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Local Finds: Eating Gluten-Free in Amsterdam’s Foodhallen

When I first moved to Amsterdam in 2015, I snagged a brand-new apartment a one-minute walk away from de Foodhallen. Having access to this trendy food court inside a renovated tram warehouse was a dream for a foodie like me! But since living here, I’ve had to test out a gluten-free diet twice to see if it’s the root cause of my fibromyalgia, and as a result, had to give up some of my favorite restaurants in Amsterdam.

Lucky for me, I didn’t have to forgo eating at Amsterdam’s de Foodhallen. There are great gluten-free options in de Foodhallen whether you have celiac disease or are gluten intolerant.

Als je glutenvrij wilt eten in Amsterdam, kun je bij de Foodhallen. Er zijn geweldige opties voor glutenvrij eten van nacho’s tot sushi. 

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gluten free nachos at de foodhallen amsterdam gluten vrij nederland salsa chips beans cheese tortilla chips cilantro


gluten-free nachos in Amsterdam / glutenvrije nacho’s

Fento has both gluten-free nachos and non gluten-free burritos, which can be made into gluten-free salads. I opted for the regular nachos with chicken, which had beans layered on the entire bottom and delicious cabbage, salsa, salad, cheese, herbs, and chicken sprinkled throughout. This was way too much food for myself but luckily, Mike helped me out.

I actually normally don’t like nachos because there’s too much meat and cheese for me usually, and it tastes so fake. But I really loved Fento’s nachos! They were both tasty and filing.

Bulls and Dogs

gluten-free hot dogs in Amsterdam / glutenvrije hotdogs

Bulls and Dogs has homemade sausages ranging from your standard pork and beef to non-traditional meats like lamb and veggie. They also have crazy toppings you can put on your hot dogs like tzatziki and popcorn. You can get any of these hot dogs gluten-free just by asking for a gluten-free bun (for an additional euro).

de foodhallen amsterdam gluten vrij gluten free people crowded bar scene

Meneer Temaki

gluten-free sushi in Amsterdam / glutenvrije sushi

Meneer Temaki will make any of their rolls gluten-free but you must tell them so. They’ll use separate gloves to prepare your sushi and only use the gluten-free toppings. Just ask them!


gluten-free Vietnamese in Amsterdam / glutenvrije Vietnamese

Viet-view is a Foodhallen favorite. Their summer rolls are wrapped in rice paper and come served with a couple of sauces; one of which is gluten-free.

A word of caution: As it goes with any place that you’re eating gluten-free, make sure to stress your dietary concerns especially if you’re celiac, and point out that they need to use gloves or wash their hands.

My experience with allergies and food restrictions in Amsterdam have proved to be less than ideal. Even when I’m extra diligent with my requests, I’ve had a lot of restaurants that didn’t quite get it on the first try. I’ve had to send back food more times than I would like, but that’s the way it goes.

My experience at the Foodhallen has only been good, but as you know, it’s always good to double check.

Enjoy your gluten-free eats at the Foodhallen in Amsterdam. I hope the options above are more than enough to satisfy your palate!

Thanks for stopping by! xo.

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