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Best Pizza in Amsterdam | My Top 3 Favorite Spots

Want the best pizza in Amsterdam? Here are my 3 favorite spots for pizza!

If you’re from New York City, Naples, Italy, or New Haven, Connecticut (an hour outside of New York and arguably the best pizza city in the US), you might have trouble finding the best pizza in Amsterdam.

But in the past few years, the pizza scene in Amsterdam has really grown and now there’s truly delicious pizza to be found.

Out of all the pizza restaurants I’ve tried, here’s what I consider the best pizza in Amsterdam.

The Best Pizza in Amsterdam: My Favorites

If you’re originally from New York, Naples or New Haven, you might not find these pizzas to be the best in the world, but they are some of the best in Amsterdam and will certainly satiate your pizza craving!

nNea Pizza

nNea Pizza is hands down the best pizza in Amsterdam if you want authentic, Napolitano style pizza. It’s pretty much the only place we go to when we go out now.

Great news for quarantine and after too– nNea Pizza now delivers frozen pizza for your home! Order some here.

Mangia Pizza

Mangia Pizza & Pasta is a cozy pizzeria run by Italians from Naples, pizza city of the world, and Milan. They use a brick wood oven stove that gives your pizza a slightly charred flavor. The pizza has a golden brown crust and is baked to a chewy texture.

I like to get the DOP mozarella basil pizza while Mike loves eating the Diavolo, which has salami on it. Definitely ask for their homemade chili oil if you want to add a bit of spice to your pizza!

AddressAmstelveenseweg 63, 1075 VV Amsterdam

Il Sogno

best pizza in amsterdam
Il Sogno Pizza
best pizza in amsterdam
Il Sogno Pizza

I first learned about Il Sogno while I was in Pigna, Italy. We were eating at a local pizzeria when the server told us that he used to work in a pizzeria in Amsterdam. Of course, we had to try it!

Il Sogno’s pizza is a thinner pizza baked in a brick wood oven stove. They use amazing ingredients that really make their pizzas pop. Normally, I like to get margherita pizzas but at Il Sogno, I would get the Il Sogno or anything else with a topping. Their cheesecake is also delicious!

Note that this is an Italian concept store so you order at the counter, then eat wherever there’s space available. You cannot drink alcoholic beverages in here so if you’re looking for a sit-down place where you can enjoy wine, this is not the place!

Address: Koningsstraat 19, 1011 ET Amsterdam

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The Best Pizza in Amsterdam: Everyone Else’s Favorites

If you ask 9/10 Amsterdammers where the best pizza in Amsterdam is, most likely they’ll say La Perla or Pizzabakkers. Here’s why they’re considered some of the best pizza restaurants in Amsterdam and the reasons why I don’t like them.

Note: Just because I don’t like them doesn’t mean you won’t too. You might love it and have a good experience if they’re having an ON night! But at least you’ll get in with level-headed expectations.

La Perla

La Perla is an adorable neighborhood and has a great ambiance. The service is good (something that’s hard to find in Amsterdam) and this place is always packed. It’s a popular place because they use top-quality ingredients and the sauce and cheese are tasty.

The reason I don’t like La Perla is because they’re inconsistent. Sometimes the pizza is runny like Neapolitan pizza should be and sometimes it’s crispy and crunch because they left it there for too long.

Also, my biggest gripe is that if you’re a slow eater like me, the pizza starts to get HARD like will scratch the roof of your mouth hard. Pizza dough should stay chewy and soft until the end, and food, in general, should be easy to eat from the beginning to end. Ok except for when it burns the roof of your mouth off because you’re too excited to wait for it to cool down.


Pizzabakkers’ pizza style is thin-crust. They use high-quality, very tasty ingredients. But I have the same gripe with them as I do La Perla. The crust tends to get hard half way eating the pizza, which will either make your jaw hurt or the roof of your mouth tear.

Also, I believe Pizzabakkers is a franchise. The pizza consistency varies from location to location. Some locations are better than others. If you live near one where it’s always on-point, then do a little happy dance!

Again, this is my viewpoint of it. Most people in Amsterdam go to these places as their go-to pizza spot in Amsterdam so I don’t want to dissuade you from some place you haven’t tried. It might be good the night you go!

Hope this post helps you find the best pizza in Amsterdam! Keep reading to find out the best restaurants in Amsterdam.

Thanks for stopping by! xo.

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Best Pizza in Amsterdam


Wednesday 9th of October 2019

Very strongly recommend Di Luca in Noord! It's some of the best pizza Napolitana I've had outside of Naples.

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