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6 Ideas for a Staycation in Amsterdam

Today’s guest post about staycation Amsterdam ideas is by Dutch blog, Ask the Dutch Guy.

Are you planning a staycation in Amsterdam? Get to know the capital of the Netherlands a bit better, from a locals perspective. Grab some delicious local cuisine, have some tea, or pop into to a spa – all will help you make the most out of your Amsterdam staycation. 

Eat Local Cuisine

When you ask a local about the best restaurant in Amsterdam, you probably won’t get the same answer twice. It’s a tough question to answer!

There are many fantastic restaurants here, it all depends on what you want. For example, if you’re craving Thai cuisine, I suggest you head to Restaurant Bird. Make sure to arrive there early because there’s always a line of people waiting outside. Yes, it’s THAT good. 

Pro Tip: Make sure to go to the snackbar, not the restaurant. They have the same name but have two different owners.

Try the Pannenkoeken

Eating pannekoeken is a great idea for a staycation in Amsterdam.

Try the pannenkoeken while you’re here! They are as big and flat as crepes, and you can experiment with different flavors. Head to the Pancakes! Amsterdam for this.

Just “Terrasje Pikken”

Staycations are usually meant for relaxation. So while you’re in the city, do as the locals do, which is the “Terrasje Pikken”; where you just sit outside on a terrace, watch people, eat, and drink. 

Explore Amsterdam Noord

Only a few people end out exploring Amsterdam Noord, which translates to Amsterdam North. The main reason a lot of people don’t attempt to come to this area is that you need to cross some water to get there, and many think that it’s a tedious process. The truth is, it’s easy—thanks to the FREE public transport boats from the back of Centraal Station, to various points in Amsterdam Noord. 

The area has its own scene—plenty of open spaces, street art, and industrial buildings that have now been repurposed. 

Have a Spa Day

Head to the spa during your staycation in Amsterdam.

If you don’t want to get caught up on tourist-y things, head to the spa. It’s an awesome activity for your staycation, and a great way to escape your daily life. There are a lot of spa hotels and spa experiences that the city has to offer, and what’s even better is that you’re not obligated to stay overnight. If you want a full day, I suggest you head to Spa Zuiver in the south where you can experience more extensive spa facilities. 

Have an Afternoon Tea

High Tea is a real treat when on a staycation in Amsterdam.

This is a real treat when you’re in Amsterdam, because we have good tea here in the Netherlands. It’s a great staycation activity if you just want to sit back and relax. Like spas, there are many good places where you can have high tea here in the city. Check out the Waldorf Astoria and InterContinental Amstel Hotel. 

Planning a staycation in Amsterdam is easy—all you need to do is set a goal on how you want to spend it and the city will not disappoint. There’s everything for everyone here. So, whether you plan to relax or take on the tourist-y spots here, there are many experiences that await you. 

Have an awesome staycation in the city! 

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6 Ideas for a Staycation in Amsterdam

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