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The New York Pizza Tour You Need to Take (Local Approved ‘Slice of Brooklyn’ Tour)

Want to go on a New York pizza tour that’s created by a local and also approved by me, a local? Then check out this Brooklyn pizza tour that picks you up in Manhattan.

Having been raised in Queens and lived in Manhattan, I never thought of going on a New York pizza tour. I always thought going on tours was a super touristy thing to do… but I was so wrong.

This pizza tour is such a fun activity to do with friends, family and really anyone who doesn’t want to wait in line for Grimaldi’s or take public transportation out to Coney Island. If it wasn’t for A Slice of Brooklyn, who knows when this New Yorker would’ve experience these must-dos.

With this tour, you go to two famous spots in Brooklyn but you have nothing to worry about in terms of transportation. The bus picks you up in Manhattan, but we’ll get into all the good details in a second so keep reading for my experience and tips.

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What You’ll Get With This New York Pizza Tour

2 Types of Pizza

The main focal point of this tour is pizza! As a result, this New York pizza tour brings you two renowned pizza places: Grimaldi’s and L&B Spumoni Gardens.

I'm a local but couldn't help exploring Brooklyn with a local on the Slice of Brooklyn Pizza tour. We went to Grimaldi's and Spumoni's too. Click through to read more about it!

Grimaldi’s is a famous Neapolitan-style pizza place in DUMBO, which usually has suuuper long lines. With the tour, you get to skip the line and enjoy a couple of pieces within a few minutes of sitting down.

As you eat, you’ll learn about how the pizza is made, where the ingredients come from and the oven itself, which is quite fascinating (for foodies).

The pizza met my expectations and more. The dough had a superb glutinous chew but was also crispy from their coal burning oven. The ingredients were fresh and simple. For example, the sauce is simply tomatoes imported from Italy puréed and nothing more, and the cheese is made locally by a local family-run Brooklyn mozzarella maker.

Grimaldi’s had been on my NYC bucket list forever, and if it weren’t for A Slice of Brooklyn, I really don’t know when I would’ve gone to have this pizza.

You can book the tour here.

I'm a local but couldn't help exploring Brooklyn with a local on the Slice of Brooklyn Pizza tour. We went to Grimaldi's and Spumoni's too. Click through to read more about it!

L&B Spumoni Gardens is a famous Sicilian-style all the way out in Gravesend, Brooklyn. Again, if it weren’t for this Brooklyn pizza tour, I would’ve never gone to this old school restaurant since it’s further out than I usual travel.

As expected, as a part of this New York pizza tour, you get to skip the lines and get served almost immediately. While you eat your two+ slices of pizza, you’ll learn about this family-run business, which is New York Italian as you can get, and how the pizza is made.

What makes Spumoni’s sicilian so different from other sicilian slices is that they have the dough, mozzarella, and then sauce (not dough, sauce and mozzarella). The cheese melts into the dough and creates a gooey texture that sticks to your teeth when you bite into the pizza.

It was a welcome treat since I usually only eat Neapolitan style and New York style pizza.

Book the tour here to try this type of pizza.

Pick Up In Manhattan

Even though this is a Brooklyn pizza tour, there is a bus that picks you up in Manhattan, which is convenient for those staying in Manhattan.

It picks you up right near Union Square and drops you off at the same point after this 4.5 hour tour.

4.5 Hours of Local Brooklyn Insight

This New York pizza tour lasts for 4.5 hours. In addition to the pizza spots you eat at, it brings you to see:

  • Manhattan Bridge in passing
  • Williamsburg Bridge in passing
  • Brooklyn Bridge for photos
  • Sunset Park in passing
  • Verrazano Narrows Bridge in passing
  • Shore Road Park in passing
  • Coney Island for a walk

Whether you’re passing one of the famous New York landmarks or actually stopping to take a stroll, you will learn so many fun facts and even cultural insight about these places.

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As a New Yorker, I loved learning more about Brooklyn so deeply. All my friends who live in Williamsburg, Bushwick, or DUMBO moved there about 10 years ago so don’t have the born and bred insight that Tony has from seeing Brooklyn evolve in the past few decades.

They certainly don’t have Tony’s Brooklyn accent or the deeply rooted love he has for his borough. His passion for Brooklyn runs so deep that he started the Slice of Brooklyn tours specifically to show out-of-towners (even locals like me) that New York City has more to offer than Manhattan.

For example, when we were at Coney Island, he told us He even had stories from his childhood about how you used to be able to walk under the boardwalk to get to the beach, but because of shady Brooklyn business going on under there, the city shoveled a ton of sand under the boardwalk to prevent people from hanging out there. Now, everyone has to walk on top of the boardwalk to get to the beach, but it’s all in the name of safety.

I'm a local but couldn't help exploring Brooklyn with a local on the Slice of Brooklyn Pizza tour. We went to Grimaldi's and Spumoni's too. Click through to read more about it!

Tony taught us about the history of Brooklyn, what’s going on in the Brooklyn neighborhoods nowadays, and even who’s living in these million dollar homes you’ll pass by.

The coolest part of the bus ride (besides the sights we passed) was that Tony curated clips of movies with Brooklyn scenes and drove us through exactly where they were filmed while they played. It really helped us envision Brooklyn in another time period and from different perspectives.

How to Book This Pizza Tour

To book this pizza tour in Brooklyn, head to this link.

All in all, this New York pizza tour was a ton of fun, tasty and quite insightful for both locals and tourists of any age. Don’t miss out on it!

Book here.

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The New York Pizza Tour You Need to Take

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