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22 Awesome Places to Visit Around the World

Let this list of awesome places to visit around the world help you with where to go for your next trip.

Are you planning your future trips and looking for some awesome places to visit? There are so many gorgeous places in the world to travel to. It’s definitely hard to choose where to go next.

I’ve been traveling for 16 years and have been to 27 countries. Here are some amazing countries and places that I’ve written about.

Places to Visit in Asia


Indonesia is a county unlike any other that one may think of for a destination, for the very nation itself will give you plenty of reasons to drop by. Boasting its moniker as the largest archipelago nation in the world, you cannot go wrong visiting this country of approximately seven-thousand island gilded with natural beauty.

Among these that stand out is the island heaven of Bali, which has become a prime destination for travelers around the globe. Piaynemo also offers majestic jeweled islands and islets located in West Papua.

When it comes to cultural attractions, they have the Buddhist monuments of Borobudur which was built by one of the ancient Buddhist dynasties of Indonesia

You don’t want to miss its cuisine that offers dishes with various influences such as Gago-gado, Nasi Goreng, and many more! These rich and mouthwatering delights can be found anywhere within the country with different regional variations.

You also do not want to miss how friendly and welcoming the locals are! Indonesia is definitely one beautiful and unique country that you must try to visit in your lifetime.

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Japan is one of the places to visit - the cherry blossoms in this picture can't be missed.

Japan is ripe with vibrancy; the food, the landscape and all around culture of the country make it a bucket-list worthy place to visit. Depending on the season, you may end out seeing the cherry blossoms bloom in the Spring or the beauty of the Zao Snow Monsters in the winter.

Starting in a major city like Tokyo will drop you into a hub of innovation and culture. With bright lights, creative architecture and variety of tempting foods, there is always something to do and see! After you get your fill of the city, make your way outside of the bustle to rural Japan. Soak in a natural hot spring, hike through valleys, and wander from town to town admiring all the rich culture and beauty that Japan has to offer.

Some people travel to Japan simply to enjoy the peaceful and natural landscape, making it a welcoming escape for everyone who chooses to make the journey.

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South Korea

History is lush in all of Asia. There are so many places to visit in South Korea overflowing with it! From Seoul to Busan, to the many islands surrounding them, the country is teeming with opportunities to explore.

If you’re interested in fashion, head to Seoul during their fashion week – models, artists and celebrities travel from all over the world to watch for the newest trends. Don’t forget to check out the variety of markets, including Korean street foods and beauty products. South Korea is famous for skincare and the MyeongDong District is a popular destination for all.

Outside of the cities, there are mountains and famous temples, rich with stories from the times of South Korea’s various dynasties.

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Thailand is one of the most affordable places to visit in Asia, with the plane ticket typically being one of the more expensive parts of your adventure. Loaded with tasty food from street vendors, happy people and stunning scenery, it’s no wonder this country is a top destination!

Bangkok itself has plenty to do: shrines, rooftop bars, and people watching will keep you occupied for hours. Visit the country’s capitol, Chiang Mai, and explore the temples by bicycle. Take a tour of a monastery and learn about the Sak Yant tattoo – a blessed tattoo given by a holy man.

Don’t forget to visit the famous limestone karsts in Railay! Enjoy the soft sand on the beach or head out by boat to soak in the crystal clear waters of the ocean. Thailand is a destination not to be missed.

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From Sapa to Hanoi, Halong Bay and everything in between, Vietnam is overflowing with beauty and culture. Nothing like walking through the streets and smelling the variety of foods, bahn mi in hand.

The rice fields in Sapa are stunning – the sunset over the flowing stalks is a memory of a lifetime. Stop in Halong Bay to dip your toes in the blue waters on a cruise or make your way to Ninh Binh to see the Dragon Mountain. If you’re looking for a truly authentic and local experience, head to Mekong Delta to end your trip with a private tour through the coconut farms of Vietnam.

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Places to Visit in Europe


Belgium is most popular for its thousands of locally crafted beers, flemish fries, chocolate and waffles. Let it be known that you’ll probably be drinking and eating your maximum carb intake!

Antwerp is for shopping, and Brussels is for art. Head to Bruges for their many Michelin restaurants, and Ghent for the Ghentse Feesten – a city wide folk festival, similar to Oktoberfest in Germany.

Czech Republic

Filled with hiking paths and beer gardens, the Czech Republic is a sure thing. Prague is known for delicious cafes and stunning structures in the center of the city.

On your way outside of the city, stop by one of the many colorful castles you can find in the countryside. Additionally, just two hours north of Prague you can find several natural parks, including Bohemian Switzerland, which is where several scenes from The Chronicles of Narnia were filmed. Prachov Rocks is similarly famous for its comparison to Yosemite National Park.


England is a great place to visit - be sure to check out the iconic architecture in London.

The birth place of Harry Potter, England is full of accents and sites to see. Besides the London eye and Station 9 and 3/4ths, London is packed with delicious restaurants and Instagram-worthy architecture.

When you decide to venture outside the capitol, make your way to Manchester! Home to two of Englands top football teams, this city is full of passion and pubs.

And finally, when you’re ready to relax a bit, pop over to bohemian Brighton for the beach, and fun colored seaside houses.

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Known for its contemporary designs and some of the most satisfied people in the world, Finland is worth the trip. Northern Finland has snow year round, and you can easily book a dog sled ride to give you an hour long tour.

