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Kenzzi Laser Hair Removal Experience (WITH AFTER PICS)

02/2021 UPDATE I started using the Kenzzi laser hair removal device at home about 9-10 months ago. I gave up on my brazilian; the hair is too thick. My armpits has very slow regrowth but I still shave it ’cause I got lazy with the machine. My upper lip is where it’s at; I am touching it up today but it’s been 9-10 months since I had to wax it. This product works differently for everyone so read my whole post before deciding to buy it!

Over 10 years ago, I got laser done at a salon on my upper lip like a sucker and since I didn’t keep up with it because of the cost, my upper lip hair grew back and like true Sarah Chetrit fashion, I got annoyed! I’m all about good value permanent (or semi-permanent) beauty solutions (i.e. microblading), which led me to consider laser hair removal at home.

I was excited to have discovered this Kenzzi laser hair removal device, which actually works for my upper lip and somewhat for my armpits.

But before you get all excited and buy the IPL device I use at home, you need to read what mistakes I made and what you need to do to make sure you get maximum results!

Laser Hair Removal at Home (WITH AFTER PICS) Kenzzi Laser Hair Removal

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How Kenzzi Laser Hair Removal Works

If you’re here, you’re probably already aware that you can do laser hair removal at home. Yup, that’s right. You do not travel into a salon (especially during quarantine times) to get salon-quality hair removal.

The Kenzzi laser hair removal device is a special home IPL device.

After using this at home IPL device once a week for 12 weeks, you should be virtually hair free although results vary depending on the person and level of intensity used. Don’t miss out on my most important tip below for maximum hair-free effect!

The at home laser hair removal device uses IPL technology, which stands for Intense Pulsed Light.

IPL is a form of light therapy that emits light. The pigment aka melanin in the hair roots absorb this, and ultimately, the light energy that converts to heat damages the hair follicles that produce hair. Without the hair follicle, hair growth is either inhibited or delayed.

Professional vs. at Home Hair Removal

When I went in to my laser hair removal done on my upper lips (over 10 years ago so I’m not the best reference for this), the machine used was bigger so it covered a larger surface area, and MAN I remember it hurting really bad.

I don’t know if the salon hair removal device is more powerful than the at home one or maybe I’ve toughened up, but the at home laser hair removal device I use at home doesn’t hurt as much.

Since the Kenzzi laser hair removal device has a smaller surface area, I can imagine that it might take longer to do your legs or arms at home, but since I use it only on my upper lip and armpits, it’s very quick.

Using the at home device on my brazilian is quick too, but it’s taking much longer for the hair to slow down… I’ll fill you in on that in the section about pain below.

So you’re aware, whether you get hair removal done professional at a salon or at home, your hair will grow back and you need to keep up with maintenance. I didn’t know this when I got it done at a salon over a decade ago.

The device I use has 10 years of flashes so I can easily do the maintenance at home, which also makes it great to have even if you’ve gotten it done professionally in a salon. It saves so much money over the years!

Get the same device I have here.

Is at Home Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Kenzzi Laser Hair Removal

When posting about journey to becoming hair-free, most of my followers had one main question– is at home laser hair removal safe?

Yes, it is safe and you don’t need to wear special eyewear for protection.

That being said, the particular device I have has a safety sensor. It can’t be pushed on to flash unless the entire window is covered.

I’ve never tried looking at the flash while it’s going off though so I’d advise you to not be curious and don’t look at it while it’s on to be extra cautious.

Best At Home Hair Removal Laser Results + Tips

At Home Hair Removal Laser Results Before After Kenzzi Laser Hair Removal
95% gone after 11 weeks | Only a few hairs are growing back | Results vary per person.

I haven’t tried other ipl home devices so I’m probably biased but I think this Kenzzi one is the best at home hair removal laser device! I really saw a difference only after a few uses and now my armpit and upper lip hair is about 95% gone.

So yes, I do recommend you trying this out at home because it works, but before you do, you need to learn how to use it the right way.

Something you must absolutely know– at first, I did see a difference but I felt like the hair wasn’t going away fast enough! That’s when I decided to read their rave 5-star Kenzzi laser reviews because I felt like I was doing something wrong.

One Kenzzi review said to get the maximum effect, you need to use it at its highest intensity level and go over each area three times.

Once I started doing this, the impact really started ramping up and that convinced me that this was the best at home hair removal device. Yes, 2020 just became the year to a hair-free me LOL.

Another thing you definitely want to know is that this does not work on everyone’s hair.

Since IPL depends on melanin in the hair to absorb the light, it doesn’t work well on light blonde, red or grey hair.

