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Trendiest Shops for Petite Clothing Online

Want to know where to shop for a petite clothing line that’s actually trendy? Check out where I shop.

I am so happy for all these options for petite clothing online. To my fellow petite trendsetters, long gone are the days when the only petite clothing options were limited to Ann Taylor and Old Navy.

Now there are a ton of options for petite clothing online that are trendy and cute. Here are my favorite places to shop for petite women’s clothing online.

Favorite Petite Clothing Online Shop: ASOS

My experience for the best online shopping for petites has been with ASOS mainly because of their easy delivery and returns policy. I generally order about $200-300 worth of clothes, try it all on at home at my own leisure and then return whatever I don’t want in their easy-to-pack return bag.

Of course, all their clothing is super trendy and there’s lots to choose from.

Perks of ASOS:

Shop at ASOS.

Best Shop for Petite Jeans: American Eagle

When I told my fellow petite friend that I was going to Ann Taylor for jeans because I was struggling to find jeans that fit me well, she told me that’s where more mature women shop. She’s the one who turned me onto American Eagle for jeans, and this has been a total game changer in my petite wardrobe!

They have an amazing selection of trendy jeans, which you can filter by Short (petite) or X-Short (extra petite).

Even Mike, my husband, loves shopping for his jeans and pants at American Eagle because of the style and fits.

Shop at American Eagle for jeans.

Unique, Aesthetic Petite Clothing Store: Petite Studio

This petite online shop is a petite woman’s dream. Everything in this store is designed for a petite woman, even the jewerly!

Their designs are an absolute dream too. They’re unique and have an aesthetic vibe that’s perfect for frolicking in flower fields or sipping tea at a café in Paris.

Shop at Petite Studio for everything from dresses to jewelry.

Affordable Petite Clothing Store Online: Boo Hoo

Out of all petite clothing stores I’ve seen, Boo Hoo seems the most affordable. They have really stylish clothing and great basics.

Shop at Boo Hoo for affordable petite clothing.

Street Style Petite Clothing Online: Top Shop

Top Shop has a ton of up-to-date looks but the clothes that stand out the most on their site are their street-style clothing. Think fresh of the streets, New York City chic.

Shop at Top Shop for petite street style clothing.

Petite Clothing in the UK: Pretty Little Things

Petite Clothing Online in the UK

Pretty Little Things ships worldwide like they did for me, but if you’re looking for a petite clothing UK online shop, then PLT is the trendy shop for you!

I recently got a cute pink bucket hat and petite white joggers et from the petite section at Pretty Little Things, which is a UK based online store. They ship worldwide.

Shop at Pretty Little Things UK online shop.

Petite Clothing Online for Business Casual or Formal Looks: J. Crew

If you need petite clothing for work, formal events and even holidays, J. Crew is the place to go. There’s also Ann Taylor but J. Crew is a bit more modern and has a gorgeous formal line.

I hope this post helps you with shopping for petite clothing online! Share the wealth on best online shopping for petites by pinning this post to Pinterest.

Thanks for stopping by! xo.

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Be Nice

Saturday 16th of October 2021

It’s very rude to post comments about shopping at Ann Taylor for jeans because it’s what women in their 40’s do. OBNOXIOUS indeed! You’ll be ;icky to get that age and having some class in dressing is more attractive than wearing cheap clothing without lining to look trashy in the name of sexy. Even older women want to look sexy ….they actually earned it.

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