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10 Months of Daily Use: My Konny Baby Carrier Review With Honest Pros and Cons

For no good reason at all besides that I was a new mom and knew nothing about carriers, I now own 4 baby carriers:

  • the Konny Baby Wrap, original
  • the Konny Baby Carrier Flex, adjustable (I prefer the non-adjustable one, which you’ll find out why below)
  • a baby carrier gifted from Walmart (sorry I don’t know the brand)
  • a “luxury” UNIIN baby carrier (MSRP €370)

Out of all of them, the Konny baby carrier is the one I’ve used the most; the most being pretty much every single day since my baby’s been born!

In this Konny baby carrier review, you’ll learn why I used the Konny baby wrap over all the other carriers, which one of its many choices I do and don’t recommend and general pros and cons you’ll want to consider to keep your baby safe!

TL;DR: The t-shirt material and quick ability to put my baby in and out within 15 seconds made the Konny baby carrier my everyday, at-home choice for comfort. Check out what thousands of reviews have to say about it here.

Good to Know: Btw I’m 5’3″, weigh 135 lbs and wear a medium. My husband is 5’10”, weighs 160 lbs and wears a large.

mama and baby using the Konny baby wrap in Greece to show how this works in the Konny baby carrier review

The Konny Baby Wrap Explained

konny baby wrap right out of the box

The Konny Baby Carrier is like a carrier and wrap in one.

All you have to do is slip it over your head, take a few seconds to adjust it then slip your baby in it.

With much practice, it only takes about 15 seconds to get my baby in and situated properly.

It’s hassle free like a carrier. It’s literally as easy as putting on a t-shirt.

Thinking about it now, it’s actually more hassle free than a carrier, which has belts, buckles and loops. So I guess it’s categorized as a carrier since you don’t actually have to wrap fabric around you for it to work.

However, it has the same comfort and feel as a wrap without the hassle of actually having to wrap the wrap all around you, then unwrapping the wrap to get your baby out.

The blend of high-quality, non-toxic cotton, polyester and spandex without belts, buckles and loops on the carrier make it super comfy to wear for both you and your baby.

Of course, the Konny is a very safe carrier. The wrap-style design ensures a secure and snug fit, keeping your baby close to your body at all times. This closeness promotes bonding and a sense of security for your baby (but from my experience, for mamas too especially in the postpartum stage).

Lastly, the carrier is designed to support your baby’s natural posture, preventing any discomfort or strain. It meets the strict Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Sling Carriers (ASTM F2907-15).

It’s really perfect for daily use! I definitely recommend getting one here on Amazon or direct on their site or continuing to read about my personal experience with it.

Honest Konny Baby Carrier Review: Pros, Cons + Comparisons

dad loves the konny baby wrap too
View of Porto Timoni in Afionas, Greece

6 Pros

The main reason I had my eyes on the Konny wrap even before our baby was born was because of the wrap-like functionality without having to wrap it.

It just seemed so cozy and lovely to have my baby cuddled onto me comfortably without having to learn how to do the wrap or buckle her in, and this is definitely one of the baby items I got that proved to be everything I wanted.

I also may have been partial to it because it’s a Korean brand and being Korean-American, it’s nice to know to have something Korean to raise my child with.

Anyways, here’s everything I love about the Konny baby carrier.

No belts, buckles, loops or wrapping

As I mentioned before, it’s super hassle free. You don’t have to wrap it to put it on; it’s like a pre-wrapped wrap. You don’t have to unwrap it, and there are no belts, buckles or loops to fiddle with.

Quick and efficient

I love that because it is hassle free, it’s super easy to take the baby in and out repeatedly.

I can put Zephyr in and out of it in mere seconds. I think at most it takes me 20 seconds to get her in and out now.

When baby girl is being clingy, I’ll take her in and out multiple times in a short period like 5-10x in an hour. It’s that hassle free to use excessively.


The material itself is so so comfortable. I feel like I’m wearing a t-shirt and sometimes I just leave on even when I take her out knowing she might want back in soon.