It also may not work if you have super dark skin because it needs some contrast between the skin color and melanin in the hair to target.

02/2021 Update

I started using the Kenzzi laser hair removal device at home about 9-10 months ago. I gave up on my brazilian; the hair is too thick.

My armpits has very slow regrowth (see photo above) but I still shave it ’cause I got lazy with the machine.

My upper lip is where it’s at; I am touching it up today but it’s been 9-10 months since I had to wax it.

I really love not having to wax my upper lip really ever. So I find the Kenzzi worth it for this!

Again though, everyone responds differently to this at home treatment.

Get the same device I have here.

Does It Hurt?

Everyone’s pain tolerance levels are different so this will impact you differently. Overall it’s not that painful, but it also depends on the body party. Here’s my experience.

At first I didn’t think that doing this at home hurt at all. But after I read someone’s review that I should be using it at the max intensity and going over each area three times, I understood why some people thought it hurt.

On my upper lip and armpits, it feels like someone snapped a rubber band on me or if I touched something hot unknowingly and drew my fingers back in pain. This only happens on the 3rd time I go on an area.

Even though its the tiniest bit painful, I’m fine with it because it’s over in minutes.

However, the max intensity on the Kenzzi laser hair removal device DOES hurt on my brazilian. Thus, I keep doing my brazilian at 2nd lowest intensity and only go over each area twice. Because of this, I am not getting the same results I am for my armpits and upper lip.

My armpits and upper lip were about 95% gone after 12 weeks but my brazilian is only about 50% gone*. It looks weird down there… but I’ll keep going at it gently until it’s all gone.

*As I mentioned at the very top of the post, I gave up on trying to do the brazilian laser hair removal at home. The hair is so thick and seems like it needs way more time than the armpits and upper lip area so I stopped. I’m lazyyy.

If you are sensitive to pain at all, you can always get a numbing cream for laser hair removal!

Kenzzi Laser Hair Removal at Home Steps

Laser Hair Removal at Home Steps
Laser Hair Removal at Home Steps

Prep Your Skin

  1. Before you even begin to laser, you NEED to shave the area you’re going to laser. You may even want to exfoliate the area.
  2. Then dry the area, and do NOT put any products on. The device needs to be used on clean skin without any products.

Note: If you apply numbing cream, I would rinse it off after it gets settled into the skin before you use the laser device.

Laser Your Hair

laser at home hair removal steps
laser at home hair removal steps

This is how I personally use the laser device for maximum effect.

  1. With your skin all prepped, plug in your laser device. It takes just a few seconds to “warm up”.
  2. Choose the intensity by clicking the button in the back. If it’s your first time using this, you may want to do it on level 1 just to get a feel for it. If you’re used to it, for max. effect, use it on level 5.
  3. Press the device over the area that you want to laser.
  4. Click the button when you see the PINK light flashing. It means it’s ready to go off since the window is fully covered.
  5. Leave the device there, give it a couple of seconds and click again and again. Three times total.
  6. Move it to the next area and repeat.

If it feels too hot by the 3rd time, which is when I usually start feeling it, you can take it off your skin and blow on it like an old-school Nintendo game LOL. I also got this advice from a 5-star Kenzzi review!

Well I hope my experience helps you decide whether or not to do a Kenzzi laser hair removal at home.

You can get the same device I have here. There’s a 90-day refund period if you feel like it’s not for you.

Don’t forget to come back and share your results with me, or at the very least, ask me any questions about it below. I’m an open book!

xo, Sarah

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Kenzzi Laser Hair Removal Experience


Thursday 15th of April 2021

Fantastic article. Invaluable. I’ve always been nervous of using the highest setting must I’m going to be brave and go for it myself. I purchased my first hair remover in January 2021 and it has an updated Ice Cool feature which cools the skin as it’s being used and blows a cold breeze on the skin which makes it a very comfortable experience. I noticed within a week a change in hair loss under my arms and my top lip, but was confused as to actually how long the treatment should be used for and i was spacing them for 3 weeks at a time to give different hair growth spurts chance to come through, out until yesterday I decided to properly set out a routine on my calendar for 8 weeks and stick with it. Also I’m using a timer on my phone now so both underarms and lip treatment sides gets the absolute correct amount of time and not just guessing it. Great advice. Thank you

Sarah Chetrit

Friday 16th of April 2021

Omg didn't know about the new feature. That's really handy. Glad it's working for you!


Sunday 28th of March 2021

Hi! Very interesting blog post! Thank you for sharing your experience.

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