods inspired by French techniques,
  • Chung Moo Rollrice for down-to-earth deli style Korean food; get the bulgogi beef kimbap,
  • Happy Lamb Hot Pot for hot pot,
  • New York Food Court for an assortment of Chinese stands,
  • or Sam Won Gahk for Korean-Chinese fusion; get the jja jjang myeon (black bean noodles).

Other Instagrammable Places in Queens

Here are a few other Instagram spots in Queens that I’ve been wanting to get to but haven’t had the time yet. They’re all on the map!

  • Pepsi Cola sign in Long Island City
  • Welling Court Mural Project for street art in Astoria, which also has great views of Manhattan
  • Unisphere

Comment below if you know of more Instagrammable places in Queens so we can update this guide for others!

Iconic NYC Pictures to Take in Any Borough

the subway is one of the instagrammable places in NYC
– tap once to pin for later –

There are some classic pictures of NYC that you can take in any borough. Whether you’re in Soho or Williamsburg, you can get go to these Instagrammable places in NYC anytime for photos.

  • inside a subway car,
  • on a subway platform,
  • in a laundromat,
  • with a yellow taxi*,
  • in front of an ice cream struck,
  • by a steam pipe,
  • sitting on top of a newspaper box,
  • or at a hot dog/street food stand.

*You can snap taxis anywhere but Grand Central always has a ton of taxis in the front for an easy photo grab.

Map of Instagrammable in NYC

To have a copy of this map on your phone as you explore NYC:

This Google Map of Instagrammable Places in NYC will be saved under Saved –> Maps for anytime you need to access it!

You can even use Google Maps offline or without data if you need.

NYC Photographer

photo by Siky (edit by me)

NYC is not the best place to take photos by yourself because of theft tbh. Even though I did it in DUMBO, it’s best to have a friend, or even better, a photographer with you.

I highly recommend Mike Sikora aka Siky if you need a NYC photographer to take photos of you at all these Instagrammable places in NYC.

He’s taken photos for me in New York and Aruba and has worked with brands such as GQ, Levi’s, VICE, Converse and Vans.

Here’s how to connect with him:

I hope this guide helped you discover new places in NY to take photos at.

Comment below and let me know if you’re going to any of these Instagrammable places in NYC!

Thanks for stopping by! See you soon.
@sarchetrit (Instagram, TikTok)

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