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Ultimate Guide to the Soft Girl Aesthetic

Everything you want to know about the soft girl aesthetic from soft girl outfits to quotes

If you love the soft girl aesthetic like me, then you’ll love this ultimate guide on everything from soft girl outfits to soft girl quotes.

Soft girls are a different breed. Yes, we love dressing in super feminine and cutesy clothes, but don’t mistake our overtly feminine look and sweet personality for weakness!

Despite our cozy, heart patterned, oversized sweaters that we seem to drown in, we’re all about owning our femininity and showing it off to the world!

Keep reading to find out everything you can about the soft girl aesthetic.

My Personal Journey to the Soft Girl Aesthetic

The soft girl aesthetic is quite popular among teens right now… and no I’m not a teen but that’s what’s so wonderful about being a soft girl. It’s for anyone and everyone because it tailors this soft and sweet, no judgment zone; or at least, that’s my interpretation of it.

Anyways, here’s my personal journey to becoming a soft girl.

From my pre-teens all the way to my early 20s, I definitely experienced some internalized misogany. I idolized women who didn’t wear much makeup and could still be beautiful when being fully covered. I didn’t care for women who acted ditzy, and I definitely had an aggressive mentality towards studying and working.

In my late 20s to my early 30s (hi I’m 32… but don’t let that stop you from seeing all the adorable soft girl outfits below), I’ve embraced being me fully and that means:

  • having pink velvet couch in the living and a pink velvet chaise in the bedroom,
  • filling my life with literally soft things like sheepskins, cozy sweaters and terrycloth sheets,
  • loving the opportunity to wear makeup and get dressed up,
  • embracing my femininity as I want to,
  • being kinder to myself and my body, and as a result, being kinder to all those around me.

Yup, being a soft girl to me is being totally comfortable in whatever I want to wear and not caring what society labels as ‘too girly’. It’s also just being really into me (aka not caring about how others act or wear) and understanding that self-care is not selfish.

As I’ve gotten softer with myself, I’ve gotten softer with those around me, and my personal relationships have even flourished!

But still, because I am soft on the outside doesn’t mean I am soft on the inside. In fact, it’s the opposite. There is strength in softness!

Soft Girl Colors and Patterns

soft girl aesthetic: soft girl colors and patterns
soft girl aesthetic: soft girl colors and patterns
soft girl aesthetic: soft girl colors and patterns

Soft girl colors are generally full of “feminine” colors and soft hues such as pastel pink, baby blue and buttercup yellow. But they definitely don’t have to be limited to that. Soft girl outfits can be made from darker colors if done right!

Soft girl patterns include plaid for sure, hearts and really anything that’s kind of kawaii!

Soft Girl Outfits

Staples to all soft girl outfits include but are not limited to a plaid skirt, oversized sweater and giant hair clips.

Generally soft girl outfits are pulled together with lighter-clothing colors but since soft girl is more than just colors and also about the energy, darker colors can be mixed in as well!

Here’s some soft girl clothing to inspire you for this aesthetic.

Soft Girl Skirts

soft girl aesthetic: soft girl skirts
soft girl aesthetic: soft girl skirts
soft girl aesthetic: soft girl skirts

Blue Plaid Skirt | Pink Plaid Skirt | Tweed Plaid Skirt (for fall)
Green Plaid Skirt (for xmas) | Purple Plaid Skirt | Red Plaid Skirt (for xmas)

Plaid skirts are a must in a soft girl’s closet. You can wear even wear them in the fall and winter with thick leggings!

See more plaid skirts here.

Soft Girl Hoodies and Sweaters

Soft Girl Hoodies and Sweaters
Soft Girl Hoodies and Sweaters
Soft Girl Hoodies and Sweaters
Soft Girl Hoodies and Sweaters
Soft Girl Hoodies and Sweaters
Soft Girl Hoodies and Sweaters

Color Block Hoodie| Cloud Sweater| Pink Floral
Colorful Hearts| “Suck my Balls” Boba Sweatshirt| Teddy Sweater (for xmas)

Soft girl hoodies and sweaters add a touch of coziness to the soft girl wardrobe.

If there’s just one sweater to get, it’s that one with the clouds on it! I use it as my main brand sweater for my blogging TikTok and people are always asking me where I got it from.

That pink “suck my balls” boba sweatshirt is one I designed myself and is available in my Merch shop! Get $5 off with code ‘softgirl’.

Soft Girl Jeans

Soft girl jeans can range from colorful pastels to funky flares. It’s all about what you pair them with, but no matter, you want to be comfy in whatever you wear.

[top left pic] Believe it or not, my favorite pair of soft girl jeans are actually a find on Aliexpress! I first got a pair in purple and I loved the fit so much that I got a second pair in pink.

Note: I am 5’3″ / 160 cm and weight 135 lbs / 61 kg. I got a medium and they’re a little loose to just fits right (depending on the day.

Other great soft girl jeans can have butterflies, be bold in color and have wide legs.

Soft Girl Makeup

Soft girl makeup is pretty simple and totally up to however you like to do your makeup. But if you want the signature soft girl look, put on eyeliner, blush from ear to ear across your nose, fake eyelashes and freckles!

Soft Girl Hairstyles

The best part about soft girl hairstyles is that there is not just one look. You can have short hair with hair clips to long hair with lots of bows!

Nonetheless, curtain bangs and hair clips are quite popular for the soft girl aesthetic.

If you’re having a bad hair day though, feel free to throw on one of these cute bucket hats!

Soft Girl Hair Clips

Rainbow Clips | Flower Clips | Big Bow
Butterfly Clips | Big Scrunchie | Colorful Clips

To fine tune your soft girl aesthetic, you’ll definitely want hair clips! Think butterfly clips, big bows, flowers and playful colors.

Soft Girl Quotes

As I mentioned above in my personal journey to the soft girl aesthetic, being a soft girl has been all about embracing me without any care in the world about what society thinks and being kinder to myself.

Here are some soft girl quotes that embody that! Please Pin them to Pinterest to share.

There is strength in your softness.

soft girl aesthetic: soft girl quotes

As I’ve gotten older and kinder to myself, I noticed that there’s strength in being soft and vulnerable. Furthermore, I share my journey online and notice that the more I’ve let my guard down, the more connections I’ve made.

I’ve also learned that crying and acknowledging my past trauma only makes me a better person today to both me and my loved ones.

Lesson from a soft girl: It’s ok to be who you are (even if society deems the only ok emotion to show is happiness). Your vibe attracts your tribe, and you’ll be surprised at all the good things your softness will attract (and perhaps of what you’ll let go)!

Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness.

soft girl aesthetic: soft girl quotes

Being a soft girl doesn’t mean you need to let your guard down when it’s time to fight or be strong. No no, being a soft girl means embracing the whole of you– both soft and hard.

So just because you seem soft and embrace softness doesn’t mean there’s not a hard core holding you together inside.

Lesson from a soft girl: You can be soft and strong as hell.

A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.

soft girl aesthetic: soft girl quotes

Soft girls really focus on themselves: how they’re feeling, what their body is asking for, and how they can better be there for themselves. They do not care what other people are doing. Instead, they let them bloom just as flowers do and soak in the growth around them.

Lesson from a soft girl: The best way to grow and be kind to yourself is focus on yourself, not others around you.

What does being a soft girl mean to you? Is your personality what brought out the soft girl aeshetic?

For more soft girl fits, follow me on Instagram.

xo, Sarah

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