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7 Places to Eat in Rotterdam

Want to know the best places to eat in Rotterdam? Check a restaurant in Rotterdam or two that I love!

When I moved to Amsterdam in 2015, there was something I was very disappointed in– the food scene. Yes, you can find good food but compared to New York (where I’m from), the price-quality ratio here is incomparable. This is especially true for Asian food like Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese in Amsterdam.

However, be still my Asian foodie heart, when I went to Rotterdam a few weeks ago, I found delicious ramen and pho in addition to good Western food. In just one weekend in Rotterdam, I discovered a handful of places I loved whereas in Amsterdam, it’s taken me over a year of continuous trial and error.

Now I consistently go back to Rotterdam a few times a year just to eat good food! Here’s a list of places to eat in Rotterdam.

Hinoki Noodles

If you want authentic Japanese ramen, then Hinoki is the place to go. They import their noodles from Japan and store them at an optimal temperature so by the time they’re cooked and served, the texture of the noodles combined with their ability to cling to the broth soothes your palette and soul. The broth at Hinoki Noodles is on the lighter side and makes for a great ramen that won’t weigh you down.

What to Get: My husband has been here three times over two trips, and every time has gotten the Special Black Garlic Ramen. I’ve also gotten that one and the one without the black garlic. They’re all really good. I also recommend getting Karaage as an appetizer. It’s five pieces of tender fried chicken.

Good to Know: This place has vegetarian and no pork options. See the menu here.

Address: Keizerstraat 52

Located Near: Blaak station, Cube Houses, Markthal, Cool District

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Grand Garden

Grand Garden is one of the best places to eat in Rotterdam
We went right at opening at 11:30AM. By 12:00PM, it was basically full!

UPDATE June 14, 2021: So sad to hear that the internet says this Rotterdam restaurant in closed.

Wow– just wow. Mike and I found Grand Garden by chance simply because it was across the street from The James Hotel where we were staying. We decided to eat there for lunch one day and fell in love.

It was quickly added to our favorite places to eat in Rotterdam (Hinoki Noodles being the other one), and it is now our favorite dim sum restaurant in the Netherlands.

What to Get: Mike and I both loved the mixed mushroom dumpling in the glutinous wrapper. Even meat-lovers will be blown away by the flavor and texture of this dumpling! This was by far our favorite item.

I really enjoyed the vegetarian rice crepes, which was PACKED with veggies and a fried layer of tofu skin, but Mike liked the pork version better.

I’d get these ba paos (right) with a mix of shrimp and pork in them. The meat mixture is generous and goes to the end of the pastries. Also, they have a slight grilled taste.

For dessert, get this fluffy bread that you dip in condensed milk. Order it at the end though so that it’s to its max. hot, fluffy texture!

UPDATE June 14, 2021: So sad to hear that the internet says this Rotterdam restaurant in closed.

Good to Know: This place has vegetarian options.

Address: Aert van Nesstraat 4

Located Near: in the Cool District, near Markthal

Pho Hanoi

Pho Hanoi is one of the best places to eat Pho bo in Rotterdam

Out of all the phos I’ve tried in the Netherlands, Pho Hanoi has broth taste, meat rawness and types, and even noodle thickness that I enjoy. It’s a no frills type place so it’s all about the food, not the ambiance. However, on a nice day, you can sit out on the square that’s full of cozy cafes and independent shops.

What to Get: Pho bo (traditional beef noodle soup) and Goi Cuon (summer rolls with shrimp)

Good to Know: This place has vegetarian options.

Address: Botersloot 58A

Located Near: Blaak station, Cube Houses, Markthal, Laurenskerk

P.S. I’ve been to two pho places in Rotterdam over my two trips there. This place is the better one.

Tip: There’s lots of cute Rotterdam shopping spots near here!


Before diving into your food, you will be wowed by the decor of this restaurant, or rather, this restaurant/gallery. It is full of knick-knacks, art, and vintage furniture, and for lack of better words, is one of the really cool places to eat in Rotterdam. But to be honest, I’m not into how a place looks when it comes to restaurants. It’s all about the food, and luckily here, the food is on point. Everything is cooked to the right temperature and has the right flavors and sauces to complement whatever the star of the dish.

What to Get: I believe the menu changes, but when I came here I got the calamari in tomato sauce appetizer and duck breast as a main course. Considering that those two very different dishes that most places cannot do well were good, I’d feel ok with choosing anything on their menu!

Good to Know: This place has vegetarian options.

Address: Veerlaan 19a

Located Near: National Photography Museum, Pinball Museum, and in a neighborhood that reminds me of Brooklyn about 10 years ago


Ever go to a European city and have trouble finding a decent salad, or at the very least, something healthy to eat? Well, that’s not a problem if you are looking for places to eat in Rotterdam with Sajoer around. This spot is the vegan or health-conscious person’s dream eatery. It’s full of sweet and savory juices, acai bowls, soups, and drinks.

What to Get: I got the acai bowl, which was tasty and surprisingly so filling. For someone who eats a lot, I really had to struggle to finish it. Oh the pain.

Address: Botersloot 46A

Located Near: Blaak station, Cube Houses, Markthal, Laurenskerk

Lof der Zoetheid

Lof der Zoetheid is full of tempting desserts and pastries and is a great spot to come in the afternoon after a day of shopping or playing tourist. If you’re a tea lover like me, you’ll be quite impressed with the quality of their tea as well as the presentation. You get a bunch of looseleaf teas in jars, scoop what you want into a tea bag, then pop it into your glass of hot water.

What to Get: Not exaggerating– every dessert was delicious. As you can see, we tried a bunch. Also, if you like tea, then get the house blend named after the cafe.

Address: Noordplein 1

Located Near: a good shopping street that has &designshop, Kitchen Supply Store, and a specialty whiskey store

Op Het Dak

I fell in love with Op Het Dak’s concept as soon as I entered the restaurant. They have their own garden, which they source from, and use local, organic, and sustainable products. For those who care about where their food comes from, this is an absolute dream. Also, being able to walk around the garden and see Rotterdam from a rooftop is quite reviving.

The best foods to get here are anything with the fresh greens and herbs from the garden so opt for a dish with more raw veggies than not!

Address: Schiekade 189

Now you no longer need to wonder about the places to eat in Rotterdam.

Now what are you waiting for? Enjoy yourself, and eat!

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Thanks for making it all the way down to the end of this post.

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Till then, thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!


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Places to Eat in Rotterdam

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