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5 Sites to See During a Staycation in Berlin

Today’s guest post about staycation Berlin ideas is by Leslie, a blogger living in Germany.

Despite quarantine in Germany, you can still enjoy a staycation in Berlin. In fact, without all the tourists around the tourist sights, it may be the perfect time to rediscover the city from another angle. A staycation is the perfect solution for this.

Here are five Berlin staycation ideas to escape the mundane quarantine life and turn your weekend into one full of exploring.

Brandenburg Gate 

Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburg Gate) in Berlin(opens in a new tab or window)
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One of the best ideas for staycations in Berlin is to include visiting the Brandenburg Gate in your itinerary. This spot is usually teeming with tourists because it’s one of the most important landmarks in Berlin.

It is the only surviving Berlin Gate, which was once primarily intended to separate the city into East and West, has been a symbol of German unity since the fall of the Wall. It is located at the “pariser platz in Mitte” in the heart of Berlin’s fashionable city center.


The Tiergarten is a must for a walk or a picnic or simply to rest the mind and take a good bath of fresh air. It is in an ideal place in the middle of the city making it easy to meet up with loved ones.

It is really one of the beauties of this city. You have skyscrapers on one side, but in a few minutes, you can be in the middle of nature.

Formerly the hunting ground of the king in the 16th century, today the Tiergarten is a beautiful park that welcomes all of us.

Staycation Tip: Pack a picnic for a socially distanced activity.

Berliner Dom

A staycation in Berlin simply can’t happen without at least passing by the Berliner Dom in the park called Lustgarten. It’s in a central location in the old center of Berlin, close to the red city hall, the museum island with its many museums and the new building of the old Berlin palace.

This cathedral is known to all Berliners and most Berlin tourists. Although the entrance to the dom is forbidden at the moment, you can enjoy it from the grassy area right outside it.


Sanssouci, the Summer Palace of Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, in Potsdam, Germany(opens in a new tab or window)
View more by Leonid Andronov

If you really want to make your staycation feel like a vacation and get away from it all, Potsdam is the ideal place.

Situated 50 minutes from Berlin, this beautiful region of forests and lakes is full of charm and is well worth a visit. This former residence of the Prussian rulers is a city of palaces and gardens in a style that has even received its own name: Potsdam Rococo.

The number one park to visit absolutely here is the Sanssouci Park which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is also a district with a completely Dutch style “Holländisches Viertel”. To see absolutely also.


For those who simply do not want to go out, there is Huttenpalast. It is a unique hotel where instead of being in an ordinary room, you can choose between caravans, wooden huts or factory loft style hotel rooms.

A real camping feeling in the middle of the city and without being outside! Original isn’t it?!

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With the current health situation, traveling becomes more than a luxury. Visiting Europe and taking four day trips in places like Lisbon is not as easy as it used to be.

But still, the most important thing is to be alive and above all healthy. And above all there is the possibility to (re)discover our regions and cities.

Berlin is no exception to this. It’s beautiful city with a multitude of things to do and discover, which makes it perfect for a staycation alone or even with family and friends.

I hope that I have made you want to discover this city. Stay healthy.
~ Leslie

About Leslie, our Guest Post Writer

I am Leslie, the blogger behind Le Monde de Mems. I am from Cameroon and have been living in Germany for 6 years now.

My blog is about  “Afro Lifestyle” as I love to call it. I talk about Afro hair, black skincare and literature. I also share my travel experiences in Germany and Europe. 

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Staycation Berlin Ideas


Tuesday 14th of September 2021

Nice article on Berlin. Love the way you have presented the description and details of each unique sites in Berlin, love to visit one day.

Flower for Wife

Monday 9th of August 2021

Thank you so much for this lovely and insightful guide into Berlin. Make me feel to travel and witness these amazing places. Thank you so much Sarah

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