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Ideas for a Staycation in Sacramento

Today’s guest post about staycation Sacramento ideas is by Northern California blogger, From Her Travels.

Sacramento is full of history, amazing restaurants, and is quiet compared to most bustling cities like Los Angeles or San Fransisco. Whether you are traveling as a family, with your partner or you need a solo weekend, a staycation in Sacramento is a great getaway! As a local, I know that there is much to do in this underrated city.

When you think of California, you probably imagine big cities like Los Angeles or San Francisco. Although both are amazing places to visit, Sacramento is a great place for a staycation if you live in Northern California!

Over the last six months, I have taken the time to regain an appreciation for the city I live in. I have made it a point to get out of my house even if it is just a walk to get a cup of coffee. In this time I have discovered places I never knew existed.  


Walk through the parks of Sacramento on your Staycation.

Midtown is a neighborhood filled with great restaurants, amazing coffee shops, and many second-hand stores! Like most Sacramento locals I spend a lot of my time in Midtown. My partner and I love to do date nights in this part of town. We will walk through the neighborhood imagining who lives in all the big beautiful houses until we find a new restaurant we have never tried before. 

Whatever time of day you are visiting Midtown there will be others out walking and enjoying beautiful Sacramento. If you have the time I recommend stopping for some pictures. All throughout Midtown there is art and murals from local artists. Midtown never fails to be an Instagram worthy location!

Old Sacramento 

Head to Old Sacramento to look at old buildings and the Sacramento River during your staycation in Sacramento.

Old Sacramento is a collection of buildings from the 1800s that are now restaurants and fun shops. This is a great location for all ages. There are costume and candy shops for family fun. At night there is no better view in Sacramento than at a restaurant along the Sacramento River in Old Sacramento.

This is another part of Sacramento that never seems to sleep, so any time of day you can expect to see a lot of people strolling around old Sacramento. 


As I mentioned above, whatever part of Sacramento you are in you are bound to find delicious food. Since moving to Sacramento a couple of years ago I have become such a foodie! A lot of the fun in Sacramento is the mouth-watering cuisine on every corner. Here are a few of my favorites!

Plant Daddy

If you are a plant lover you must check out the plant stores in Sacramento, CA. Touring plant shops in Sacramento can be a whole day on its own. My personal favorite is Plant Daddy, which is an LGBTQ+ owned small business that is full of life!

If you are looking for plants and a great Instagram opportunity this is the place for you. My favorite thing about this business is that monthly they host a stand where e-commerce businesses can set up shop. Plant Daddy is an experience in Sacramento you do not want to miss.

Fort Sutter Hotel 

Last weekend I got the chance to stay at the Fort Sutter Hotel! I was feeling unmotivated in my workspace so I decided to book a one night stay with my partner. Upon arrival, we learned that this hotel was new to Sacramento as of January. We felt like we hit the lottery, and the night was so relaxing. I highly recommend the Fort Sutter Hotel, if you are looking for a great price and a beautiful stay! 

The location is great. It is near a lot of restaurants and coffee shops, but there was so much on-site we did not leave the hotel.

Sacramento Valley Station 

Public transportation in California is very limited, so one of my favorite things about Sacramento is the train station. I use this station a lot, although not as much as I did before the COVID-19 pandemic. This connects Sacramento to other train stations throughout California.

As a Travel lover I definitely take advantage of this baby! I like to take the train to San Francisco or Berkeley California to visit friends and family as often as I can.

If you end out traveling to Los Angeles via the Sacramento train station, here’s a Unique Itinerary for your stay!

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About Amaya, our Guest Post Writer 

Hello, my name is Amaya and I am a travel and lifestyle blogger based in Northern California! I am the author behind From Her Travels, a blog inspired by my love for travel and writing. In March of 2021, I was on my first international trip, in Barcelona, Spain, when the United States issued a lockdown causing me and my travel group to scramble to find an efficient way home. I was devastated, but my dream of traveling for a living was stronger than ever before. Throughout the global pandemic, I took my dream of being a blogger and made it a reality. I am so excited to share my travel experiences with you! 

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Ideas for a Staycation in Sacramento

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