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Revlon Flat Iron Review

This Revlon flat iron review was sponsored by Revlon Hair Tools as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

I’ve gone through my fair share of dual-voltage hair straighteners in the past 10 years since I started traveling.

Besides being able to use the hair straightener anywhere in the world with simply an adapter, I needed one that could handle my thick hair and that I could even use as my everyday one at home.

The latest dual voltage hair straightener, which I started traveling with and using at home, is the Revlon Salon Copper Smooth 1” Flat Iron.

Keep reading why I recommend this one as a budget-friendly travel hair straightener, or if you’re already convinced, buy it here at Target.

Revlon Flat Iron Review for Travelers

For all you wanderlusters, a dual-voltage hair straightener is a must if you plan on traveling with a hair appliance.

Unlike dual-voltage hair straighteners, regular hair straighteners can’t handle the difference in electrical systems in varying countries. You absolutely need one that can convert from a 110V system (like the US has) to a 220V system (like most European countries have) automatically, which is exactly what the Revlon Salon Copper Smooth 1” Flat Iron can do.

To use your Revlon Salon Copper Smooth 1” Flat Iron abroad, simply get an adapter that’ll make your US plug fit into the plug socket of whatever country you’re visiting.

Here’s a post that tells you exactly what plug type you’ll need in the country you’re going to plus the adapter that you’ll want to get.

Smooth and Shiny Hair

Here’s what my hair looked like before. It might seem almost straight but because it’s soo thick, it’s hard finding a straightener that’s easy to work with.

Revlon flat iron review
Revlon flat iron review

Since my hair is extra thick, I need a hair straightener that can keep my hair smooth, shiny, and even moisturized after putting heat on it for 10-15 minutes.

The Revlon flat iron does the trick. It keeps my hair looking and feeling healthy. Overall, it glides through my hair easily making straightening my thick hair a breeze.

Great Value and Budget-Friendly

Considering that I can use the Revlon flat iron worldwide, it makes my hair smooth and shiny with its copper plates, and it has cool features such as a convenient plate lock and 60-minute automatic shut-off, this hair straightener is a great value!

For only $39.99, it is a definite budget-friendly for use at home or on your next trip abroad! It also heats up in only 10 seconds! 

Hope you enjoyed this Revlon flat iron review. If you have any questions, ask in the comments!

Otherwise, you can grab a Revlon Salon Copper Smooth 1” Flat Iron at your local Target. It’s a great place to shop for Revlon essentials because you can get matching Revlon hair styling tools there!

Made it down this far? Then let me know! DM me on Instagram to say hello.

Thanks for stopping by! Xo.

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Revlon Flat Iron Review


Wednesday 17th of April 2019

I prefer my Karmin iron.

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