After your snow adventure, head back to Helsinki! It’s here that you’ll find the last few public saunas that still exist in the country. Warm up with some steam, and then head to an outdoor market for lunch.

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Another awesome place to visit, is Paris France! The Eiffel Tower is stunning to see from all angles during your visit.

Despite the many places to visit in France, the most obvious place to start your journey is in Paris! After seeing the more tourist-centric destinations, make your way to the Parisian canals for food and a beautiful view.

Take the train to Reims to enjoy and celebrate the birth of champagne, and then to Cannes for the beautiful beaches of the French Riviera.


Kicking off your trip in Germany, you’ll land in either Munich, Frankfurt, or Dusseldorf – all of which have a great food and city scene. Germany is quite an international hub, full of students and freelancers.

Berlin is especially known for its social environment, including cool clubs and pop up restaurants. If you make it to Northern Germany, have a night in Hamburg! This port town has lots to explore on the water and public transport is easily navigated.

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Greece is a popular destination for a variety of reasons. The beautiful beaches, gorgeous architecture, food and strong history are all equally worth a visit.

Athens is packed with activities and ancient buildings, and hosts some of the tastiest Mousakka in Greece. If you’re looking for private beaches and crystal clear waters, head to some of the Greek islands. The most notable island is Santorini, but be sure to check out Paros, Corfu and Crete to get the full experience.

If you’re traveling here, you need to check out the food and drink in Greece. The food scene is unbelievable!


When you think of Iceland, you’re probably thinking of cold weather.. and the Blue Lagoon! Both are fun, but there’s more to Iceland than jackets and geothermal lakes.

The landscape is lush, green (if you go there in July), and dramatic with both sharp cliffs, flat land, and beauty at every turn. Renting a car is definitely the best way to see everything in Iceland.

Reykjavik has an amazing music scene, with several fun festivals and international popular artists.


After getting your fill of Dublin’s gorgeous castles, the Trinity College Dublin Library and the many iconic breweries and distilleries in the city, it’s time for a road trip to Ireland’s famous landmarks.

You could also pop on a train, if you’re not interested in braving the winding roads of Ireland. Either way, you have to see Howth’s Head, Cliffs of Mohr, and at least a few of the cute and charming towns along the way.

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You come to Italy for the pasta, and you stay for the pasta.

Head to Milan, the fashion capitol of the world; Florence for gelato and history; Bologna, for the cooking classes and famous arch pathways. Each city holds something unique and worthy of experiencing. Expect to eat your weight in delicious food and enjoy many a bottle of wine in Tuscany!


The canals of Amsterdam should definitely be on your awesome places to visit list.

The Netherlands isn’t just home to the Amsterdam canals and 24/7 night life. There are many places to visit such as the largest tulip farm in the world, national parks and beautiful international cities. Eat stroopwaffels in Gronigen, rent a boat in Giethoorn and enjoy the modern touches of Rotterdam.

This country prides itself on its cleanliness and their progressive policies. If you’re here in July or August, you can enjoy their massive Pride celebration!

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From Edinburough to the free-ranging reindeer, Scotland has a little bit for everyone. Discover castles along the coastlines, famous filming locations from Harry Potter and Outlander, the Scottish Highlands and some delicious pub fare.

Your itinerary will be full with tons of places to visit in Scotland in a short amount of time.

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Southern Europe is full of character and Spain holds a big part of the credit! Antoni Gaudi’s famous architecture in Barcelona, the beaches of Marbella (where we enjoyed our Spain honeymoon), the youthful vibes of up-and-coming Malaga, all unique but rife with Spanish elegance.

Eat your way through the country, stopping in Valencia and then enjoying the calm of the famous Mezquita cathedral in Cordoba.

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Places to Visit in North America


From Prince Edward Island in Nova Scotia to the bustling metropolis of Vancouver, Canada has much to explore.

Toronto is one of the homes to Second City, a world famous improv troupe, so expect to spot an occasional comedian roaming the Downtown and Old Toronto neighborhoods.

Calgary’s food tours and modern interior design make it a great place to stop for creative pictures.

United States of America

Another awesome place to visit is New York City. Be sure to check out the Statue of Liberty.

When traveling to the United States of America, there’s no doubt you’ll have a full plate of activities.

California has everything from the Mojave Desert sand dunes to the Red Wood forest, which you can tackle by car or train; On the East Coast, the beauty and lights of New York City, all the way to the beaches of sunny Florida. Let’s not forget all the most visited USA parks!


Jamaica is one of the best countries to visit if you want to experience breathtaking nature. Explore hidden caves, waterfalls, white sand beaches, vast blue ocean waters and coves.

You will also fall in love with the local people and their culture from their positive way of living to their love of music, dancing and singing. They also offer mouth-watering dishes rich in their culture and traditions.

When you visit Jamaica, make sure you prepare the best OOTDs and go on an adventure!

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Places to Visit in South America


There’s a big reason behind why Aruba is called “One Happy Island”. Arubans are known for their hospitality and being exceptionally friendly. Their very rich culture fills the island with joy as they celebrate cultural events and festivals.

If you want to enjoy one the best Caribbean sceneries, Aruba has some of the best and whitest sand beaches in the world! Also for thrill-seekers and adventures, Aruba is also known for windsurfing and kitesurfing. It also have some of the best diving spots in the world because of the vast sea life and and WII wrecks.

Aruba is the top choice if you’re planning a trip this summer!

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Are you planning to travel to any of these awesome places to visit? Let me know if you do!

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