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My Favorite Cheap, Custom Mouth Guard for TMJ (7+ Year Customer of This DIY Night Guard Company)

Want to save hundreds on a custom mouth guard for TMJ to wear at night? Here’s the best DIY night guard I’ve used for years.

I wish I had known that you could make your own mouth guard for TMJ at home when I paid $400 at the dentist for this plastic teeth protector.

For a piece of plastic that wasn’t going to solve the root cause of bruxism at night, it seemed quite expensive. But nonetheless, I paid for it because shelling out $400 then was a better option than having worn out teeth, a persistent achy jaw and headaches.

By the time I needed a second mouth guard for TMJ, I had a new dentist. This dentist wanted to charge me $600, which is where I drew the line.

I started searching for a cheap mouthguard for TMJ by buying night guards at the drugstore, but as it goes, they all sucked. I started to think that $600 at the dentist was worth it. That’s what they want you to think.

Luckily, I found a way to make a custom night guard for TMJ right at home that costs way less than the dentist.

Woman wearing a custom mouth guard for TMJ made at home

It’s been over five years now that I’ve been using this custom dental mouth guard for TMJ while sleeping, and I’m so happy to know that I’ll never have to shell out extra hundreds of dollars at the dentist’s office again.

Want to get the homemade mouth guard for TMJ I have asap? Get it here.

The Custom DIY Mouth Guard for TMJ for Much, Much Less

After searching for multiple companies, I found this custom dental mouth guard company who helps you make a mouth guard for TMJ, while sleeping right at home.

Instead of paying $400 or $600, these custom TMJ fitted night mouth guards range from $159 to $199 *depending how intense your teeth grinding is.

*Note: I know the title of my post says “cheap” and this cost may still not be cheap enough for you, but it is the best value I could find for the quality and it is way cheaper than the dentist office still! For me it hasn’t been worth wasting money on drug store brand mouth guards for TMJ*

For me personally, since it’s really bad, I get the hard night guard for heavy grinding at night, and for the daytime, like when I’m sleeping on an airplane or I’m having a really bad day while working, I use the ultra thin mouth guard as a dayguard.

I’ve now been using these custom mouth guards for TMJ since 2015 and they haven’t failed me since. Because of the lesser cost, I can now get them more frequently too instead of waiting until the original is falling apart, which apparently is really bad for your jaw since your teeth tend to shift around.

Overall, it’s my choice for the best custom TMJ fitted night guard because of both function and price.

Reliable Home made Mouth Guard for TMJ Company

What I love about this custom dental guard company is that they guarantee 100% satisfaction or 110% money back guarantee.

Also if you’re not 100% satisfied, instead of getting your money back, they’ll make free adjustments until you’re satisfied.

I don’t think you will need adjustments if you make your impression properly but I would take them up on their offer for adjustments (instead of returning and getting your money back) since this will save you more money than going to the dentist.

How to Make Your Own DIY Mouth Guard at Home in Five Minutes Without a Dentist

Woman wearing a custom mouth guard for TMJ made at home

Once you order this custom mouth guard for TMJ, you will get a package with two different color putties and two trays. One is for your upper teeth and one is for your lower teeth; I like to use the lower tray.

  • When you’re ready to make your impressions, lay out the two putties and have your phone out to set a timer on. Go brush your teeth and wash and completely dry your hands.
  • Once you’re all cleaned up, open the plastic bags, and set a timer for 30 seconds. Then quickly mix together the two different colors of putty. I use all my fingers and especially my thumbs to really mix the putty together within 30 seconds. It’s important to get it all mixed together properly within 30 seconds because the putty combined starts to harden! This is why I recommend a timer.
  • After mixing the putty, you’ll roll it into a hot dog shape, and put it into your impression tray. Once it’s in there, use a mirror to place the tray inside your mouth making sure that the tab sticking out is in the center.
  • When the tray is in the right position, use your fingers to press the tray down onto your teeth. DO NOT BITE DOWN.
  • Now let the tray hang out in your mouth for a full four minutes without moving it around or biting down on it. You may drool a little (or a lot like me) with this bulky thing in your mouth, but be patient so that the impression of your teeth is perfect!
  • Once the four minutes is up, pull the tray in a downward motion to remove it. Don’t wiggle it, and definitely make sure to wait the four minutes.
  • After you remove it, run it under cold water, and let it air dry fully. Keep it in the tray too.

Congratulations. You just made a custom TMJ fitted mouth guard for a fraction of what it would cost at the dentist and in only 5 minutes from start to finish!

FAQ About Night Guards

What’s the benefit of using a night guard for teeth grinding?

For me, using a night guard for teeth grinding has helped my jaw soreness the next day.

Besides easing jaw muscle pain, for those who teeth grind heavily, it can help protect teeth that get damaged by grinding. For example, I know someone who ground their teeth so much at night, the nerves in their teeth got exposed and they had to get surgery! ouch.

Overall, it helps your jaw muscles and teeth.

What are the different types of night guards available?

There are different night guards available in terms of thickness and material.

  • The Hybrid Night Guard is 2MM thick and comprised of hard material on the outside and soft material on the inside.
  • The Hard Night Guard, on the other hand, is thinner at 1.5MM thick and made entirely of hard materials.
  • The Ultra Thin Guard has a thickness of only 1MM, making it barely visible, and it uses light to moderate materials. This might be good for daytime grinding at work, for example.
  • Lastly, the Soft Night Guard is also 1.5MM thick but has flexible and soft material composition.

See them all here.

What is the whole process of ordering a custom-fitted night guard from an online retailer?

I share above how to make the impressions step-by-step but overall, even before you get the kit to make them, you’d choose the type of night guard you want.

Once you receive the kit, then you’d take the impressions at home and send them back in.

Once the custom guards are made, then they’d be mailed to you!

Are these night guards HSA/FSA eligible?

Please double check on their site but according to Pro Teeth, their night guards are generally HSA/FSA eligible.

Nonetheless there is a 110% money back guarantee.

So what do you think?  Are you up to saving hundreds of dollars on the best custom mouth guard for TMJ?

Get your custom night guard for sleeping here!

If you need more tips than just about a nightguard, then read my post on how to fix TMJ here.


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