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2 Must-Visit Restaurants in Hiram Georgia

Looking for delicious and fun restaurants in Hiram Georgia to eat at? These are must visit restaurants!

In September, I visited my sister right outside Atlanta and wanted to go to some special restaurants in Hiram Georgia since it’s been awhile since I saw her.

I found two really fun restaurants that I will 100% go back to when I visit her.

I went to the first restaurant with just my 11-year old nephew as a belated birthday treat, and the entire time he was saying “woah” and “cool”.

I went to the second restaurant with just my sister so we could have a special sister dinner together, and we had so much fun with this unique experience at least for me because I’m from the north.

Anyways, both restaurants in Hiram GA are awesome for special night outs or just to have a nice time together as a family.

Without further ado, here are the restaurants that I loved eating at.

Wild Crab Seafood & Bar

seafood restaurants in Hiram Georgia
restaurants in Hiram Georgia
seafood restaurants in Hiram Georgia

Wild Crab Seafood & Bar is exactly as it sounds.

It’s a restaurant and bar that brings “Louisiana’s famous Cajun boil […] to your backyard”.

You choose:

  • various types of seafood that you want in your Cajun boil such as lobster, crab, shrimp, mussels, etc.,
  • a sauce,
  • and the heat of your boil. How spicy can you handle your food?

If you don’t want to choose, then you can also pick from their pre-picked combo options.

Because the food is so saucey, they give you a bib and gloves to eat your food with so it stays clean.

Besides being one of the freshest restaurants in Hiram Georgia to have seafood, they also have great Southern appetizers on their menu like:

  • Hush puppies
  • Fried green tomatoes
  • Gumbo soup
  • Fried okra
  • and more.

We personally ordered:

  • $26 – Combo A with 1/2 LB Black Mussel, 1/2 LB Shrimp and 1/2 LB Snow Crab
  • $4 – Hush puppies
  • Two sweet teas

If you’re looking for a different type of restaurant in Hiram GA to eat at, then definitely check out Wild Crab!

Wild Crab
Website, Google Maps

Taki Japanese Steakhouse

above are stock photos – I unfortunately only have photos of my nephew here

For a really unique and fun experience at one of the best Japanese restaurants in Hiram Georgia, you’ll want to go to Taki Japanese Steakhouse.

Taki Japanese Steakhouse is a restaurant where you can get your dinner cooked on a hibachi (grill) right in front of you. It’s an interactive dinner experience since you get to watch the chef cook your food and also do some cool tricks with the food.

I generally go to Japanese hibachi as a special occasion or when I want to have a fun meal with my nephew as it’s entertaining to watch them cook and do tricks with the food.

We personally ordered:

  • $29 Shrimp and Filet Mignon + $2.50 for fried rice
  • $30 Filet Mignon and Scallops
  • Two drinks

Other dishes on their menu start at $14.

Since it was my nephew’s birthday, they brought him an ice cream on the house while singing and banging on a GONG, which makes it a fun place to celebrate a birthday.

Taki Japanese Steakhouse
Website, Google Maps

I hope you enjoy these fun restaurants in Hiram Georgia like we did!

Thanks for making it all the way down to the end of this post.

If you found it to be helpful, you might like what I share on my Instagram @sarchetrit.

Till then, thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!


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2 Must-Visit Restaurants in Hiram Georgia

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