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The Perfect Portable Baby Bathtub (That We Used for Our 5 Day Greece Trip)

We used this portable baby bathtub for our 7 month old baby girl in Greece and it was perfect!

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We traveled to Greece recently with our 7 month old baby girl and knew our hotel would not have a bathtub. We didn’t want to hold her in the shower every time we had to give her a bath and wanted her to have some independent playtime in the bathtub.

We thought about bringing a non slip mat for the shower but that meant running the shower with baby Zephyr and also being in there to support her since she’s not the best at sitting.

To make it easier on us and give Zephyr some time in the bath by herself, we brought this portable baby bathtub and it was perfect.

We actually used this inflatable baby bathtub for more than just bath time and will be using it at home too!

Read on to find why this baby bath tub was perfect for our trip and what you might need too.

TLDR~ This portable baby bathtub was easy to pack, blow up and fold up for the trip back home. Because it’s an inflatable baby bathtub, the sides are soft and comfortable for baby. It’s such a good value at $13.99. Check it out here.

Portable Baby Bathtub

How do you bathe a baby while traveling?

There are a few options for bathing baby while traveling:

Out of all these options, we opted for the Infantino inflatable baby bathtub. Keep on reading for many reasons why!

How portable is this portable baby bathtub?

Besides being comfortable for baby, I wanted the baby bathtub I got to be very portable as in it folds up small into our suitcase, and more importantly, can easily be packed up on the way home.

I looked up a few options and thought an inflatable baby bathtub would be the best way to go as it could more easily fold up into a suitcase than some hard, collapsible options.

Out of all the inflatable tubs, we opted for Infantino whale tub because of its portability and cute design for the baby. How fun is it to play in a whale!

foldable baby bathtub
travel baby bathtub

Originally, I got the Infantino baby bathtub knowing it’d fit into our large suitcase. But after unboxing it and folding it back up after a trip, I realize it can also fold into a carry on luggage or even a backpack!

You can take this on a trip abroad like we did to Greece, to grandparents’ house for a day or a weekend trip to another city.

It folds up small making it truly portable.

Note: The bathtub comes with 10 fun, colorful balls! These may not be “portable” if you don’t have the space for it. They’re pretty soft so we were able to fit it into our suitcase at the end in random pockets of space.

How do you use this travel baby bathtub?

This baby bathtub is so easy to use for travel.

All you have to do is unfold it and blow it up!

Then whenever baby is ready for a bath, put it on a flat surface, fill it up with water, throw in a bathtub thermometer and add the balls that the tub came with if you travel with them.

Put in the baby and voila! Enjoy bath time with your baby while traveling.

portable baby bathtub

Personal Insight After Blowing It Up

Mike blew it up and said it was pretty easy. I had tried to bring a pump for him, which he said no to because it would take up too much space.

After he blew it up at the hotel fairly quickly, he lovingly reminded me how I like to create solutions for things that don’t need it because they’re easy as is, which is a beige flag of mine. 😅

I think I was a failing inventor in the past~ the kind that spends more hours thinking of extravagant solutions for things that already have a quick and easy solution.

Personal Insight After Bathing the Baby

I was very comfortable bathing the baby in this bathtub because of its inflatable, soft sides! Zephyr is not the best at sitting up and occasionally falls but I wasn’t worried about her getting hurt in here at all.

Of course, Zephyr loved playing with the whale tail, which has jingly balls in it, and also the balls that it came with.

Personal Insight After Packing It Up for Home

foldable baby bathtub

Whenever we go on a trip, I will definitely be bringing this bathtub again because it’s so easy to pack, inflate and deflate.

We let the bathtub dry out in the sun, and while holding the hole you blow in it, I rolled it up with a bit of force then packed it away in the suitcase. It is an easy foldable baby bathtub to use.

Get the same bathtub we used for our Greece trip here.

Is this bathtub only for travel?

This bathtub is not only for travel! It can be used at homes in various situations such as if you have:

  • a small apartment without lots of storage space for a hard bathtub,
  • a huge bathtub where the baby needs lots of support in,
  • another caretaker’s home where the baby goes
  • or no bathtub at all.

What age is this portable baby bathtub suitable for?

This bathtub is suitable for babies and toddlers the ages of 6-24 months or any baby/child up to 40 lbs.

Whatever age your child is though, always be within arm’s reach while they use this product.

Did your baby like this bathtub?

infantino baby bathtub

No matter how we like a bathtub and how much it put me at ease while traveling, the true test of time is whether the baby liked it or not and our baby LOVED it!

We sat her both ways: facing the tail and away from the whale tail. She liked facing the tail because the tail has these little balls in it that jingled.

She also loved the fun colorful balls that the tub came with. As mentioned above, they’re pretty soft so we were able to pack them after we packed everything else in random pockets of space.

Get the same bathtub that our baby has here.

Thanks for making it all the way down to the end of this post about the travel baby bathtub we brought to Greece.

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Till then, thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!


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The Perfect Portable Baby Bathtub

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