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Our Spain Honeymoon + Ideas for You

Thinking of a Spain honeymoon? Here are my best tips from our honeymoon visiting the south of Spain.

For our Spain honeymoon, we ventured to the south of the country to enjoy the beach of Marbella, mountains of Andalusia and city of Seville.

Having all three different types of landscapes made the trip really special, and overall, we couldn’t recommend a better trip if you like to relax, enjoy beautiful sights and eat delicious food for your honeymoon in Spain.

Why Honeymoon in Spain

There are so many amazing honeymoon spots in Europe to choose from such as Greece, Italy or France, but we opted for Spain because of the weather in May, the cost and THE FOOD!

We also decided to avoid busy cities like Barcelona and opted for a slower honeymoon.

As a result, we chose a handful of spots in southern Spain for a food and view-filled honeymoon.

We started off in Marbella and Ronda, went to Gaucin and ended up in Seville.

Starting Off Our Spain Honeymoon in Marbella and Ronda

For our honeymoon in Spain in May, we flew into the Malaga airport and then rented a car to go to Marbella. We wanted to have a bit of relaxing by the beach, which was perfect since Marbella is dotted with beaches.

During this time in Marbella, we rented an Airbnb that was big enough for seven people! It was right by the beach and had a hot tub, which made it nice and relaxing.

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It was great to have a car during this time because we got to explore this region. For example, we drove to Ronda, walked around the village and checked out the epic Puente Nuevo bridge.

Making Our Way to Gaucin

view from our villa

The most special part of our honeymoon in Spain was renting a villa in Gaucin and having a slower lifestyle there. Our villa had beautiful rooftop views of the mountainside, which included a hot tub and barbecue grill.

Despite it being a small village, there were lots to do like walk around this floral-filled village, take a hike to get a view of Gaucin as a whole, visit hidden art galleries and eat at the local restaurants.

Despite Gaucin being seemingly small, there are enough restaurants there for you to not repeat any for at least a week!

Finishing Off Our Spain Honeymoon in Seville

spain honeymoon
spain honeymoon
spain honeymoon
at our hotel, Las Casas de la Juderia

After spending some time at the beach and in the mountains, we wanted to check out a city in Spain. Thus, we drove to Seville and stayed at Las Casas de la Juderia, located in the old Jewish quarter of the city.

The hotel is mesmerizing and its architecture alone is worth staying there to experience an authentic, historic part of Seville. See availability for this hotel here.

While you’re in Seville, do not miss out on the tapas bar, Eslava, which was one of our favorite restaurants of the whole entire honeymoon trip, and make sure to see a traditional flamenco show.

Gaucin, Seville and Malaga are near Granada. See where to stay in Granada here.

Barcelona, Another Spain Honeymoon Option

If you want to add more onto your Spain honeymoon itinerary, you could also go to Barcelona, which I’ve been to three times now. It has a very lively vibe with night clubs and delicious cuisine but also has the beach if you want to unwind during the day.

Here are related posts I have for Barcelona that can help you decide if you want to go there or not, but I do want to point out that the best reason to go to Barcelona is the food, which is amazing.

Do you have any questions about your honeymoon in Spain? Ask away below or reach out to me on Instagram.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sarah & Mike


Our Spain Honeymoon

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