Less back pain

I have fibromaylgia, which means chronic muscle tension in my whole body and sciatica in both my legs. I also had a herniated disc surgery so overall my back is quite weak.

The Konny wrap goes over your entire shoulders (vs. just having straps like a backpack), which take off a lot of pressure on your back. It displaces it more over your shoulders.

Great for home use / easier nap times

Because of the comfort and ease, I use the carrier all day, every day at home. I’ve also used it on vacation and even put her in it for nap times in her rocking chair.

Seems unnecessary to use it for nap time on a chair but sometimes she sleeps easier on me and I don’t have to strain my arms to hold her. Win-win for both of us!

Convenient to travel with

Because of its design, it’s super compact and convenient to run errands and/or travel with. It’s basically like a t-shirt so it’s easy to throw into the diaper bag, a large purse or tuck it into a large jacket pocket.

Just to be safe, since it’s so easy to use and compact to pack, I never leave the house without it even if I think the baby’s going to be in the stroller the whole time.

Check out what 1000s of others have to say on Amazon or directly on their site.

Good to Know: I’m 5’3″, weigh 135 lbs and wear a medium.
My husband is 5’10”, weighs 160 and wears a large.

3 Cons

This wouldn’t be a great Konny baby carrier view without some honesty in pointing out the cons. I’d say there are three major cons to the Konny baby carrier.


The carrier not really shareable between you and your partner unless you are the exact same size. That’s because the carrier needs to be TIGHT on you.

Technically, Mike and I have similar hip and waist measurements but because he’s so much taller, he wears a size large and I wear a medium.

However, because it is so handy and comfortable, I bought one for our nanny too who is a size small.

konny baby wrap boxes

Yes, because I love it so much, I bought three of them! See all the colors here.

Good to Know: I’m 5’3″, weigh 135 lbs and wear a medium.
My husband is 5’10”, weighs 160 and wears a large.

Although you need one for each person, you really only need one for yourself since the Konny fits your growing baby from newborn to toddler stage!

Adjustable Carrier Has Buckles

To solve the issue of everyone in the family needing a separate carrier, Konny came out with the Konny Baby Carrier Flex.

The Flex has these buckle loops on it, which allow anyone in the family to adjust it to their waist.

We actually had the Flex first but then I ended up buying the originals, which is exactly what I wanted.

However, I don’t know if this was just a me issue because it happens with another carrier of mine, but the fabric in the loop would slip overtime as I wore it making the carrier loose. The baby’s supposed to be tight on you so the fact that the carrier would loosen was quite annoying.

I knew this was an issue that only was specific to the Flex and maybe to me? so I went for the original and have been wearing it non stop.

Hard to Wear With Some Outerwear

In the pros, I listed that the Konny wrap goes over the shoulders, which relieves a lot of back tension. This is really important to me since I have chronic muscle tension and sciatica (plus a herniated disc surgery in the past).

However, because of the design, it’s hard to wear a tight fitting jacket over the carrier because the holes of the sleeves will put the carrier more towards the neck.

Konny created a solution for this with their own jacket, but instead of getting something extra for my overpacked apartment, I opt to wear looser jackets with larger arm holes when I wear the Konny outdoors.

As you can see from my actions of buying the Konny for me, my husband and nanny, the pros of the Konny completely outweigh the cons and I’d definitely recommend getting one on Amazon here or directly on their site.

Good to Know: I’m 5’3″, weigh 135 lbs and wear a medium.
My husband is 5’10”, weighs 160 and wears a large.

Comparison to Other Carriers

I have a carrier from Walmart, which I basically never use because of its really stiff buckles that are soo hard to unbuckle with my mommy thumb and its complicated method of putting it on. The Konny is way easier to slip the baby in and out quickly and wear multiple times throughout the day.

I have this luxury UNIIN baby carrier that costs €370 and I really just love the Konny more. There’s something more natural about how the baby feels in a wrap on you vs. a baby carrier.

The Konny overall is easier, comfier and so much cozier!

Best Type of Konny Baby Carrier to Get

As you can tell from my pros and cons list, I’d recommend going for either:

  • the original
  • the original in a summer mesh material
    • But maybe start out with the original because I find that putting the baby in the mesh material one requires a little more adjustment because it can pull to the side easily as you put the baby in.
    • That being said, my husband loves the summer mesh material in the summer because he’s a bit more sweaty than me (ok he’s a lot more sweaty…lol). He used it to go hiking with her and she loved it!

I don’t recommend the Flex as much because of the slipping cloth with the buckles. Again, maybe this is a me problem or something related to my postpartum belly? Who knows…

Does my baby recommend the Konny Baby Carrier?

mama and baby watching the sunset together in the konny baby wrap. she shares the pros and cons of this in her honest konny baby carrier review

Zephyr LOVES the Konny. If she’s playing her toys while I’m putting on the carrier, she stops what she’s doing and stares at me. She knows what’s coming and starts “jumping” up and down on her tush with her arms held out.

Of course, walking around the neighborhood, being with me doing chores or taking a nap on me while I do computer work is so fun and comforting for her, but one of the best times for me using the Konny wrap has been when she’s needed regulating.

Every so often, she gets really fussy and nothing calms her down except for putting her in the Konny, turning on “Claire de lune” and walking around the living room with her head resting on my chest and my head on hers. Then afterwards, she’s ready to play or has calmed down enough to nap.

I think it’s because of how “they” say physical closeness and skin-to-skin contact stimulates the release of oxytocin and enhances the emotional connection between you and your little one. I definitely see that with Zephyr.

The wrap style to me feels like it adds a sense of security and coziness that helps with healthy attachment and emotional development. I can feel that she feels safer and is ready to go off into her own little world again after being with me.

Lately, she’s fallen asleep in the carrier and has been knocked out enough for me to gently take her out of it and lay her down for a nap. It’s been so so sweet creating these comforting memories with her.

Would she recommend it? 100% yes 🙂

Find it on Amazon or directly on their site.

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Konny Baby Carrier Review FAQs

Can I use Konny Baby Carrier for a newborn?

Yes, you can use the Konny Baby Carrier for a newborn!

I used the Konny for my newborn back in October. It was so sweet to have her cuddled up against me safe and sound as I walked around or hung out on the couch.

Just check the instructional manual to see how to put your baby in correctly. When they’re a newborn, they have to go in with “froggy legs”.

What age can you use the Konny wrap?

The Konny wrap is meant for newborns, babies and toddlers up to 45lbs. You only need one from newborn to toddler age since your baby can grow with it!

Make sure to use the instructional manual that the wrap comes with or the instructional videos on the website to see how to put your baby in correctly, especially when they’re a newborn.

Is Konny Baby Carrier hip safe?

unwrapping the Konny baby wrap for a Konny baby carrier review to show it is safe for newborns and for toddlers up to 45 lbs

Yes, the Konny Baby Carrier is hip safe as long as you are following their instructions to have the baby in the right way. Their instruction manual shows you exactly how your baby’s legs and hips should be whiel you carry them.

Their listing says that their carriers are designed “to meet strict Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Sling Carriers (ASTM F2907-15)”.

Even though I was following directions, as a new mom, I was worried that I wasn’t carrying her properly in the Konny. I was but was just having new mom woes. Zephyr’s at multiple check ups at the doctor’s since she was born and every time the doctor says her hips are good so I have had medical assurance that I’ve been using the carrier properly with her.

What’s the best Konny Baby Carrier size for me?

What your normal pre-pregnancy size would be your Konny baby carrier size, which was true for me.

I’m 5’3″, weigh 135 lbs and wear a medium.

There is a sizing chart on the Amazon listing. Scroll down to see what size you’d be.

I hope this Konny baby carrier review helps you decide whether this is the right baby wrap for you or not. You know how I feel about it so I definitely recommend getting one to get some sweet snuggles with your baby!

Get it on Amazon.

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Thanks for making it all the way down to the end of this post.

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Till then, thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!


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Konny Baby Carrier Review: Honest Pros + Cons

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